Plan a trip to the Greek Islands on your own

As usual after each trip, we tell you all the steps to follow to plan a trip to the Greek Islands on your own as we (including Athens) did!

All reservations, how we moved between islands, where we stayed, the whole issue of car rental and some tips!

We spent ten days in the Greek Islands and Athens, visiting the two most famous islands, Santorini and Mykonos. We plan to add Milos or some other lesser known island, but we prefer to visit these two islands well rather than try to cover some more but visit them quickly and running.

We had such a good taste in our mouths that we are sure that we will come back here to visit many more Greek islands! ♥

Here we go with all the steps to plan a trip to the Greek Islands on your own!

Travel to the Greek Islands on your own

Greek Islands on your own step nº1:Flights to Greece

To get to the Greek Islands we can land directly on one of the islands that have an airport, or we can get to Athens and get to know the capital.

We opted for the second option because we wanted to get to know Athens for years and we didn’t regret it!

There are several airlines that make the route from Spain, we went to the outward with Aegean Airlines and back with Vueling, both from Barcelona.

The best thing to do is to search Skyscanner and evaluate the options of prices, days and departure cities.


Greek Islands on your own step nº2:How to move between the islands

To move between the Greek islands we have two options:

– AIRPLANE: This option is possible if they are big islands and have an airport, it is a quick way but you also have to count the time in advance that you have to be at the airport. It’s not usually the cheapest option.

– FERRY: This was the option we chose, because we had a rental car so we could take it from one island to another.

If we hadn’t carried it we would have also chosen ferry, they are quite fast, cheaper than flights and very punctual despite some experiences we had read. We did great, absolute punctuality.

At least SeaJets and Golden Star were the companies we met, very new ferries and super comfortable seats.

SeaJets Ferry, Greek islands for free

In Golden Star they send you an email a few days before and you have to check in online, with the document they send you is enough to access the boat.

In the case of Sea Jets it’s a bit complicated, you have to go to their authorized office to get the tickets (normally they are in the port but in the mail all the addresses appear so that you don’t get in trouble), they charge for printing the tickets 1€ or 1,5€ per booking, not per person.

It is advisable to be half an hour before the ferry leaves the port.

There are several companies with different ferries each and different routes, depending on which one we choose has a price and duration.

We book all the ferries for the trip on the Direct Ferries website, you search for the route you want and all the available options, ferries and timetables appear, thus making this task a little easier for us.

Soon we will publish another much longer post talking about this subject because we find very little information on the Internet!


Greek Islands on your own step nº3:Accommodation in Greece

You could see in our stories of Instagram the lodgings that we chose, if you missed it you can see them now in our outstanding histories with the title “Greece” where we teach each one.

You could also see the bad luck we had in Athens, as soon as we arrived we had to change hotels because it was in a terrifying zone!

So that it does not happen to you, remember: PROHIBITED TO STAY AT THE OMONIA PLAZA IN ATHENS!

We recommend you to stay in Plaka, around Sintagma Square and Monastiraki. All these areas are perfect.

The change was much better, we stayed in the Plaka neighborhood at the Home And Poetry hotel, very recommendable!

Accommodation in Athens: Home and Poetry

Less than 5 minutes walk from the entrance to the Acropolis, we had some very nice views from the terrace where we had breakfast which was included, great room, very recommendable!

Accommodation in Athens: Home and Poetry

Santorini Accommodation: Louis Studios

We chose the room “Estudio Superior con vista al mar” completely renovated and with a beautiful Mediterranean decoration, it was one of the most beautiful rooms of the trip.

It is in a very quiet area, with swimming pool and free airport/port pick-up service. 100% recommended!

Santorini Accommodation: Louis Studios

Santorini Accommodation: Art Hotel

We spent two nights in this hotelazo, very nice and perfect for couples! We had a private pool and the breakfasts were from another planet, I dare say it’s one of the best breakfasts we’ve ever had in a hotel in our life!

They took him to our room at the time we had agreed the day before and we could have breakfast by the pool or inside, a real plan!

Santorini Accommodation: Art Hotel

Accommodation in Mykonos: Corfos Hotel

If we go back to Mykonos we know for sure that we will repeat in this hotel, we chose the room “Doble superior” and I believe that we premiered it, everything completely new and even smelled of freshly painted.

The hotel’s swimming pool is super cool to relax, and very close to Ornos beach.

