Route through Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO with video

Hello Molaviajeros! It’s been a while since we stopped by to talk to you about New York, huh? So today we leave Manhattan and bring you a route through Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo, both located on the other side of Manhattan, after the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights

Dumbo is one of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn. In this case, overlooking the Manhattan skyline heart attack. It is located east of the Brooklyn Bridge and is between the East River and Bridge Streets, York and the Brooklyn Bridge itself.

Its name comes from this art that Americans have with acronyms and acronyms. Dumbo is the same as Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass, that apocopado, sounds like the elephant, DUMBO but that in Spanish, what indicates is that it is located under the bridge of Manhattan.

For its part, Brooklyn Heights is the neighborhood that extends west of the Brooklyn Bridge and is comprised by this and Cadman Plaza W and Atlantic Ave. Among other things, it is famous for the views from its Brooklyn Heights Promenadey for the incredible houses that make up its neighborhood and that preserve its image as the first day.

How to start this route through Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo?

There are several ways to get there. The two most famous are:

Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge (we recognize it’s great, but we prefer to cross the bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan, as the most sought after views are those of Manhattan, so if you cross it backwards, you’ll have to be turning around all the time. Crossing can be a great idea to finish this route through Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo and return to Manhattan if you’re staying there.)

By the way, it is NOT necessary to walk along the entire Brooklyn Bridge, but in Brooklyn, this bridge has an entrance for pedestrians, who can go up and down the stairs that are located more or less, at this point of Camden Plaza E.

Third day in New York. Brooklyn Bridge and best Skyline NY

Take the subway to Brooklyn. For this, there are several stops that can go well depending on what you want to visit first:

High St Brooklyn Bridge, to which lines A or C take you (the one we chose to start this route walking through Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO).

Clark St station, to which trains 2 and 3 red are headed.

York St Station, which is reached by the orange F-line.

The other two more unknown options to get to Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo are:

Bicycle: You can always rent a bicycle to ride around New York, and cross the Brooklyn Bridge. In this post with the comparison of passes in New York, you can see that most of the cards include some activity of this type. In addition to these, there are also public bicycles for rent by the hour.

How to get around New York almost for free. Citibike

NYC ferry: Yes! You can also get there by boat! The white and blue ferries that you will see sailing and that are identified as NYC Ferry, arrive to DUMBO. South Brooklyn (SB) and East River (ER) do it. Both stop at the DUMBO docks, at Brooklyn Bridge Park, pier 1. The ride costs $2.75, so it’s also a good option to get to DUMBO.

Our particular route through Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO

Well, once we’re settled on the area, it’s time to kick some molaviajeros friends. Let’s get going with this route through Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO! So that you have all the points at hand, we leave them all geolocalized in the map that you can see below.

First stop on the Brooklyn route: Breakfast!

We decided to do this route through Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO first thing in the morning, so our first stop was breakfast.

The first option was the River Café, a restaurant that is not cheap but has incredible views. We know that many Molaviajeros have chosen him to marry their respective partners and he doesn’t miss us at all, piece of view!

The fact is that on weekends it opens at 11:30 in the morning (8:30 during the week) and we as early as good molaviajeros, we had it closed, so we went to Butler, to get a coffee and something else to start the day.

cafeteria dumbo Ruta por Brooklyn Heights y DUMBO

In this area, there are many other places to eat something. You’ve got a Shake Shack, one of the best burgers in New York, and a couple of pizzerias that always line up, Juliana’s and Grimaldi’s. The latter was frequented by Frank Sinatra, which is what made him famous. Then other owners bought it, the old owners competed with them and ended up opening Juliana’s right next door. The result? Both pizzas are cool and both places have a row, but we won’t know which of the two Frank Sinatra would prefer today.

If you’re looking for something more varied, on the way along the route you’ll see a shopping centre, Empire Stores. It’s an industrial building that has been recycled and is now used as a commercial place, with restaurants, very cool shops … Well, in addition to the restaurants that you can see on the ground floor of the building, such as Sugarcane, inside the building you have the Time Out Market.

Ruta por Brooklyn Heights y DUMBO

Maybe the name rings a bell, doesn’t it? This is because it corresponds to that of a well-known publication that talks about the events that take place in the city as well as the best places to eat, dine, have a drink… Many times you will have it available free of charge in the receptions of hotels and tourist centers.

Ruta por Brooklyn Heights y DUMBO

Well, inside the Time Out Market you’ll find a lot of different restaurants where you can order what you want to eat and then go up and enjoy it on your terrace overlooking the skyline, on the 5th floor, or eat it inside the market if the weather is bad, or maybe take it for a picnic on the riverbank and have one of the most beautiful breakfasts of the trip.

The route begins in the district of DUMBO

Once the belly is full, it’s time to start rocking this route through Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo.

If you head towards the river bank, to the north, you will come across Jane’s Carrousel, one of the most photographed and where Daniela and Oliver would be going right now to spend the whole afternoon and we would be with them! Besides how nice the carousel itself is, the views are great! It costs $2 per person (children one meter tall or less can be accompanied by an adult) and while in summer it closes only on Tuesdays, in winter it only opens from Thursday to Sunday.

Behind the carousel, very close to it is the Main Street Park, which next to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, has some of the best views from Brooklyn. You’ll even see that there’s a little lookout called Pebble Beach, like California Beach on Highway 1.

Ruta por Brooklyn Heights y DUMBO

Continuing your walk through the park, under the bridge, you will continue in a landscaped area, passing John Street Park, overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m sure you’ll miss a few pictures over there.

If you’re one of those who needs caffeine to live, you’ll find options along the way, like the Brooklyn Roasting Company. The typical “Hipster Molona Brooklyniana” cafeteria.

