While we make time on this scale

I’m not going to tell you anything new so this is your time to stop reading if you want.

I don’t think he’s going to tell you anything new about the pandemic, paranoia or how to travel from home.

Everybody’s already done it and will continue to do it and I’m not going to tell you anything new about it.

I’m not the one who’s going to invite you to travel when you can’t go out, nor am I the one who’s going to recommend things to do while the world looks like a jigsaw puzzle whose pieces have fallen apart.

I have been silent because, like you, I am a person who can be paralyzed, excited and impacted by big changes.

While we’re doing time on this scale, I’ve been able to see a lot of things. I’ve been able to discover interesting facts, all within four walls.

From my window (out and in) I can see everything:

People run to the supermarket and empty it
Businesses and freelancers are one foot in the door
Those with jobs don’t know how long they’ll last
Bloggers who have discovered that you can also live without travelling.
Those who keep their confidence and try to think that nothing happens

From a window you can see the world in its fears, in its hopes and in its ability to observe itself in this world.

Moving forward

Some time ago I found a sign in Madrid that said “I see chaos but it will be ordered” and I think it is most appropriate for this situation.

Since I’m one of those who has hope, who believes that everything will be resolved at some point, I want to move on.

Grafiti colorido que dice veo caos pero se ordenará.

And how do I move on?

Writing. It’s what I do best and what I like.

But I’m not a robot. I’m not like those travel blogs that keep posting “Where to Sleep in Timbuktu” when you can’t even leave your house.

I am human and as a human I have decided that I will publish two types of content:

Anecdotes and stories

Sometimes they get relegated to the background because I’m more concerned with giving you advice on destinations.

This is a good time for us to entertain ourselves together by telling and reading travel stories.

Travel tips

As I am 100% sure that we will leave soon I want to share with you suggestions, advice and many recommendations that can help you to travel, to prepare a suitcase, to get on a plane, etc.

Write, share and breathe deeply

And since there is a human here I ask that you feel free to comment or write to me.

Comment or write to me if you want to tell something or you don’t know how to entertain yourself because you’ve already seen as much as possible on Netflix and the only thing on the balconies is a child who plays the flute.


I am a traveller, photographer and writer. I like to get lost in cities, travel to strange places and above all meet interesting people.