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Hello molaviajer@s! Today we write to you from the heat of the desert! After the maps of London, New York, the neighborhoods of Manhattan or even the maps of the world … We have decided to radically change airs and go to the heat of the United Arab Emirates. Today we bring you the map of Dubai.

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Map of Molaviajero Dubai

For us, Dubai is a place to visit at least once in a lifetime. In order to do this, it is possible to take advantage of the fact that on a trip to Asia, many airlines make stopovers in places such as Qatar, Doha, Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

And although a simple scale is not enough, this can be used to lengthen a few days (at least 5 to be able to enjoy well) and thus know first hand this great city born from the wealth of oil and develops its life immersed in a culture very different from that which we are used to living in the West.

But here, where you see this map of Dubai, don’t be fooled by distances. It’s a big city, and despite having one of the most modern and efficient meters of today, it doesn’t always connect the most touristic points. So in addition to the subway, the taxi will be your best ally because the walks to the heat of Dubai, are not the best souvenir that you will take with you from the trip.

Mapa Dubai por Molaviajar

Points of interest on this map of Dubai

Inevitably, one of Dubai’s greatest attractions is its architecture. There is a tremendous contrast between the typical constructions of the country between places like Al Bastakiya, and totally avant-garde buildings, like Dubai Frame or the museum of the future. But above all (never better said) the Burj Khalifa stands out. Observatory, hotel and private apartments, the Burj Khalifa could not be missing on this map of Dubai. It is a building of records: the highest in the world, the highest swimming pool in the world… Do you know that the base of the building is inspired by a flower? And that with its 828m high, casts a shadow of almost 2 km and a half? It is clear that Burj Khalifa has curiosities like for a complete post!

Another thing that characterizes Dubai is the luxury in its hotels. Does Burj Al Arab ring a bell? Voted consecutively as the most luxurious hotel in the world, they say that despite its 5 stars, it could well have 7. Do you remember the images of Roger Federer playing against André Agassi a tennis match in his heliport? It is necessary to be very concentrated so that clothes like these do not mislead you!

But it’s not the only famous hotel in Dubai. Atlantis The Palm, located on the outermost part of one of Dubai’s best-known artificial islands, the Jumeirah palm, is another of Dubai’s most luxurious accommodations and right next door is the Aquaventure water park, a fun activity that relieves the high temperatures of the UAE city.

We’re warning! Whether you like shopping or not, you won’t leave Dubai without setting foot in a shopping mall: The Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates. Whether it’s the restaurants (Shake Shack, Five Guys, which transfer the West to the desert) or because you want to do activities such as skiing or ice skating (yes, yes, you can do all this and more) the air conditioning of them will give you a break as you walk by the windows of the most famous shops with their names written in Arabic.

Activities you can do in Dubai

Visiting the city itself is great, but there are visits that you should note in your travel plan:

Visiting the souks of gold, fabrics and spices is one of them. Cinnamon, saffron… You will see many spices and of different qualities. Ah! And don’t be surprised to see people haggling…

Take a boat trip along the river: from the boats that offer dinners on board to the so-called abras, which are used by the locals to cross from bank to bank of the river.

Go up the dunes of disiento in a 4×4 and end up having dinner in a jaima in the desert. Yes, we recognize it, it may sound like a topicazo, but the truth is that it is cool and a lot! However, not suitable if you have cervical problems, more exciting than a roller coaster!

Trip to Abu Dhabi: Difficult to summarize in a few lines the beauty of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque or the ostentatiousness of the Palace Hotel. And for formula 1 enthusiasts, don’t miss the Yas Marina circuit and hotel!

Tour the city’s amusement parks: Aquaventure, Legoland, IMG, … Both for children and adults, if you like amusement parks, this is a paradise.

You want the map of Dubai?

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Well Molaviajer@s, we hope that this map of Dubai has awakened the eagerness to know this city, it’s worth it. Any doubt about it or any other travel destination that we know, tell us through the form and we’ll give you a hand as soon as possible.

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