What has become of Comiviajeros in 2019?

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Wooow! Another year we say goodbye… 365 days after our what has become of Comiviajeros in 2018, we prepare to write this updated version of everything that has happened to us in the last year. Because… What happened to Commies in 2019? Without a doubt, 2019 has been THE YEAR of the project, and now we will tell you why.

It is true that in the post of the second anniversary of Comiviajeros we tell you some things, we always like to do an end of year review to look back and be aware of ALL that we have achieved not only in this last year, but in the two and a half years that the project has been alive.

Comiviajeros was born in August 2017, and since then so much has happened that we are almost unaware of how big all this has become. Of all those things that have happened in Comiviajeros, perhaps the most important is that I, Angela, half of the project, who is mainly in charge of the content of the blog, left my job in ‘real life’ to dedicate myself 100% to this project that has given us so much joy.

What happened in Comiviajeros in 2019?

We have travelled to New York, Ireland, Copenhagen, New Zealand and Rome and have published 154 posts on the web. And except for the weeks before we leave for New Zealand, when we need to stop because of overwork, every week we have published at least 2 articles. 70 videos have been published on Youtube, that’s 17 more videos than in 2018. This 2019 we have managed to upload a couple of videos every week and that makes us feel super proud of our work. 2019 has had almost 800,000 unique users, some 1,200,000 sessions and almost 2,000,000 page views. As you can see, all the hours of work that we dedicate to our beloved project are bearing fruit. 3,065 fans have been gained on Facebook. 205 followers have been gained on Twitter. 3,530 subscribers have been gained on Youtube. 1,813 new followers have been gained on Instagram. We continue to collaborate with such cool companies as IATI, Civitatis, Booking, Exact Change, Bnext, N26, Revolut and Get Your Guide. And every time you hire a service/product from these companies through our website we earn a commission (and it costs you the same… or less!). But we have also started to work with new partners like Holafly and LuggageHero, and we have grown our Facebook groups a lot, in fact, the one in Thailand is now over 5,000 members and the one in New York is over 3,500.

The MOST read of 2019 on Comiviajeros.com

And obviously everything we’ve done during 2019 has paid off and below we’re going to show you the 15 most read posts from Comiviajeros in 2019:

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The MOST viewed of 2019 on the Comiviajero Youtube channel

Let’s go now to the most viewed videos on the Youtube channel:

Three days in BangkokThree days in Phi Phi IslandsTwo days in Chiang MaiHow much does it cost to do Route 66? Travel Tips for ThailandTwo days in Chiang RaiOne day in AyutthayaHow much does it cost to travel to Thailand?

As you can see, Thailand is still in 2019 the most watched destination in our channel, although be careful, because Japan has been stepping VERY strongly 😉

What does 2020 have in store for us?

And what will become of the Comiviajeros in 2020? Well, as always (and as I’m sure you expected), we’re going to keep on traveling A LOT. At the moment we have planned the first trip of the year which will be at the end of February… We are going to Jordan for 8 days! The rest of the trips of the year are not yet decided because there is going to be a super change in our lives at the beginning of the year and that is… WE ARE GOING TO LIVE IN OPORTO!

So our idea is to squeeze Portugal to the max during this year (it’s a year so far, but you never know): we’ll make guides of the most important cities, car routes, etc… And as a highlight of this year… SURPRISE! We can’t tell you yet because at the moment we don’t have anything confirmed, but as soon as we close it, we’ll tell you the destination 😉

And besides travelling a lot, we’re also going to keep telling you about it here on the blog and on the Youtube channel. Because our travels would not be the same without Fellow Travelers 🙂

And we did not want to end this balance without thanking you, reader, for each comment, each visit, each video you have seen, each I like on Instagram, each message of support… If it were not for each one of you