World Map of Molaviajar

Hello Molaviajer@s! We’re not here today to talk to you about any particular city. Today we bring you a gift that we hope you like, and that we know from experience, that the little ones of the house are the ones who will enjoy it the most: The world map of Molaviajar.

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Learn by playing with Molaviajar Maps

Those of you who know us best know that we can’t stop still. When an idea comes to mind, we don’t stop until we materialize it. Well, after making the illustrations for the West Coast book, the maps of London, New York and many other destinations, and seeing the children enjoy them as much as we do, we thought: Why don’t we make the world map of Molaviajar so that the little ones can learn while they play? Said and done, here it is.

The three parts of the world map of Molaviajar

Yes, you’ve read well. First he gave us the thought of illustrating the map of the world. We wanted every place in the world to be represented by what most characterized it… From the penguins of Antarctica to the northern lights of northern Europe.

mapa del mundo ilustrado por Molaviajar

Once the world map of Molaviajar was finished, our head continued working: “This is great so that the little ones can learn some geography. What do you think if we remove the illustrations and leave only the map with the capitals and the most important cities to be read better?” And again, said and done.

mapa mundi paises y ciudades

And that’s when, watching our kids color, we thought, “Hey, why don’t we leave it in black and white for the kids to learn while they paint it? And you see what happened, that the world map of Molaviajar “paints and colors” wine and not just wine.

mapa del mundo colorear pintar

How much does the world map of Molaviajar cost?

That’s the best of it. Many times we tell you that reserving what you need for your trips through our links, you do not suppose any increase in price and yet we are given a small commission that allows us to continue giving life to projects like this one, the Molaviajar Mapas. Thanks to this, we can bring you the world map of Molaviajar completely free, for which you only have to leave your email address below, and thus also accept the conditions of use of Molaviajar.

How can you print it so it looks good?

Personal advice: If you have a printer at home, and you print it on a din-a4, you will see the words too small. The best thing is to print it at least in a din-a3 or even like us, in the copy shop, in size of 1m x 70cm and if you like to frame these things, Ikea does not disappoint almost never! You will find basic frames for an acceptable price

Well Molaviajeros, we hope that you liked this world map of Molaviajar as much as we did and you know that any doubt traveller, we are here to give you a hand through the contact form.

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