Route through Iceland in 7 days

Are you considering a route through Iceland in 7 days? Then don’t miss this super planning of every day, with all the stops, recommended accommodations, things to see and do and of course, our recommendations!

We have already published a route of 10 days in Iceland very cool but many of you always ask us to do it in fewer days, so this would be the route we recommend you to do if you have only 7 days in Iceland.

A good way to get the most out of our 7 days in Iceland is to change practically every night of hotel, so it will give us time to see as many things as possible.

We are also talking about an extra day that you can dedicate to the Sn√¶fellsnes peninsula or even if you do it in summer and taking advantage of the fact that the sun doesn’t disappear, maybe you will also have some time.

Here we go with the Icelandic route in 7 days! First we leave you a small summary and below the daily planning with more data, also you have a map at the end of the post to locate you better.

Don’t worry about unpronounceable names! Little by little you will get used to it ūüôā

Iceland in 7 days by car:

DAY 1: Keflavik airport, Reykjanes peninsula, Grindav√≠k, Kr√Ĺsuv√≠k geothermal area, bridge between two continents, Blue Lagoon and sleeping in Borgarnes.

DAY 2: Borgarnes, Hraunfossar waterfall, Barnafoss waterfall, Deildartunguhver and sleep at Selfoss.

DAY 3: Selfoss, golden circle (Thingvellir National Park, North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, Oxagarfoss waterfall, Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir, Kerio crater) and sleep at Selfoss.

DAY 4: Selfoss, Urridafoss waterfall, Seljalandfoss waterfall, Glj√ļfur√°rfoss waterfall, Sk√≥gafoss waterfall, Sk√≥gar Ethnological museum, Kvernufoss waterfall and sleep in Vik.

DAY 5: Starplane, Svartifoss waterfall, Jokulsarlon glacier lake, diamond beach, Vatnajökull glacier and sleep at Höfn.

DAY 6: H√∂fn, Fja√įr√°rglj√ļfur canyon, Dyrholaey cliffs, black sand beach of Vik and sleep in Reykjav√≠k.

DAY 7: Reykjavik

EXTRA DAY: Sn√¶fellsnes Peninsula (Borgarnes, Mount Helgafell, Stykkish√≥lmur, Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall, Sn√¶fellsj√∂kull Volcano, Arnarstapi, B√ļ√įakirkja (black church), Ger√įuberg cliffs and sleeping in Borgarnes).


DAY 1 of route through Iceland in 7 days:

ROUTE: From Keflavik to Borgarnes. ACCOMMODATION IN BORGARNES: Fossatun Camping Pods & Cottages POINTS OF INTEREST:

Keflavik (airport)
Reykjanes Peninsula
Kr√Ĺsuv√≠k geothermal zone
Bridge between two continents
Blue Lagoon
Borgarnes (sleep)

Depending on the time your plane arrives in Iceland, we recommend you to spend more or less hours seeing the Reykjanes peninsula, where the Keflavik international airport is located.

If you arrive early you can take a short route through the Reykjanes peninsula, see the abandoned ship in Grindav√≠k, visit the geothermal area of Kr√Ĺsuv√≠k, or cross the bridge between two continents, in the middle you will see two plates “Welcome to America” and “Welcome to Europe”.

The strong point of this day is the Blue Lagoon, relax in this natural swimming pool of thermal water unique in the world!

We were able to enjoy the sunset and it was very nice! The downside is that we were late to the hotel afterwards.

You have to reserve the ticket and we recommend you to do it well in advance to be able to choose the time you want.

We slept in Fossatun because of the proximity to the waterfalls that can be seen the next day, and it was also the night that we could see auroras boreales.

Another option that we recommend is to sleep in Borgarnes, it has many interesting accommodations like the Hotel Hafnarfjall or the Hotel Borgarnes, both with very good opinions.

Blue Lagoon | Iceland in 7 daysGrindavík | Iceland in 7 days

Reservations for today:


– Enjoy the tranquility of the Blue Lagoon, this may be the quietest day of the 7 days in Iceland.

– Go through a supermarket and buy food for the trip, if you want to save on your trip to Iceland this would be our #1 tip! The Netto and Bonus supermarkets are the cheapest and are spread all over Iceland.

DAY 2 of route through Iceland in 7 days:

ROUTE: From Borgarnes to Selfoss SELFOSS ACCOMMODATION: Guesthouse Garun Skolavellir POINTS OF INTEREST:

Hraunfossar Waterfall
Barnafoss Waterfall
Deildartunguhver, thermal water flow at 97¬ļC
Selfoss (sleep)

Exploring a little piece of the western part of the country is the objective of the second day of Iceland’s planning in 7 days, we recommend you to start well the day having breakfast in Blomasetrid – Kaffi Kyrrd a very cool cafeteria with homemade and very original cakes.

