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How about Molaviajer@s! As there are no two without three, and continuing with our maps of Galicia, this week touches a new province. Today we bring you the map of Lugo. Do you want to know more about this place? Follow us!

Map of Lugo Molaviajero

In terms of surface area, Lugo is the first province of Galicia. And as it could not be otherwise, in Lugo there is room for all kinds of enjoyment. From incredibly photogenic beaches bathed by the Cantabrian Sea, such as the beach of As Catedrais, to mountains that can be considered the most beautiful in Galicia, with a fauna and flora worthy of the best documentary by Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente. An example of this is Os Ancares or the Geo Parque de O Courel.

Speaking of gastronomy, in Lugo you can find riches of all kinds. The Burela bonitos are famous, as are the Vilalba cheeses.

In terms of festivals and culture, it is always a good plan to visit Lugo’s Arde Lucus. Or, why not, also the Naseiro Pilgrimage in Viveiro. Both are held once a year, in June and August respectively.

The province of Lugo is perfect for visiting or living. Whether you are a family or a loner, you always have something to offer.

Do you remember when we used to tell you about the Way of Saint James in the post of the map of Pontevedra and in the map of A Coruña? Well, the map of Lugo also has its share of Camino. No less than three roads to Santiago pass through the province of Lugo:

The Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago del Norte, which through the Asturian Coast enters the province passing through Ribadeo, Trabada, Lourenzá, Mondoñedo, Baamonde…, The Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago Primitivo, which also enters Lugo from the Principality of Asturias passing through A Fonsagrada, Lugo and Palas de Rei among other localities, The French Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago, which from Castilla y León enters Galicia through the wonderful O Cebreiro, passing through Triacastela, Samos, Sarria and Portomarín… The French Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago de Compostela, which from Castilla y León enters Galicia through the wonderful O Cebreiro, passing through Triacastela, Samos, Sarria and Portomarín…

All these roads end up joining in the province of A Coruña, either in Melide or in Arzúa.

We cannot speak of Lugo without making a special mention to the land of Lemos with its capital Monforte de Lemos and the region of Chantada. Both form part of the well-known Ribeira Sacra and there two of the rivers that give more happiness to this land come together, the Miño, that has its birth in the Pedregal de Irimia, of the locality of Meira, right here and the Sil, one of its main tributaries. It seems incredible that someone can harvest there every year!

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