Walking route through High Line and Meatpacking district

Hello Molaviajer@s! Today we come to bring you a route walking through High Line and Meatpacking District. We’re staying in the western part of Manhattan. There we’ll eat good food at Chelsea Market and visit, among other things, the famous elevated park on old railway tracks. We promise an entertaining time, will you join us?

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How to do this route walking through High Line and Meatpacking?

In order to carry out this walk, you can do it in two ways:

The High Line is full of people during the day, so if the crowd overwhelms you and you don’t mind getting up early, do it. The High Line is open every day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. You can do the tour starting at Gasenvoort Street and ending at 34th, for once there, visit the neighborhood of Hudson Yards and The Vessel.if you don’t care about the amount of people and you have free tickets to visit The Vessel first thing in the morning, you can do what we did. First we visit Hudson Yards (you can see it in the video below) and then you can continue along the High Line to the south.

Guide Hudson Yards ( The Vessel ). New York Molaviajar

In any case, a walking route like this one can perfectly take between 3 and 4 hours of your time with stops for photos and to eat.

For our part, to put the simplest things, we leave you geolocalized below the most relevant points of today’s route:

The elevated park of the High Line: a bit of history.

It’s true that New Yorkers are innovative by nature, but this elevated park on the High Line has its explanation:

Imagine suddenly closing your eyes and appearing in Chelsea in the early 1900s. Very possibly, when you open them you would see a train passing at street level, more or less at the height of Avenue 10, which served all the factories that were located in this part of Manhattan which still breathes a certain industrial air but very renovated.

Yes, the train lines passed at street level and this caused so many accidents that the 10th avenue became known as the avenue of death. To try to reduce the number of accidents, the figure of the “West Side Cowboy” was invented, a person who rode on horseback “escorting” the train every time it passed and who was responsible for warning people around the danger of the train.

This measure was not as successful as expected and in 1930 it was decided that the best thing was to separate the train traffic from the rest and raise the train tracks so that there would be no more accidents. Those tracks are the High Line we know today.

But of course… This of using the train to pass through Manhattan and serve shops and factories, as if it didn’t have much of a future… With the arrival of another type of transport, in 1950 it began to decline, being in 1980 when the last train passed by, loaded with turkeys. And what happened? That Manhattan was left with an infrastructure prepared for the passage of trains, very expensive to demolish, which was abandoned and with a somewhat murky atmosphere, until two people created the association “Friends of the High Line” thanks to which today we can walk through this high park so striking for tourists.

These images are taken from the official website of The High line, you can visit it to see many more.

First section of route walking through High Line:

The High Line runs along western Manhattan, between 34th and Gasenvoort Streets. Although it has several intermediate entrances, the beginning and end are located on the map we leave you above, along with the other points of interest of this route walking through High Line and Meatpacking District.

We started at the entrance of 34th Street, and next to the High Line app, (Here you can download it for Android and for iOS) we went through the most important points of it. It is very interesting to have it at hand especially if you are interested in knowing the tickets that have elevator. They’re perfectly indicated here.

During this walk along High Line, you will walk among people, design houses with incomes much higher than Manhattan’s largest skyscraper and designed to be watched with an eagerness to see beyond their curtains, gardens that a priori seemed impossible, resting places and galleries and art shows that will vary depending on the date of the visit.

What’s more, don’t be surprised to see that in and around the High Line, as well as in the Meatpacking District, there are stores and headquarters of fashion designers such as Vera Vang, Giorgio Armani, or Diane von Fürstenberg, one of the biggest promoters of the area, who together with her husband donated 20 million dollars for the recovery of the High Line.

On the most relevant points of this route walking by High Line, is a park so atypical that many of them will call your attention. We leave you geolocalized in the map those that we liked the most, as the Pershing Square Beams to play with the little ones, or the 10th avenue square overlook, which is a viewpoint without the best views of the world but in a privileged place.

