The best places to have breakfast in Edinburgh

The Lookout - Desayunar en Edimburgo

The Lookout is not the cheapest option but go how you eat

A few posts ago we told you where to take the afternoon tea in Edinburgh and today I thought of summarizing in a post the best places to have breakfast in Edinburgh. Some travelers probably have breakfast included in their accommodation but if this is not your case, this post is definitely for you.

As you know, at El Blog de Viajes we tell you about our direct experiences, which are never sponsored: 100% true traveler; so what you’re about to read is our real and true opinion.

Types of breakfasts in Edinburgh

Before I get into trouble and recommend my favorite places, I think it’s worth clarifying a little what they mean in Edinburgh by breakfast.

We have three variants of this first meal of the day:

The most consistent is the typical English breakfast, with eggs, sausages and other products typical of the United Kingdom.
A bit more intermediate, we have the famous “rolls”, which are nothing more than sandwiches with a round bread, which give it its characteristic name.
Finally, the traditional oatmeal porridge, which in Scotland takes a thousand forms and in winter especially warms your body for the whole day.

Depending on how hungry you are when you wake up and how you plan your day in Edinburgh, you can choose the “breakfast style” that suits you best.

And now, yes, let’s go to breakfast!

The Lookout, by Gardener’s Cottage

Located in the heart of Calton Hill, one of Edinburgh’s most emblematic and modern places, this unique restaurant is located.

Its walls are made of glass and that allows it to offer incredible views of the city, being attractive even when it is foggy, as was our case when we visited it for the first time. The breakfast system is buffet and I can not recommend it to all those who want to make a brunch to endure the pull while they tour the city.

The Lookout, un sitio para desayunar en Edimburgo

The food is really very good quality

The Lookout cocinera

In some places like The Lookout you can see how they cook

On a table they place the fruit, cereals, juices, some sausages, cheeses, yoghurt… and other ingredients that you can serve yourself. Then they ask you how you want the eggs, which the chef will cook for you in the moment. The croissant and the bread were also very good and freshly made… and the truth is that you notice the attention they pay to the product, which is 100% local, and the quality of the preparations.

Even if for preservation reasons not all the food is outside, you can repeat as many times as you want: for example we ordered two coffees and one more batch of bread, which we were given without problem.

As expected, this place is on the more expensive side of the “Edinburgh Breakfast Spectrum” that we will present to you in the post, but it’s worth it.

We pay £18 per person, but it’s certainly better to spend your money here than on something else you might not enjoy so much. And if you’re travelling to Edinburgh for a special occasion, then this place is the perfect finale for your getaway, not to mention the incredible photos.


Very close to Haymarket train station, you may find us having breakfast if you go on a Saturday morning. Nomad is a place full of places that stands out for its super appetizing sandwiches.

They also have pastries but honestly, when you see the sandwiches placed in the window, you will have it clear. They use delicious breads, the best raw material and also serve you with a smile.

For those who aren’t so hungry, you can cheer up with a roll (or round sandwich, as we said before), smaller and cheaper than a normal sandwich. Sometimes I’ve chosen an egg roll and it’s really good.

And if you don’t feel like bread, Nomad also offers decent porridge: sometimes warm porridge is all you need to start your day.

Seeds for the Soul

The days we’re not having breakfast at the Nomad, it’s because we’ve come all the way to the Seeds for the Soul, in the beautiful Morningside district.

This is one of the best places to have breakfast in Edinburgh if you’re vegan. Seitan wraps, smoothies and good coffee including a very strange “rossé latte”. They also have impressive vegan cakes, it’s hard to believe that there’s really no trace of cream or butter in such works of art.

Desayuno vegano en Edimburgo

The vegan options are many and also for breakfast

Our recommendation is undoubtedly the BLT sandwich (vegan bacon, lettuce and tomato) but also have a succulent “full scottish breakfast” 100% vegetable.


For those who are not vegans but want to enjoy a full Scottish breakfast, very close to Seeds for the Soul is Montpelliers. Don’t get carried away by the name: it’s not a French restaurant but a solid favourite of the locals.

In addition to your full breakfast, you have several options on the menu such as benedict eggs, club sandwich or poached eggs.

And as a bonus, the coffee is very good and it’s a nice place without reaching the hypsterism of wanting to post it all on Instagram!

Elephant and Bagels

As the name suggests, this place specializes in bagels. They have all kinds of flavors: sweet, salty, vegetarian, salmon… whatever you imagine, you will have it. The decoration of the site is peculiar, as it is full of elephants and many customers have left their favorite drawings of this endearing animal on the walls.

Desayunar en Edimburgo con Bagels

Elephants & Bagels is the perfect place to try many types of bagels at a good price.

Definitely a good option and very economical price… perfect for cartoonists who want to leave a souvenir of their visit somewhere in Edinburgh.