What to see and do in Strasbourg

We tell you all the things to see in Strasbourg, one of the most beautiful cities and with more things to see and do of all our journey through Alsace.

In addition to being the seat of the European Court of Human Rights and the European Parliament, Strasbourg is the capital of Alsace.

Nearly 2 million people live there, but despite being a big city, the historic centre retains all the essence of Alsace – we hope you like it as much as we do!

Here we go with all the things to see in Strasbourg!

15 places to see in Strasbourg

#1. Lose yourself for the Petite France

The old fishermen’s area is the most visited part of Strasbourg and it is not surprising because it is like walking inside a fairy tale.

What to visit in Strasbourg, Petite France

On the banks of the river Ill we can see the typical houses with wooden framework, some with more than 500 years of history.

This area was for us the best of the city, a must see in Strasbourg without a doubt!

Petite France, a must see in Strasbourg

La Petite France is ideal for tasting a typical Alsatian dish, for example at Chez Tante Liesel.

If you go for Christmas the whole area of Petite France, they adorn it and illuminate it making it even more spectacular.

What to see in Strasbourg, la Petite France

Like Colmar and the Petite Venice, the historic centre of the city of Strasbourg is beautiful.

#2. Taste typical Alsatian dishes at the Maison des Tanneurs

This old tanners’ house dates from 1572 and is considered a historical monument in France. Today it is a restaurant that has very good opinions.

Maison des Tanneurs, Strasbourg

#3. The Ponts Couverts of Strasbourg

They are a set of three bridges and four towers built as a defense of the city, at the time these bridges were covered by wooden roofs and hence today they are still known by the “covered bridges”.

Ponts Couverts of Strasbourg

#4. La Maison des Ponts Couverts

It is right there, located in a mini peninsula in the middle of two canals of the river Ill, we thought it was super beautiful and that’s what we saw in winter, sure it looks spectacular in spring!

It is not a tourist attraction, today it serves as a neutral meeting point for divorced parents with children in common.

Maison des Ponts Couverts, Strasbourg

#5. The views from the Vauban Dam

It dates back to 1960 and offers a very good panoramic view of the historic centre of the city. They are not the views of the photo, in the photo appears the dam.

Formerly, the dam locks were opened to flood the city, making it more difficult to attack.

Vauban Dam, Strasbourg

#6. Notre Dame Cathedral, the most important historic building to see in Strasbourg

We are not very cathedrals and I can assure you that this cathedral left us speechless. Its viewpoint can be accessed but 300 steps have to be climbed.

A curious fact: Its 142 metre high bell tower was the tallest building in the world from its construction in 1647 to 1874.

Don’t forget to put it on your list of things to see and do in Strasbourg.

Notre Dame Cathedral, a must see in StrasbourgWhat to see in Strasbourg, Notre Dame Cathedral

#7. Visit a museum in the Palais Rohan

In the Palais Rohan have lived different illustrious characters since its construction in 1742, today houses three very important museums inside:

The Archaeological Museum
The Museum of Decorative Arts
The Museum of Fine Arts

It is very close to the cathedral of Notre Dame.

More info on your website: Palais Rohan

#8. The Kammerzell House, a must see in Strasbourg

It is also next to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, was built in 1427 and is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1988.

Don’t miss a detail of its façade decorated with profane and sacred motifs.

To know much more about Strasbourg, all the history and more curiosities, we recommend you to do a free tour in Spanish, the guide will explain everything much better.
Kammerzell House in Strasbourg

#9. Seeing Strasbourg from a different perspective

On a boat trip along the river Ill, the jetty is located behind the palace of Rohan and costs €12.

Boat trip in Strasbourg

#10. Strasbourg Opera House and Republic Square

The Strasbourg Opera and the Republic Square are separated by the Theatre Bridge across the river.

The Place de la République is located in the German Quarter and contains some of the most impressive and culturally valuable historic buildings in Strasbourg.

The former imperial palace of the Rhine, now the seat of the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs.
National and university library of Strasbourg, the second largest library in France.
The National Theatre of Strasbourg.
Palais du Rhin, Strasbourg

#11. Enjoy the atmosphere of Place Kléber

And even more so if you go on Christmas. This is Strasbourg’s main square and it is always very lively.

