What to see and do in Colmar

The list of things to see and do in Colmar is not very big compared to other cities, but strolling through its streets is like doing it in a movie set, sure you won’t stop taking pictures for a second!

And I won’t tell you if you visit Colmar at Christmas time, here they live Christmas in a big way! I have no doubt you’ll be infected with their Christmas spirit.

In our travel guide to Alsace we recommend you to have Colmar as a base to tour the rest of villages. It is more or less in the centre of Alsace and has plenty of accommodation on offer.

Also in the post route Alsace we talk about our planning to squeeze the maximum days of travel.

And now yes, there we go with the places to see in Colmar that you can not miss, some typical restaurants and recommendations for accommodation.

What to see and do in Colmar

#1. The first thing you will surely see when you get to Colmar and almost without looking for it, is the replica of the Statue of Liberty that is in one of the roundabouts of access to Colmar.

The town of Colmar built it in honor of Bartholdi, the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty in New York and Colmar’s most famous neighbor.

Statue of Liberty at Colmar’s entrance

#2. Inside Colmar you can visit the museum of Bartholdi in which it was his house. Be careful! Because it closes the months of January and February.

#3. Walk through the little Venice of Colmar and enjoy the postcard houses.

Little Venice is one of the most visited areas of Colmar, and most photographed too!

If you want to see her calmly, as we did, we recommend you to get up early. One of the must-see places in Colmar.

Petite Venice in Colmar

#4. You can also take a boat ride on the petite Venice from about 6€/30 minutes, and see the city from a different perspective.


#5. The covered market of Colmar is located next to the small Vencecia, here come the neighbors of the city to buy local products, in its interior also there are cafeterias and you can taste the famous bretzels of Alsace.

Covered market, a must in your list of things to see in Colmar

#6. La Maison Pfister is one of the most beautiful houses in Colmar, built in the sixteenth century, medieval style, not missing detail.

Maison Pfister in Colmar

#7. The Maison des Têtes, also appears in any Colmar guide, was a bourgeois residence and on its façade you can see more than 100 carved heads.

Today it is a hotel and restaurant.

Maison des Têtes in Colmar

#8. Getting on the tourist train is another thing to do in Colmar, includes an audio-guide and is a good way to tour some tourist spots in Colmar, costs about 6.5 €.

Especially if you go with kids it can be a great plan.

#9. Another good way to get to know Colmar is to follow the Statue of Liberty plaques, which you will see on the ground throughout the city, this route will take you to the main points of interest.

The complete route is 6 kilometres and according to the map it takes about two and a half hours.

Signs on the ground in Colmar

Taste the typical Alsatian dishes:

#10. The baeckeoffe, is one of the most typical dishes of Alsace, it is a stew of three meats with potatoes, we tried it in the restaurant Le Fer Rouge in Colmar along with other typical Alsatian meals.

You can see more in our Instagram featured stories.

We had also been recommended the Schwendi restaurant, which is right across the street.

Baeckeoffe, typical dish of AlsaceRestaurant Le Fer Rouge in Colmar

#11. The flambée tarte is delicious! It’s a kind of fine pizza, you’ll find it in many restaurants in Colmar.

It was our favourite dish from Alsace, you’ll tell us!

In Colmar you can try it in Restaurant La Soï, which has very good opinions.

Tarte flambée

#12. Taste the Alsatian wine or visit a winery.

In summer many people come to these lands to make the wine route, is very famous and important in the area, has 119 winegrowing municipalities with more than 4000 winegrowers.

#13. Try the crepes! At Colmar we tried them at Crepe Stub, a very small restaurant where they made delicious crepes. We also had good references to Le Palais Gourmand.

Below you have the map with the addresses.

Try the creps in ColmarCrepe Stub en Colmar

#14. Don’t forget the bretzels, although they have a resemblance to the New York pretzels they don’t taste the same!

In addition you will see on many posters, even in the tourist office, the “A” of Alsace in the form of a bretzel, have become a symbol of Alsace and you will find them everywhere!

Sorry for the quality of the photo, it is taken from the stories we did in Instagram and that you can see now in our stories highlighted with the title “Alsace”. We forgot to take a picture!

Tasting bretzels in Alsace

#15. And lastly, to visit all their Christmas markets if you visit Colmar at Christmas! But you will have to tell us this because we went in February…

There are 6 Christmas markets in Colmar, located in:

Old customs plaza. (Place de l’Ancienne Douane)
Dominican Square. (Place des Dominicains)
Juana de Arco Square. (Place Jeanne d’Arc)
In little Venice, focused on the little ones. (Le Marché de Noël des enfants à la Petite Venise)
Internal market in the medieval building of Koïfhus. (Le Marché intérieur, du Koïfhus)
Cathedral square, gourmet market. (Le Marché gourmand, Place de la cathédrale)

#15+1. For us the best thing to see in Colmar was not a museum, a house, or taste the food (delicious by the way).

The best thing we could do in Colmar was to get lost in its streets, discover new corners, a house even more beautiful than the previous one and breathe the calm of the first hour of the day through its streets, in spite of the cold.

We’ll take all that from Colmar!

Make some excursion from Colmar:

If you don’t have a rental car or you don’t want to move with it, you can book an excursion to visit the rest of the villages and Christmas markets (if you have the same date).

We have used the Civitatis website many times to book excursions, it is 100% reliable and you can consult the opinions of other travellers.

All with guide in Spanish:

Doing a free tour in Spanish around the city is also a great way to get to know Colmar and find out all the curiosities it hides.

Riquewihr, another of the towns to see in Alsace

Accommodation in Colmar:

We stayed in an Airbnb apartment (this one in particular) very close to the Petite Venice, and the truth is that it was a success. We had a small parking lot next door where we could leave the car for free at night.

We give you 25€ discount for your first booking on Airbnb in case you also decide for this option.

Other Colmar accommodations we’ve been valuing:

THE HOTEL IBIS COLMAR CENTRE. By location and price (if you don’t go in high season). THE COLMAR HOTEL. Because I had free parking and very good evaluations, although it was a little further away.

Our accommodation in Colmar was just to the left

Rent a car to explore Alsace:

We already told you about the rental car in the post route through Alsace and in that of traveling to Alsace for free, so I won’t roll much.

We liked very much to take a rental car and visit the villages on our own, most have large car parks at the entrance where you can park, the villages are traveled walking without problems.

We reserve the rental car at Auto Europe, you have to take into account the possible additional costs that some companies charge for taking the car out of the country, for example if you reserve it in Germany as we do.

Not all rental companies charge these costs, at Auto Europe all the rental conditions are very well specified, read everything well!

Map of all the places to see in Colmar:

So much for our list of things to see and do in Colmar!

Are you ready to discover one of the most coquettish villages in France? We hope you enjoy your trip to Alsace.

And if you visit Colmar in the winter, keep warm to fight the cold in the area!

As I have told you, the most important thing in this list of things to see and do in Colmar is the last point, don’t forget!

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