Graffiti and photographic dots in High Line and surroundings

In addition to the art exhibitions that you will see along the walk, we opted to leave the High Line at the exit to 23rd Street and escape to see some graffiti that the artist Kobra painted in this area. You’ll see hundreds of graffiti on your visit to New York, but here we highlight these three. And Kobra has something that makes it special…

The first is the representation of Mount Rushmore, which is located in South Dakota and has carved in a granite mountain, the faces of 4 of the most important presidents in the U.S., but in the version of Kobra, which drew Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, Keith Haring and Jen-Michel Basquiat. All this on the façade of the Empire Dinner, the typical restaurant you enter and you think you’ve gone back at least 30 years!

After this stop, we went for a walk down 22nd Street, enjoying the views of the little houses that inhabit it, until we came to see this other mural of Kobra, which this time represents Einstein loving New York as much as we do.

With some good pictures in the souvenir camera, we went back to 21st Street to walk again on the High Line. This time we go up the entrance on 20th Street.

Again from the elevated park, we saw the third graffiti of Kobra of the day, which represents Mother Teresa of Calcutta in front of Ghandi.

Next section of the route walking along the High Line

The next point may not be a mural, but I’m sure you’ve seen it more than once photographed. If you are on the High Line, at 15th Street and 10th Avenue, you can see a kind of bridge connecting two buildings in Chelsea. Those buildings correspond today with the Chelsea Market, and other stores, but at the time were NBC and not, we are not talking about the television studios, but the National Biscuit Company, also known as Nabisco. The same one who presumes to have invented the Oreo biscuits, that one! Well, it is said that this bridge was used to transport products between buildings, out of the reach of possible thieves. By the way, don’t be in a hurry to get to Chelsea Market, we’ll go later 😉

A few steps later, looking at the Hudson, we saw a three-story building with red brick. In the map that we have left above, you will see that we have marked it with its name: Liberty Inn. Today, it’s a romantic hotel… Well, we don’t know if romantic but of the few in Manhattan that are rented by the hour, but where you see it, it has more than 100 years of history… It has gone from being a hotel to a clandestine bar, then it became a gay club, which they say was frequented by Freddy Mercury among others. And today, it is one of the hotels we DO NOT recommend in our list of the best hotels in New York.

Beyond the hotel, you can see quays 54 and 55. Well, you can see little because after a serious fire, only one porch was left standing. Its history is related to two naval tragedies, that of the British ship Lusitania, which sailed from this dock but fell in battle in World War I, and that of the most famous Titanic, which, after hitting an iceberg and sinking, never reached port. Their only survivors came to this dock aboard the Carpathia ship.

The fact is that nowadays, these docks that you see in works above, are going to become a floating design park, like the one you see below, approximately in 2021. The project looks spectacular, and is that you know who is behind, among others? Thomas Heatherwick, who said that may not tell you anything, but is the studio that was responsible for making The Vessel.

If you keep walking this route through High Line, you’ll run into a building full of windows. It’s The Standard Hotel, one of the coolest hotels in New York, but also one of the most exhibitionist! Famous not only for its guests and their rooms but also for its rooftop, Le bain. We didn’t go to see him this time but soon we will include him in the list of the best rooftops in New York.

If you like modern art and good views from the terraces, we recommend you enter the Whitney Museum, closed on Tuesdays and open the rest of the week from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. except Fridays, which are open until 10:00 p.m. at night. Just this day, you can enter with a “pay what you wish” from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., but if you can’t arrive at that time or prefer to watch it during the day, your ticket is included with major pass cards such as New York Pass or Sightseeing pass.

And in a few meters, you will see that the High Line ends, arriving at Gasenvoort Street.

More points of interest in Meatpacking District

The High Line route may be over, but we still have a long way to go in the Meatpacking District. This curious name comes from the fact that from 1920 onwards, it was here that up to 200 warehouses related to meat products were located in New York City. As the city began to grow, these stores were leaving there, leaving only 7 in 2011. After a small decline of the neighborhood, the arrival of the High Line, the neighborhood’s commitment to fashion designers and private investments, allowed the neighborhood to get a modern air, much safer, now filled with lofts, designer shops, or expensive restaurants.

