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Molaviajeros!! We were looking forward to presenting our new map of California! And finally, here it is to complete the series of maps of the west coast of the USA along with San Francisco and Los Angeles. There’s nothing stopping you from making your trip to California complete and cool.

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California is one of those U.S. states that almost everyone has a preconceived idea about. Movies and television series have brought us closer to him many times, so it is not strange that many of us dream of a road trip through California, aboard a mustang, a convertible, a bicycle… Well, what difference does it make the means of transport… The important thing is to live that dream. And if it can be listening to the Beach Boys in the background, better than better.

This map of California highlights the two main cities of the State: Los Angeles and San Francisco. You could already see, in previous posts, what was the most important thing at the time of visiting both. And the good thing is that both of them have their own map. You still don’t have them? look for them in Molaviajar 😉 The two cities are great, but the good thing is that this map of California hides many more treasures.

Who would say that by traveling a few miles, you can go from being in one of the driest and warmest places on the planet, (Did you see our guide to Death Valley?) to a completely green environment, full of life, waterfalls … And it is almost impossible and of course nothing recommended, leave California without visiting the national park of Yosemite, whose guide also left you linked.

In this map of California you will not only find national parks. If you like music, Coachella will tell you something, won’t he? In fact, it is the place where the music festival is held every year, bringing together some of the most famous artists on the international scene.

In addition to all this and if that were not enough, one of the most special stages of a trip to the west coast, is the one that runs along the coast of California. Save a few miles from the trip so you can spend it there. This is the road that runs along the coast of California and directly incites to stay there to live, because the views, friends molaviajeros, are spectacular. And don’t think that the animals you see drawn on this map of California are anecdotal. No… If you choose the time of year well, you can see from whales to a colony of elephant seals, rebounded on the beach like croquettes, which personally, we, have in love.

Mapa California molaviajarCalifornia map to molaviajar with important points

You want the map of California?

You know that we are of the opinion that sharing is living, so we share with you this map of California if you feel like it is your wallpaper or the photo to look at before going to sleep every day. You know, dreams, you have to project them to be fulfilled, so for now, here you have a gift the map of California 😉

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California map draw.

Come on, we’re generous today. Not only do we give you the map in its downloadable version free of charge, but among all the people who download the map and receive it in their email between today, 14/5/19 at 14:00 and tomorrow, 15/5/19 at 14:00, we will raffle a printed map and framed as you can see in the photo. Yes, the winner will receive it at home! (Not the kids, I’ll keep them!) The bad news is that due to the shipping costs, we won’t be able to send the California map beyond Spanish territory, so if you live in Spain, sign up for the lottery! If you live beyond, we will not be able to send it to you printed ;( but you can enjoy it equally if you download it.

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What to do in California?

Anything but boring. We assure you! In our main post on the west coast of the United States, you can see hundreds of plans. You’ll also see a couple of examples of route through California and all our video guide to this fantastic place. If you still have doubts about how to plan your trip there, no problem! In addition to leaving you the map of California, if you tell us about your doubts through the contact form, we’ll give you a hand.

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