The rest of the days we recommend you to have breakfast in the hotel, most of them have shared kitchen and you can save a little in this aspect.

This part of Iceland didn’t impress us as much as the places you see the following days, so it’s great to visit this area at the beginning of the route and not at the end.

Even so, do not be conditioned by what we say because you will see that it is a beautiful area of waterfalls, but what awaits you in the coming days is too much!

If you have more than 7 days to visit Iceland, from this point you can visit the peninsula of Snæfellsnes, we tell you about it at the end of the post in the EXTRA DAY.

And if you’re on time and you think you’re going to get to Selfoss very soon, you can see some of the stops scheduled for the next day. This will depend especially on whether you do the route in summer or winter.

Barnafoss Waterfall | Iceland in 7 days

Recommended accommodation at Selfoss:

All three accommodations have free parking.

DAY 3 of route through Iceland in 7 days:

ROUTE: From Borgarnes to Selfoss SELFOSS ACCOMMODATION: Guesthouse Garun Skolavellir POINTS OF INTEREST:

Thingvellir National Park
North American and Eurasian tectonic plates
Oxagarfoss Waterfall
Gullfoss Waterfall
Kerio Crater
Selfoss (sleep)

This day we dedicate it to the whole to visit the famous Golden Circle, here already begins the trip to become very interesting and we began to hallucinate with what they saw our eyes.

We were able to enjoy the snowy Oxagarfoss waterfall (that’s what Iceland has to visit in winter), flip with the Kerio crater, amaze us with the huge Geysir and with one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland, the Gullfoss double waterfall.

If you go in summer the landscape is green, completely different to if you go in winter like us, to see everything covered with snow is one of the most beautiful prints that we have seen in all our travelers years. Remember if you’re going to wear crampons in the winter so you don’t slip on the ice.

You have more info in our post of preparations and planning of trip to Iceland for free where we talk about everything we carry in the suitcase and other things to keep in mind.

Oxagarfoss Waterfall | Iceland in 7 daysGullfoss Waterfall | Iceland in 7 daysGeysir | Iceland in 7 daysKerio Crater | Iceland in 7 days

Tip of the day:

– Early in the morning, the Golden Circle area is one of the most touristy in Iceland and the places are packed with people.

DAY 4 of route through Iceland in 7 days:


Urridafoss Waterfall
Seljalandfoss Waterfall
Guj√ļfur√°rfoss Waterfall
Skógafoss Waterfall
Ethnological Museum of Skógar
Kvernufoss waterfall (optional)
Vik (sleep)

We put ourselves in route towards the south of Iceland by the famous Ring Road, this day could be called the day of the cascades because many and each one more amazing are visited.

Don’t think that going from one place to another is boring, you will probably stop with the car a thousand times to take pictures, caress horses, hallucinate with some views…etc. The landscapes that you will see all along the route will enchant you, pure nature!

See the Urridafoss, Seljalandfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls all impressive! The one I liked the most was Skógafoss with rainbows and everything! Do not hesitate to go up to the viewpoint to see it from above, views assured!!

David liked Seljalandfoss better because you can cross it from behind. If you go in winter, you have to be very careful because there’s ice on the floor.

Urridafoss Waterfall | IcelandCascade Seljalandfoss | IcelandCascade Skógafoss | Iceland

Tip of the day:

If there is something left to see, the day is very ugly or we would like to see something more peacefully, we can take advantage of the return journey to see it better.

Recommended accommodation in Vik:

Sólheimahjáleiga Guesthouse РTypical Icelandic farm, with shared kitchen and bathroom and very good score.
The Barn – Hostel with private and shared rooms, is very cool and very new, bathrooms and kitchen are shared.

Both accommodations are located in Vik and have free parking.

DAY 5 of route through Iceland in 7 days:


Star plane in Sólheimasandur
Svartifoss Waterfall
Jokulsarlon Glacier Lake
Diamantes Beach
Vatnajökull Glacier

Another very popular visit is the American DC-3 plane crashed in S√≥lheimasandur, abandoned since November 1973 and made it even more fashionable if possible Justin Bieber in his video clip of I’ll Show You, where you can see this location and many others in Iceland.

We recommend you to visit the plane at first hour for two reasons, the first is the amount of people that visit it and the second is that if you do it the day before at last hour it can be dangerous that it is done at night, for that reason we recommend you to leave it for the first hour.

