What clothes to bring to Amsterdam?

Sometimes it seems that answering such simple questions as what to wear to Amsterdam is very easy. But you’ll see that it isn’t.

When you plan to travel to Amsterdam I’m sure one of the first questions you have is what to wear.

As I told you in another post what is the best time to travel to Amsterdam today I’m going to talk about the clothes you have to wear. But I’m not going to go into detail about period clothes.

It will be clear to you what clothes to wear after reading this article.

Canales de noche con una imagen muy fría

Clothes for Amsterdam? Get ready…

I’m not gonna cheat you. The climate in the capital of the Netherlands is not at all good. Prepare for ugly days with some water.

Whether it’s winter or summer you’re likely to run into some water. But don’t worry because it’s not always that much rain.

You have to think of clothes that are easy to dry, that get wet little. Also, always keep in mind that you should not get wet to avoid illness.

I recommend

Free tour of Amsterdam

Tour the city with a free guide.

Boat trip on the canals

For a very cheap price, it goes through the famous canals.

How many days does it rain in Amsterdam?

In Amsterdam it rains, on average, a total of 766mm per year. This means an average of 68mm per month.

According to the country’s weather service there are a total of 217 days of rain per year.

Relax, this doesn’t mean it’s raining all the time. It means that for more than 217 days at least 0.01mm of water falls.

It’s not much, but it gives you an idea of how many times a year you can expect to encounter rainfall.

Rainwear always

As you may have noticed, you should always be prepared for the rain.

The weather always comes with water in Amsterdam.

Mujer de espaldas esperando el ferry bajo la lluvia

My advice is that if you can wear a raincoat, rain shoes and waterproof pants.

Don’t carry an umbrella

The first reaction will be to put up an umbrella. Read carefully: Don’t carry an umbrella!

Why shouldn’t you take an umbrella to Amsterdam? Because you’ll break it.

You won’t see many people on the street with umbrellas. The locals know the wind will blow the umbrella away in a couple of hours and they’ll get wet anyway.

If you can get one of those plastic rain ponchos, wear it. They’re ugly as a toe shot but they’re useful as anything.

Besides, a rain poncho takes up almost nothing and costs very little.

Good water shoes

Although you can wear a pair of dancers or flip-flops if the sun comes out, don’t go without water shoes.

But don’t exaggerate. You don’t have to wear the boots they use in the field to milk the cows. A pair of closed shoes is enough.

Keep in mind that if the footwear is quick-drying or waterproof it is much better.

A lot of shelter in winter

I’m not gonna get creative on this. It’s cold in the winter. Very cold.

If you are a person who lives in a warm place like Spain, for example, you will feel the cold more strongly.

On a normal winter day the maximum temperature can be about 5 degrees. When you spend a lot of time on the street, you feel that.

Mujer en un restaurante protegiéndose del frío

Think that you will be surrounded by canals in Amsterdam, very close to the sea and the air you feel.

He wears layers, many layers

The best clothes to wear to Amsterdam in winter are many layers of clothing.

I’ve learned by dint of cold that the best coat is a cape. Before you put on a fat jacket try on T-shirts, sweaters and some fat raincoats.

If you have thermal shirts, wear them because they will help you not to lose body heat.

On your legs, whether you’re a boy or a girl, wear tights under your pants. You’ll never feel the wind.

Don’t wear jeans

And please don’t wear jeans. It’s one of the worst clothes to travel in. It takes time to dry, it’s cold.

You shouldn’t take a cowboy on any trips either because it takes up too much room in the suitcase.

And in the summer, I’m also warm?

As I told you before, Amsterdam is a bit colder than, say, Spain. This will make a “normal” temperature for the city too much for you.

It is clear that if you are going to travel in summer you do not have to wear the same amount of clothes as in winter. But don’t underestimate the cold.

The clothes to wear to Amsterdam in summer are a bit like those in winter.

I recommend that you wear a thin sweater, a hat, a raincoat and some good socks.

The best way to prepare the clothes is to think that you will be all day in a “fresh” night.

Change of shoes

This advice is not related to climate but to comfort.

Whenever I can, I wear at least two shoes on my travels to always change.

How do I change my shoes?

I use a different one every day. This is to make the feet less tired. You also make the shoes rest.

If it rains, it allows you to dry one of them.

If you’re going to wear two shoes, try to make them a little different from each other.

Backpack or suitcase?

Depending on where I travel and the weather I choose suitcase or backpack.

In the case of rainy places I prefer a backpack. If you’re planning what clothes to bring to Amsterdam, don’t overlook the luggage.

In a rainy place the backpack is more covered because it has a hood. It protects you too.

Carrying a backpack to a rainy place is like carrying an umbrella on your back.

One last piece of advice

Finally, let me give you some very important advice: go with your gut.

Beyond all the suggestions you know the type of clothes, shoes or luggage that suits you best.

Always be aware of how hot or cold you are and… enjoy the ride.