Detailed map of Manhattan. Planning by zones.

Hello molaviajer@s! We often say “we’re going to New York” but it’s not clear how many zones the city is divided into. For this reason we have created this post, in which you can see a map of Manhattan divided into its main neighborhoods.

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Does this map of Manhattan show every neighborhood in NYC?

No, Molaviajeros, New York City is much more than Manhattan! New York has an area of 788km2 divided into the following 5 districts:

Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island.

While Manhattan is the district most visited by tourists on foot, the other districts also offer many attractions. Many of them are visited on the New York Contrast Tour. That’s why it’s the most famous excursion to do in the city. For now and for you to situate yourselves, here you have the map of the districts into which New York is divided.

Distritos NYC molaviajarDistricts NYC molaviajar

Focusing on our map of Manhattan……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

It has already been proven that that phrase with which we began the post, was too ambitious… In a trip like the ones that are carried out usually, it only gives time to walk through Manhattan and to make some small incursion in the rest of the neighborhoods. But don’t despair, because Manhattan has the highest concentration of activities of interest.

How are the streets of Manhattan distributed?

As many of you will know, the way to name the streets and avenues of Manhattan is very simple. This city is an almost perfect grid, if not for some neighborhood, especially in the southern area.

The streets are what cross Manhattan from east to west. In the south, they have their own names, but this changes when you get to Houston Street. From this, the streets begin to be numbered, in ascending order from south to north.

Perpendicular to the streets are the avenues. These begin at 1st avenue along the East River, and end at 11th avenue near the Hudson. Just one avenue doesn’t follow the norm and crosses the entire map of Manhattan. That avenue is Broadway and even though it extends beyond New York City, it is only 33 km long in the city, going from New York’s oldest park (Bowling Green) to above the Bronx.

Manhattan’s neighborhoods explained in an easy way

The simple way to talk about Manhattan’s neighborhoods is to divide the island into 3 parts:

Uptown (59th Street to North),

Midtown (the entire area between 14th and 59th Streets) and

Downtown, (from 14th to South). So if they talk to you about Manhattan this way, you can get a little guidance.

On our map of Manhattan, we decided to go a little deeper into each area and see which neighborhoods make up each one. In addition, so that you can take it on a trip with you, we have detailed what is essential to see in each place. Do you want to see it?

Detailed map of Manhattan

Mapa de Manhattan Nueva York MolaviajarMap of Manhattan New York by Molaviajar

Downtown Neighborhoods Manhattan

Did you know that inside downtown there are a lot of neighborhoods not as well known as Financial District, Little Italy or Chinatown, that have some curious sea names? Many of them are not named like that by chance but their name comes from a combination of syllables related to something on the outside, for example:

NOHO corresponds to North of Houston Street. NOLITA is North of Little Italy. SoHo, you’re coming from south of Houston Street. Tribeca corresponds to triangle below canal Street…

Surely if any of you saw the “How I Met Your Mother” series, the chapter in which you buy a flat in a fictional neighbourhood called “dowisetrepla” now makes a lot more sense: Down Wind from The Sewage Treatment Plant, right? Don’t look for it in our map of Manhattan, we haven’t drawn it, ji, ji,…

Midtown Neighborhoods Manhattan

In this part of the Manhattan map you will see places as disparate as Times Square (in our opinion, the centre of the world) or others as charming as Bryant Park. Of course, it is an area that gives a lot of game and in which we are going to invest many hours of our holidays.

If you want to go see a Broadway play, this is going to be the place to enjoy a good musical in New York. If, on the other hand, you want to visit an observatory, two of Manhattan’s most important are here: Empire State and Top of the Rock. Take a look at the list of attractions we have pointed out on the map of Manhattan, to see which one resists.

And if Chelsea, Union Square, Gramercy Park, and the rest of the neighborhoods you can see in the Midtown of this map of Manhattan seemed few to you, one more just joined the party: Hudson Yards. Soon we will show you this new area of Manhattan, meanwhile, you can see our route walking through Midtown.

Uptown Neighborhoods Manhattan

In the Upper Manhattan area you can find from the mile of museums to neighborhoods like Harlem, ideal to enjoy soul food or an authentic gospel mass. We discovered him on this route walking through Harlem.

But as good things are better when they are accompanied by other good things, in the Upper Manhattan is also the lung of all Manhattan. Are you coming with us to make a route walking through Central Park?

You can see the neighborhoods of Manhattan and the main attractions of each of them in the map of Manhattan that you see attached. Little by little we will complete the previous sections to add walking routes to help you discover the top of each neighborhood. Do you like the idea?

In the meantime, you already know that if you are planning a trip to New York, you can not miss in your reading list the post with 12 tips for traveling to New York, and in your email, our address for free consultations. If you still didn’t know about it, yes! We help you for free to organize your trip to New York. You only have to write us with your doubts, to our contact form and we will help you as soon as possible, although the list is growing more and more.

Well Molaviajer@s, we hope that you like this Map of Manhattan and help you not to lose between the neighborhoods of New York.

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