At Christmas the square is transformed, an impressive 30-metre Christmas tree is planted, the whole square and the surrounding streets are decorated and there is a spectacular Christmas market with an ice skating rink included.

Below you have the list of the Christmas markets to visit in Strasbourg and the map with all the indicated points.

Mini-Council: From the top of Starbucks there are amazing views of the square.

Kleber Square in StrasbourgKleber Square in Strasbourg

#12. Some of the most important churches to see in Strasbourg

The Église de Saint Thomas is one of the largest in the city, dating back to 1520, and it is said that inside there is an organ played by Mozart in 1778.

Other important churches to see in Strasbourg are: Saint Pierre le Vieux and Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune.

#13. Try a delicious flambée tarte!

Strasbourg was the place where we tasted this famous Alsatian dish, specifically at the Flam’s restaurant.

The tarte flambée is a kind of fine pizza, very good!

Try the tarte flambée, one of the things to do in Strasbourg

#14. Learn about the history of Alsace at the Musée Alsacien

The museum is located in a 17th century house near the river Ill and the entrance costs €6.5.

There you can learn about the traditions and way of life of the Alsatians of the time, they have reconstructed typical scenes with costumes, furniture and tools with the idea that visitors get an idea of how they lived and worked.

Historic centre of Strasbourg

#15. Visit the European Quarter

If you have time, you can go for a walk around the European Quarter where some of the most important buildings of the European Commission are located:

European Parliament
Palace of Europe
European Court of Human Rights.
What to see in Strasbourg

#15+1. And last but not least, go through all your Christmas markets!

We must not forget that Strasbourg, and Alsace in general, is one of the Christmas destinations par excellence in Europe.

In 2019 the markets will be open from November 22nd to December 30th.

The most important Christmas markets to see in Strasbourg:

The Christmas market in Place Kléber, here you will also find the skating rink and the huge Christmas tree.
In the same square you will find The Village of Sharing, which includes 85 charities and humanitarian aid organizations, where you can try a soup prepared by a local Michelin-starred chef at the Humanis stand.

Christmas market in Notre Dame Cathedral Square and Château Square.
Christkindelsmärik Christmas market in Broglie Square.
Every year a guest country hosts a Christmas market in Gutenberg Square, this 2019 is from Lebanon.
The Off-Market of Grimeissen Square, where you will find vintage clothes and organic food.
The market of Alsatian Christmas delicacies on the Place de Marché aux Poissons and on the terrace of the Palais Rohan.

Excursions from Strasbourg

We recommend you to take a rental car and move around the Alsace area at your own pace, even if visiting Strasbourg is not the best option.

We book the car rental at Auto Europe, in the post trip to Alsace for free we tell you more about this subject, the airports of arrival and some tips for renting a car.

If you prefer not to take a car, you can consider a day trip around the area. The Civitatis website is great for booking excursions, we like to be able to read the opinions of other travellers.

Some excursions from Strasbourg:

Excursion through the villages of Alsace from Strasbourg, with a guide in Spanish. Book here.
Excursion to the Alsace Christmas markets from Strasbourg. Book here.
Free tour of Strasbourg. Book here.

Accommodation in Strasbourg

The first night of our route through Alsace we spent in Strasbourg, we arrived late at night and we stayed in an Ibis Budget on the outskirts with free parking, specifically the Ibis budget Strasbourg Sud Illkirch.

Other interesting accommodations in Strasbourg:

City Residence Access Strasbourg, with parking and very good evaluations, although it is a little further away from the center. BOMA easy living hotel, very well located and with good opinions.

Another option is to book an apartment through Airbnb, if you look far enough in advance we have sometimes found very interesting accommodations.

We give you 25€ discount for your first booking on Airbnb.

Map of all the places to see in Strasbourg:

So much for our list of things to see in Strasbourg!

We hope it will help you to plan your trip to this beautiful European city, if you have any questions just leave us a comment below.

Would you add anything else to see in Strasbourg?

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