Route through Alsace in 4 days

Our route through Alsace in 4 days was one of the coolest routes we’ve done in Europe!

And I’m not exaggerating! Did you know they were inspired in this area to recreate the village of Beauty and the Beast? And no wonder, all the streets and cottages look like they were taken from a Disney story!

We couldn’t stop taking pictures and each village surprised us more than the previous one, although it’s also true that some of us liked them more than others, we told you about our essential ones throughout the post.

This was our route planning through Alsace, the towns and cities we visited, all the things to see and do at each stop and the maps of each day.

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DAY 1: Strasbourg, Obernai and Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle

DAY 2: Colmar, Riquewihr and Ribeauvillé

DAY 3: Eguisheim and Mulhouse

DAY 4: Turckheim and Kaysersberg

*Below you have the maps of each day to place you better.


DAY 1 of route through Alsace:

Route: Strasbourg – Obernai – Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle – Colmar 94 Kilometres Accommodation in Strasbourg with free parking: Ibis budget Strasbourg Sud Illkirch STOPS OF INTEREST:

Maison des Tanneurs
Maison Kammerzell
Dam – Barrage Vauban
Fishermen’s wharf
Ponts Couverts
Place Gutenberg
Notre Dame Cathedral or Strasbourg Cathedral
Kleber Square
Place de la République
Palais du Rhin
National and University Library of Strasbourg

European Parliament

La Fontaine Sainte Odile
Le Beffroi
Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle

Strasbourg was the first stop on our route through Alsace, we started out big because it was one of the cities that we liked most about our trip through Alsace.

Route through Alsace – Strasbourg

The whole historical center is a marvel, I recommend you to get up early and walk the streets without almost people.

It also has a beautiful cathedral that I am sure will not leave you indifferent!

Strasbourg Cathedral, Alsace

We recommend you to spend a whole morning or, if you have days, a whole day.

Obernai we do not consider it an essential stop, watch out! It is very nice, but considering all the beautiful villages that are visited during the route through Alsace, it is not a mandatory stop if you go just in time.

Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle really surprised us! Furthermore, as it is located on a hill, there are incredible views of the whole of Alsace.

Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle

You can see the timetable on the official website, the ticket costs 9€ adult and 5€ under 18 years, is free on the first Sunday of the months of November to March!

From there we headed for Colmar, where we made our base to tour the entire area of Alsace.

DAY 2 of route by Alsace:

Route: Colmar – Riquewihr – Ribeauvillé 37 Kilometres Accommodation in Colmar: Airbnb Apartment or Colmar Hotel with free parking. STOPS OF INTEREST:

La Petite Venice
Market covered with Colmar
La Maison Pfister
Koïfhus (the old customs house)
La Maison des Têtes (The House of the Heads)
La Maison Adolph
Bartholdi Museum, the sculptor who designed the Statue of Liberty.
Statue of Liberty (is in a roundabout at the entrance of the village)
Unterlinden Museum
Fishermen’s quarter
Church of Saint Matthieu de Colmar
St. Martin’s Collegiate Church

Sinne Fountain
Dolder Tower (the clock tower)
Féerie de Noël, Santa Claus’ shop
The whole centre is an attraction in itself

The Town Hall (18th century)
The Butcher’s Tower

Colmar was the city we took as a base for our route through Alsace, the rest of villages is not too far away and is also large enough to have a wide range of accommodation.

We stayed in an Airbnb apartment in the centre (here you have a 25€ discount for your first booking), with the luck that there was a small car park with a blue area at the door where you can leave the car for free at night.

We were also considering staying at the Colmar Hotel because it had free parking and very good opinions.

Route through Alsace – Colmar

Colmar is another essential stop on any route through Alsace, as well as one of the largest and most things we have to see and do.

The whole area of the Petite Venice is a pass! We had seen a thousand photos before going but to be there and to see with our eyes the street with the little colorful houses and to cross it practically alone was one of the moments of the trip ♥.

We always recommend you to get up early on the trips, but when it comes to such tourist areas even more!

Petite Venice in Colmar, an essential stop on your route through Alsace

If you’re going through the low season like us, keep in mind that the Bartholdi Museum (the sculptor who designed the Statue of Liberty) is closed in January and February.