Accommodation in Mykonos: Corfos Hotel

Accommodation in Atenas near the airport: Chroma Lodge

The last night we slept near Athens airport because our flight left early and we chose this hotel, completely new and with free parking, also highly recommended.

We’ll tell you in more detail about accommodation and the best areas to stay in the next post!

Greek Islands on your own step nº4:Car rental in Greece

We really like to go to our air and the freedom we had for the Greek islands with the rental car would have been impossible otherwise.

In this way we visited coves, towns, we went from one end to the other looking for sunrises and sunsets, hidden churches, it was great! And we didn’t have too many problems to park (we were there at the beginning of June).

We book it through AutoEurope as usual. We recommend you to reserve a small car because the roads are quite narrow.

In Athens it is the only place where we do not recommend you to take a car, it is difficult to find parking and it is also quite expensive.

Remember that with your Spanish driver’s license is enough to rent a car in Greece.

We will also publish a much longer post about the rental car in Greece, with tips and parking areas.


Rent a car to travel to the Greek Islands

Greek Islands on your own step nº5:Travel insurance to Greece

We always recommend that you consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before a trip and read all the recommendations for that destination.

In the case of Greece, they recommend taking private health insurance because public health is not in very good condition in the country.

If normally we always recommend you to take a travel insurance wherever you go, in the case of Greece even more!

In addition a travel insurance for Europe is quite affordable and can avoid us more than one little problem, so we are much calmer!

Don’t forget that you have a 5% discount on your Iati travel insurance.

Greek Islands on your own step nº6:Book in advance

These are all the reservations we recommend you make in advance before travelling to the Greek Islands for free:

– Entrance to the Acropolis: Book HereYou must choose the region “Attica” and then “Acropolis and Slopes”, buying the ticket in advance we will save the queue to buy it there. We advise you to go first thing in the morning before the cruise ship tourists arrive!

– Car rental: Book here

– Ferries between the islands: Book here

– Hotels: Book here

– Other guided activities: Book here

Islas Griegas por tu cuenta paso nº7:Excursions and guided tours in Spanish

If you want to do some excursion we recommend you to take it contracted from home and not waste time in the destination looking for options, as I always say, when we are on a trip time is money!

The most popular excursions and tours are:


– Guided tour of Athens + Acropolis Museum

– Day Cruise to Hidra, Poros and Engina

– Excursion to Meteora Monasteries. Very recommendable! We were left with the desire, but we lacked days.

– Free tour of Athens


– Full Santorini Tour

– Boat trip through the boiler


– Mykonos Tours and Excursions

Travel to the Greek Islands for free, Mykonos

Greek Islands on your own step nº8:Things to see and do

The best thing you can do if you travel to the Greek islands on your own is to get up early and lose yourself in the streets when no one has risen yet and no cruise ships have arrived.

You won’t find that feeling of peace at any other time of the day and for us they were the best moments of the trip.

This section will be updated soon with links to all the articles we are going to write about each island.

Islas Griegas por tu cuenta paso nº9:Other information for your trip to the Greek Islands

INTERNET and TELEPHONE: If you live in Spain, you can use your telephone and your data rate without additional costs.

ENCHUFES: In Greece they use the same plugs as in Spain so there is no problem, if you travel from another country you can buy a plug adapter like this.

TIME: Watch out! In Greece it’s an hour later than in Spain.

CURRENCY: Greece’s currency is the euro so there is no problem with currency exchange.

LANGUAGE: Virtually everyone speaks English and all signs, including road signs, were in English. Perfect for us because let’s see who understands the Greek who doesn’t even use our alphabet!

Santorini, free travel Greek islands

Greek Islands on your own step 10: Pack your suitcase!

If you go in summer don’t forget to wear a good hat or cap and cool clothes!

For a few months now, we have always been packing with these organizers who are our luxury! How come I didn’t discover them before?

And our photographic material you often ask us about:

Photo camera:


We wear three lenses but 90% of the photos are made with the first one! 😉


And here’s our post from the Greek Islands for free!

The first in a long list we’re going to publish in the next few weeks! We hope it will help you in planning your trip to the Greek islands on your own and if you have any questions just leave us a comment below.

In the coming days we will publish much more info about restaurants, car rental, all the facts about moving between the islands, what to see and do in each place and many tips! Subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

Would you like to take a trip to the Greek islands on your own? 🙂

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