Route through Ireland by car [ITINERARY + WHAT TO SEE + BUDGET + ADVICE]

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Hello, fellow travelers! How cool is that time to start a new SUPER GUIDE. This time it’s Ireland’s turn and the wonderful roadtrip we made through the greenest landscapes we’ve ever seen. You know we love to travel by car (we showed you with Route 66, the route through Scotland and the route through the south of France), so this route through Ireland had been on our minds for A LONG time. And we finally made it happen!

In this guide to Ireland you will find everything you need to prepare your route through Ireland in the most comfortable, easy and fast: complete route for 8 days, budget, tips, where to eat, where to sleep, car rental, what to see in Ireland during your trip, the best corners, the most charming villages, the most interesting routes … In short, all the details to make the best route by car through Ireland.

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In addition, as always, in addition to this guide to Ireland, we have made a short video summary of what has been for us this route through Ireland and we are dying to share it with you so you can get an idea of everything there is to see in this wonderful country:

What to see in Ireland: complete itinerary for 8 days

As always, when we started to organize a trip, and this route through Ireland, of course, was not going to be any less, the first thing we do is decide which are the places we want to visit to be able to organize the route in a simpler way. In this case, there were several places that we had had in mind for a long time such as the Giant’s Causeway, the cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry or the Connemara Peninsula, come on, those things to see in Ireland yes or yes, so we organized the itinerary taking into account which areas we wanted to dedicate more time to them.

Guía de Irlanda: Ross CastleGuía de Irlanda: Ross CastleIreland Guide: Ross Castle

The truth is that we would have loved to have more time to visit more interesting corners of the center of the island, but I think that for the time we had, we made good use of the route and saw a million cool things. As always, keep in mind that our trips are super intense, so if you don’t like walking like us and hate to get up early, this itinerary probably won’t fit you.

Next you will find the map with the route of our route by Ireland divided in two parts, first we crossed the south part of the island and then the north:

In addition to the itinerary itself, the map shows the most important points of interest, both those that caught us on the way and those for which we had to deviate. We, depending on the time we have each day we deviate more or less, so we propose that you do the same 🙂

If you have more time than us, I will leave you a map with ALL the important points of interest in Ireland:

We always make these maps before we start planning the trip (even if later you don’t give us time to visit all the points) to have clear how to organize the route and this time we thought it would be interesting to share it with you 🙂

In total, on this route through Ireland, we travelled 2,280 kilometres in which we were able to savour all the charms of the country: hairy sheep, cows of all kinds and colours, beautiful villages, emerald green mountains, valleys that leave you breathless, cliffs that you are almost afraid to look out over, castles, forts and semi-noisy churches, cities with charm and a spectacular atmosphere… In short, a magical land to which we will always want to return.

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Ireland Guide in stages

As this route through Ireland is a quite complete trip and with a lot of content to share, in this guide to Ireland we will be publishing each stage progressively. Below the stages and what to see section on each site, you will find all the information relating to budget, car hire, hotels and other useful information you need to know if you are going on a car trip in Ireland. In each post you will find, in addition to the essential places you have to visit, all the necessary information for each stage and the complete maps with the itinerary of each one of them.

Coming Soon – Dublin – Waterford (260 kms)Coming Soon – Waterford – Killarney (259 kms)Coming Soon – Killarney – Ring of Kerry – Tralee (256 kms)Coming Soon – Tralee – Rock of Cashel – Cliffs of Moher – Galway (349 kms)Coming Soon – An afternoon in Galway Coming Soon – Galway – Connemara – Sligo (347 kms)Coming Soon – Sligo – Londonderry (318 kms)Coming Soon – An afternoon in Londonderry Coming Soon – Londonderry – Giant’s Causeway – Belfast (134 kms)Coming Soon – An afternoon in Belfast Coming Soon – Belfast – Dublin (355 kms)Coming Soon – A day in DublinRuta por Irlanda: Cliffs of MoherRuta por Irlanda: Cliffs of MoherRoute through Ireland: Cliffs of Moher

And after this small outline of the stages of our route through Ireland, we are going to be figuring out section by section what to see in Ireland. Before starting, you have to bear in mind that this route is prepared for early risers: it is rare the day that we start each stage later than 7 am. Keep it in mind, because if you don’t get up early, you probably won’t have time to see everything we’re telling you here.

Coming soon – Stage 1 of our route through Ireland: Dublin – Waterford (260 kilometres)

Let’s start the adventure! After the early morning to take the rental car and having slept very shortly after the flight Madrid – Dublin the previous day (we slept in a hotel next to the airport, the Clayton Hotel Dublin Airport), in this first stage of our route through Ireland and we could start to get an idea of what awaited us on this trip.