Appendicitis operation in the U.S. My Story

Hello molaviajer@s! You know that many times we ask for your opinion and experience when preparing our trips. But not only do we like to know in which hotel you have stayed in a particular place, but we also want to know your anecdotes when traveling even if they are not the best.

In this case, after commenting on social networks on the importance of traveling with travel insurance, Ana, a molaviajera molona, wrote us to make our hair stand on end with her story. He had an appendicitis attack in the USA, being there and he had no choice but to go through surgery, we leave you his testimony below, and please, that this makes you think before leaving the trip that the travel insurance is essential to leave the country, no one is free of a similar problem!


What happens when you have an appendicitis attack in the U.S.?

What question, huh? Well, Ana tells us then, according to her experience. Keep reading:

“Good morning!

It’s Ana! The history of my appendicitis operation in the United States was in March 2013.

In September 2012 I began my first year of high school in a high school in the United States, specifically in Minnesota with a host family. I went with an agency that specialized in planning academic courses in the USA, so the price included medical insurance.

There I stayed with a family that today I consider part of mine, since I still maintain continuous contact with them (they have come to visit me and I have come back twice!).

It was in March 2013, when one night I started to feel bad, with a tummy ache quite annoying, and as it was night I did not want to bother my family, so I did not give it much importance. When I woke up I told my American mother about it, but as it didn’t hurt so much I let it go. That same afternoon I went to watch a Minnesota Timberwolves basketball game with some friends and the pain appeared again and much stronger. When my American mother came to pick me up, we went home and I could only sit in a concrete way and the pain continued to be very strong. Then, she phoned her children’s doctor (because she knew him) and told him the symptoms I had. As soon as he hung up he told me that we had to go to the hospital immediately because the symptoms he had could be appendicitis.


I remember the journey to the horrible and eternal hospital.

The hospital I went to was only for children. As soon as I arrived, they took care of me and gave me a pain reliever. At the same time, and with my American mother present, a lot of papers arrived that I didn’t even know where to start signing them. At that time, even though I had the painkiller I was a little “grogi” and my American mother helped me with everything, reading them and explaining it to me a little above. After all the paperwork, I had some tests and was taken to a room inside the ER. Once there, they confirmed that I had appendicitis and that the next day they would operate on me. The tests I had and the care was very quick and all the doctors and nurses I had treated me very well.

The operation went very well, and the floor room I had was amazing, it was for me alone and I had even XBox! Two days after the operation I was discharged and I was able to go home.

The bad thing was that, once I spent 2 or 3 days at home taking the medications I had been prescribed, I still had pain in the area, so I went back to the hospital and had to be admitted again because I had been infected, so more papers to sign … I was admitted for a couple of days and I was discharged.


The following week was a non-stop billing my house, and thank goodness I had health insurance, because the figures were dizzy! The total was about $30,000.

It was a pretty tough experience, and not having my parents around as well, but my American family took care of me as one of their family. In that sense, I was very lucky.

And this is my story!

Pd. I admire your dedication and affection that you put into everything you do!

A big hug! -Ana”

Well Molaviajer@s… We haven’t touched anything of Ana’s testimony (thank you very much for your email!!!) because it’s much better than well explained. We simply want to remind you of the importance of leaving home with travel insurance, to avoid scares in your wallet, since the scares in the form of appendicitis in the USA, injury in Mexico, hospitalization in Thailand or contusion in Japan, are already more than enough while unpleasant …

Don’t risk it, travel safely!

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We hope this post: “Operation Appendicitis in USA-My Experience” has helped you see the importance of traveling with travel insurance! If you have any questions, please write to us using the contact form and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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