Our advice is to get a little lost walking around the neighborhood. We continue walking along Gasenvoort Street until we come across a silent and free discotheque in Gasenvoort Plaza. There, everyone chose the music they wanted to hear, without disturbing the person next door. The truth is that we had a fun time while enjoying the atmosphere of the neighborhood.

If you continue this route along High Line and Meatpacking, heading north on 9th Avenue, you will come across the Gasenvoort Hotel, which is said to have one of the best rooftops in the area. But given the hours it was, we preferred to go for coffee at the biggest Starbucks we’d ever been to.

This is located very close to Chelsea Market and is called Starbucks Reserve New York Roastery. The place is impressive, and in addition to being able to drink coffees different from those in the rest of Starbucks, there is also special merchandising that can only be found in this store.

By the way, for the most carnivorous: … From this point you will see the oldest Steakhouse in New York. It’s the Old Homestead Steakhouse, has been standing since 1868 and legend has it that more than once has met the mafia. What we do know is that it has appeared in some episode of The Sopranos, specifically in episode 9 of season 5!

Following the gastronomic recommendations, the Gasenvoort Market is very close to here. Right there we met some Molaviajeros who told us that they loved the place because the food was great and there were a lot fewer people than in the Chelsea Market that we visited next…

And Google arrived…

If you continue your walk along 9th Avenue, before entering Chelsea Market you will see a huge building on your right. Not in vain is one of the biggest in New York.

This building we are talking about belonged to the port authorities of New York, or in other words, to the Port Authority. But now you can see a nice sign indicating the name of the new owners… Indeed, Google is now occupying it and there are their Google offices on the east coast.

It’s a shame, but again, these offices can’t be visited. However, we know that the decoration of the same must be as spectacular as their offices in San Jose, and it is even said that employees move with scooters inside, given the size of the building.

Anyway, if you’re sad that you can’t visit Google’s offices, it might help you to know that the next point of the visit, the Chelsea Market today is owned by Google. He bought it in 2018 for a whopping 2.4 billion dollars, so you can already say you’ve been in a Google building!

Visit to Chelsea Market

And finally the moment arrived, after this route walking through High Line and Meatpacking, he touches a deserved rest with his snack at Chelsea Market.

There is a 10th bird entrance and a 9th bird entrance, both between 15th and 16th streets. We entered on 9th, but 10th, once the avenue of death, is now characterized in this part of Manhattan by hosting very expensive restaurants, those that must be booked well in advance and leave the sports at home. Del Posto, L’atelier, Morimoto… They are examples of this.

Chelsea Market is open every day of the week, from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Saturday and from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sundays.

Inside the Chelsea Market you will find restrooms, important for a long day of route, but also several shops and an endless number of restaurants, not quite cheap, but those that you miss the eyes behind. For an inexpensive snack, we were recommended the breakfast burritos in a cart that is placed in the Chelsea Market 8 to 11 a.m. and Monday through Friday. They’re called “The Donkey.” Although one of New York’s most famous taco venues, Los Tacos No. 1, also has a location within Chelsea Market, so difficult to choose from.

At the top, which is not open to the public today, are the “Food Network Studios”, responsible for many of the cooking programs in the USA, such as Top Chef or Iron Chef America. They are also along an entire floor, the NY Youtube offices, which we went to visit a few years ago but were not open to the public. You can see it in the next video:

New York day 3 the best market. Oreo Factory

At the end of the walk inside the Chelsea Market, you will be able to see the Artists & Fleas market. This is a market that mixes craftsmanship with products that are more exclusive or difficult to find in a store to use. The market is open every day from 10 am to 9 pm, except on Sundays, when it closes at 8 pm. We recommend a visit there and another by the Posman Books bookshop, right next door, where you will find great books and details of all kinds for the little ones and not so little lovers of stationery.

We gave for finished the route putting way to a rooftop of those that we left you in the post of rooftops linkeado above, but you can finish the route walking for High Line and Meatpacking District as more you like.

Well Molaviajer@s, we hope that this route walking through High Line and Meatpacking District, you liked and served as useful. You already know that any doubt that you have about your trip, you can ask us through the form, and enchanted, we will give you a hand as soon as possible.

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