Plate and Chair We Are #Molaviajeros in New York

Hello Molaviajeros! Today we come to bring you a most special story for us. Today we come to talk to you about that little piece of heart that we are always going to have in New York, wherever we live and wherever we are at any time. Among all the skyscrapers, rain, snow or hot weather, Bryant Park will always have a little bit of us.

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The Molaviajeros plaque. How did it all start?

Well, with a badge like this.

Placa y silla Somos #Molaviajeros en Nueva York

who left one of the followers who always supports us the most, @iruneavenue. One fine day, in November 2018, we received a video of him, telling us that he had used our hashtag for the realization of a plaque on which he put Somos #Molaviajeros, and would hide it next to the statue of Andrada in Bryant Park, one of our favorite places in New York.

Irune challenged all Molaviajar fans visiting New York to take a photo with the plaque, upload it to nets and leave it back in place so that the next Molaviajero could do the same. After his original photo, thousands of them came. And this left us speechless and speechless. (Thanks again Irune!)

The life of the plate…

If living in New York is difficult, a badge like this wouldn’t be any less. He doesn’t pay rent, he doesn’t have to eat, but above all, coinciding with the cleaning of the park and the change of decoration, the plaque has disappeared from time to time. There has been no lack of committed Molaviajeros who have proposed to replace it, or even those who have made a replica of it, with all the illusion of the world, so that history would continue. With each of them, we got more and more excited, but we had to find a slightly more permanent solution for the plate and that solution came in the form of a chair.

How to put a chair in Bryant Park with a commemorative plaque?

Investigating, we came up with an idea to Gosi and me… We had to put something that was fixed, that resisted cleanliness and the not always pleasant climate of New York, and that was when we saw pictures of past trips, we hit the nail on the head. We needed a Bryant Park chair signed by us, so that any molaviajero who visited the park, could find it, take a photo or simply rest a while of the trip in “our company”.

It didn’t take much research to find out how to do it and the cost of the plaque: $150 as a donation to the park.

You have the instructions on how to proceed on the website of the park shop, right here but in short: You have to send the order at least one month in advance, you are assured that the chair will be in Bryant Park for at least one year. You can write up to 4 lines on the board, with a maximum of 45 characters on each line and, very important: No ads or advertising are allowed.

We thought it was a very cool idea, both for what we wanted and, for example, to ask your partner to marry you. Don’t tell me it’s not a romantic idea?!

Once the chair is ready to be exhibited, Bryant Park contacts you to inform you and send you a photograph of how it looks. They give you the option to place the chair for you or they keep it for a maximum of one month to pick it up and place it wherever you want. We opted for the latter.

The inauguration of the chair or how all the molaviajeros left us speechless.

Yes… The day came. We had prepared a trip to New York with a lot of illusion because among other things, we wanted to organize a meeting with the molaviajeros followers who were there and what better place than Bryant Park, and what better time than that to inaugurate the chair, right? We decided to leave it inside the park, behind the statue of Andrada (where the plaque is), hopefully it will remain there for a long time, so that it will be easy to find by all of you.

On the day of the meeting, we thought we were going to be small, we even brought some t-shirts and books from the west coast to give you. What was our surprise to see that we had been very, very short with the gifts. Almost 200 people took a hole in your diaries to get to know us and we were speechless.

Some cancelled excursions, others came with their suitcases to go directly to the airport, others from Boston, others were not allowed to pass the police because we were already too many in the place of the left … You left us mute and with tears of emotion in our eyes. Come on, there are no words in the world to express the enormous gratitude we feel for you, Molaviajeros. So let’s just say, in capital letters:


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