Once in this area, we recommend passing under the arch of the Manhattan Bridge. It is a very charming place and if your visit coincides with a Sunday from April to October, between 10:00 am and 17:00 pm, there you can see a flea market like the one we saw.

Nothing, you’ll get to Adam’s Street, there you’ll come across a very cool bookstore, where it’s hard not to pick some New York souvenir in paper format. It’s called the Powerhouse Arena and as we’ve been told, they also organize events from time to time.

Continuing the walk along Water St, you will reach the intersection with Washington St. Quiet! It’s NOT one more crossing, it’s not one more street… NO. You’ve seen this one in the cinema and in Instagram 450 billion times. Turn your head to your right and there it is… The Empire State under one of the arches of the Manhattan Bridge. Don’t worry, you won’t pass by. About 50 people or more, (unless you get up very early) will be keeping you company to take the same picture as you.

And suddenly, we couldn’t help resisting the temptation of chocolate… We ran into a Jaques Torres store and it’s hard not to fall. The shop window opens the appetite just to look! And it has to be said that the chocolate was very good!

We also found curious, very close, The modern chemist, a store where you could find almost anything! Do you need a pharmacy, supermarket, or gift shop? There you will find something you almost certainly need!

We decided to continue our route through Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO from the river bank, and when we were on our way to the Brooklyn Heights part, we ran into Luke’s lobster. An informal restaurant where fish are plentiful: prawns, lobster, crab… If you would like to eat a lobster sandwich, it is possible there. The truth is that the place had a lot of charm and the place where it was located made it even more special.

On the way to Brooklyn Heights:

Halfway along our route through Brooklyn heights and DUMBO, we took the opportunity to go and have a rooftop that we really wanted to see, Harriet’s Rooftop. It is located in Hotel 1, one of the hotels with the best views of Manhattan and in which we are looking forward to staying soon. We loved the rooftop, you’ll see it in the special video about rooftops that we made. 100% recommended.

rooftop Ruta por Brooklyn Heights y DUMBO

Continuing this route through Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo, we went to visit Brooklyn Bridge Park and Brooklyn Heights Promenade: you’ll see that the entire edge of the neighborhood with the East River is formed by a park that is nice to walk and see the skyline of Manhattan. But in addition to this, we had a very cool surprise waiting for us and Free!

Ruta por Brooklyn Heights y DUMBO

If you visit this area on a Thursday, Saturday or Sunday between June and August (this year they also extended some days in September) and weather permitting, between docks 1 and 2 of Brooklyn Bridge Park, you can do a little bit of kayaking and also, for free, what do you think? Here you can find more info. But don’t do the same as me and take spare clothes with you, because you’re going to get wet, but you’re going to get wet!

Ruta por Brooklyn Heights y DUMBO

Along the docks, you’ll see everything from courts to play different sports, to even an area to make your own barbecues. The ideal thing is to walk around this area while you take pictures without stopping. And if you like any of the sports, of course it is an incomparable place to practice them.

Ruta por Brooklyn Heights y DUMBO

Visiting the Brooklyn Promenade area, you can get lost in the streets of Brooklyn Heights to admire the houses in which these lucky New Yorkers live. A good example of streets to lose are Hicks and Willow, between Montague and Middagh. That whole area is beautiful. You won’t find many cafes or shops, but it’s great to see the atmosphere and the houses, which still have the same style as when they were built. We loved bumping into the typical movie scene of the boy selling lemonade outside his house. And the Molaviajera Beatriz Gago, points us in comments that “If you continue for Middagh st. up to the crossing with Willow st. there is a wooden house, of the oldest of the zone, that still conserves the house for carriages! so you already know where to take the walk.

Ruta por Brooklyn Heights y DUMBO

If you like to visit museums, at the end of this route through Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO you will find a couple of them:

On the one hand you have the Brooklyn Historical Society, which currently has two locations, one at 128 Pierrepont St and another at 55 Water Street. In this museum you can learn more about the history of Brooklyn. Your entry is $10, and it’s suggested (come on, it’s not mandatory). (Also included in today’s Sightseeing pass)

On the other hand, there is also the NYC transit museum, at 99 Schermerhorn St. It tells a little about the history of transportation in New York and is located in an old subway station. Admission is $10, or you can enter with the New York Pass.

We leave the visit of both for another occasion, but you can enter to visit them if you have time and you like their theme.

How long does it take to complete this route through Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo?

Well, you know that every Molaviajero is a world and has different tastes, so the route can be done in a couple of hours, but there you have to add the time you are taking pictures, or eating in one of the restaurants or bars that we have indicated. The ideal is to have a morning or an afternoon to enjoy it well and calmly.

Route through Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO in video

As you know, most of the time we get lost out there handheld camera, and then we show you the routes we do in our Youtube channel. Already subscribed?

On Sunday September 22nd you will be able to see our adventures discovering these two neighborhoods of Brooklyn both in the channel and in this post, as we will leave the video included. There is nothing left for the premiere!

Well Molaviajeros, our route through Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO ends now. It’s a fantastic place that even offers free outdoor events in the summer, but we’ll talk about them later.

You can return to Manhattan by crossing the Brooklyn Bridge between the crowds or you can continue to enjoy the tranquility in Brooklyn, through the neighborhoods of Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens and Park Slope to Prospect Park (Central Park Brooklyn) or you can leave this walk to discover the daily life of New Yorkers, for another time.

You know we have a free traveler assistance service where we help you prepare your travels, right? Well, for any doubt, write us to the contact form and we’ll give you a hand with your trip. We hope you liked this post with a route through Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO.

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