Colmar, Alsace

In the afternoon we went to Riquewihr, one of the best prepared villages for tourism where we were given a map with directions in Spanish.

Riquewihr, Alsace

We went along the main street that crosses the town and some adjacent streets, we saw some fountains, houses and squares with a lot of history and it is very pleasant to read the indications of each place in the brochure given to us in the tourist office.

The Dolder, the 25 meter guard tower, is the most emblematic and well-known monument of Riquewihr, it is the one that appears in all the photos of the village and when you are below it you understand why, it is beautiful!

Riquewihr, an essential stop on the route through Alsace

On the way to Ribeauvillé we made a quick stop in Hunawihr, we could say that it is one of the least exploited tourist villages, but if you don’t have time it is an unnecessary stop.


We had become quite late and in Ribeauvillé we didn’t do too much time, we just crossed the main street.


DAY 3 of route by Alsace:

Route: Colmar – Eguisheim – Mulhouse 90 Kilometers PARADAS DE INTERÉS:

Church of San León
The Pigeonnier, the most famous cottage in Alsace
Fountain in honor of Pope Leon IX
The Hill of the Three Castles.

The Réunion square (at Christmas the market and the waterwheel are located here)
Mulhouse Town Hall
Cité de l’Automobile, the world’s largest collection of classic cars
La Cité du Train, one of the ten largest railway museums in the world

The first stop on our third day’s route through Alsace was the beautiful village of Eguisheim. Famous for seeing it in so many photos, I’m sure the one below sounds a little…

The Pigeonnier in Eguisheim, the most famous cottage in Alsace

As it’s the only photo we saw everywhere we thought the town wouldn’t have much more, but it didn’t! It is a walled village with a circular shape with a lot of charm! One of our favorites from all over the Alsace area.

Also I suppose that it influences enough to visit it in low season, because we were alone crossing the streets, you can see it in our outstanding histories of Instagram with the title Alsace.


After touring the village for hours and spending more time than expected, we set course for Mulhouse.

Although it is true that Mulhouse has a very nice square, and we know that at Christmas has one of the most picturesque Christmas markets, out of season we knew little by little.

But it is our personal opinion, if you have days to make a stop on your route through Alsace, perfect!

Hotel de ville, former town hall of Mulhouse

On the way to Mulhouse you can make a stop at the Ecomuseum of Alsace, where they simulate (with actors and everything) how life was in Alsace years ago.

DAY 4 of route by Alsace:

Route: Colmar – Turckheim – Kaysersberg 28 Kilometres STOPS OF INTEREST:

Le Grand´rue
Turenne Square (from where you can admire the facade of the town hall)
It has three entrance doors:
The gateway to France
Brand’s door
Munster’s Door

Fortified bridge crossing the La Weiss River
Church of Kaysersberg
Ruins of the castle Kaysersberg (a very cool viewpoint)

On the last day of the route through Alsace we visited Turckheim and Kaysersberg.

The first one is visited in one or two hours, is a small village, with a tower at the entrance (but next to the one of Riquewihr this tastes like little!) Still, it is close and we recommend you to make a stop.

Turckheim, route through Alsace

And when we thought we had seen it all we arrived in Kaysersberg, another picturesque Alsatian village with an added bonus, in this crosses a beautiful river between the colorful houses.


We also loved going up to the ruins of the castle and contemplating the views from above.

Views Kaysersberg

It is one of the villages that make up the wine route, very famous in summer! If you are going this time of year you can have a look at his website.

Other places that you can include in your route through Alsace:

Struthof-Natzweiler Concentration Camp
Le Parc du Petit Prince, next to the Ecomuseum of Alsace.
Some German cities in the Black Forest area such as Fribourg, Hinterzarten and Gengenbach are still waiting for the next one!

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Rent a car in Alsace

Complete map of our route through Alsace:

And here’s our route through Alsace in 4 days!

We spent 4 days enjoying the beauty of each of the villages, breathing pure air and disconnecting, which sometimes comes very well!

We hope that our route will help you in planning your trip to this beautiful area of France. If you have any questions about our route through Alsace, we look forward to hearing from you!

Happy route through Alsace! ♥

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