To get to the plane we have to go back about 20km back from Vik, you will see a parking that is on the left hand side, there you can leave the car and start the walk to the plane. You have the exact location on the map below.

EYE! It’s about three hours round trip from the parking lot to the plane on foot! Keep that in mind.

The second stop of the day is Skaftafell National Park, where you will find the Svartifoss waterfall with its black basalt columns, to get there you have to walk 1,8km on an accessible path, if you go in winter take care of the ice on the ground and pay attention to the recommendations in the Skaftafell visitor centre.

The next stop is one of Iceland’s strong points, the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lake. One of the most impressive places we have seen in our life and one of the most impressed will leave you in these 7 days in Iceland.

Despite the cold (logical, because you are surrounded by ice) the beauty of the place is unparalleled! We recommend that you relax, enjoy it, take a thousand photos and then go to the mouth of the river Jokulsa to see the ice blocks stranded on the black sand beach, the famous diamond beach.

Taking advantage of the fact that we are at the foot of the Vatnaj√∂kull glacier if we take a 4×4 car (because if it is not forbidden, you can read more in the post of tips for renting a car in Iceland) we can approach one of its languages.

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lake | 7 days in IcelandJokulsarlon Glacier Lake | 7 days in IcelandDiamond Beach | Iceland in 7 daysDiamond Beach | Iceland in 7 daysVatnajökull Glacier Language

Tip of the day:

Between Kirkjubæjarklaustur and Höfn there are about 200 km without petrol stations or supermarkets. As always, we recommend that you bring a full tank. Höfn is also a very good choice for eating seafood, shopping at the supermarket and filling up the tank.

Recommended accommodation in Höfn and near Jokulsarlon:

Rau√įaberg II – This was our cheap accommodation, with shared bathroom and kitchen on the outskirts of H√∂fn.
Höfn Guesthouse РGuesthouse with private and shared rooms, services and kitchen are shared.
Milk Factory – Old milk factory, private rooms, no kitchen all very new.

In Höfn there is a wide range of accommodation, supermarkets, petrol stations, restaurants etc. All three accommodations have free parking.

DAY 6 of route through Iceland in 7 days:


Fja√įr√°glj√ļfur Canyon
Black sand beach of Vik (Reynisfjara Beach)
Dyrholaey cliffs
Reykjavik (sleep)

In Höfn there are not many things to see and do, but it is always good to go for a walk and get to know these little villages, to do some shopping in the supermarket and fill the petrol tank.

The Fja√įr√°rglj√ļfur canyon is located very close to the Ring Road, don’t forget to make a stop.

And if you thought you’d already seen it all on this Icelandic route, the next stop will leave you speechless! It is one of Iceland’s most famous prints, the Dyrholaey cliffs and Vik’s black sand beach, two of the places to see in Iceland in 7 days indispensable!

You can go down to the beach at Vik (Reynisfjara Beach) and see the wall of black basalt columns, if you’re lucky you’ll also see Iceland’s famous puffins.

If the wind gives you truce, from the top of the lighthouse of Dyrholaey you can relax a while after taking a thousand photos, on one side you will see the cliffs and on the other side a view of another black sand beach.

We return to do the route in reverse, undoing the path made the previous days to reach Reykjavik, we can take advantage to see some things that were left pending or repeat some of the things we liked.

Dyrholaey Cliffs, IcelandBlack sand beach from Dyrholaey lighthouse, Iceland

Recommended accommodation in Reykjavík:

Apartment K – Modern studios on the street Laugavegur one of the main of the city, there is free parking on the street.
Brim Hotel – GREAT PRICE! Rooms with private bathroom and shared kitchen, 15 minutes walk from Laugavegur Street, free private parking, is a great option.
CenterHotel Midgardur – Hotel with restaurant with very good note and free parking on the street.

DAY 7 of route through Iceland in 7 days:


Hallgrímskirkja Church
The sculpture Solfar or Sun Traveller
Viewpoint of Perlan
National Museum of Iceland √ěj√≥√įminjasafn

And many other places that you can read in the post of 25 things to see and do in Reykjavík.

And we end our trip to Iceland in 7 days!

If your flight arrives very late or leaves very early it is best to spend the night close to the airport, we recommend the Base Hotel, economic and 5 minutes from the airport.

Another option is to book bus transport between Reykjavik and the airport.

Last day of Icelandic route in Reykjavik

EXTRA DAY of route through Iceland in 7 days:


Mount Helgafell
Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall
Snæfellsjökull Volcano
B√ļ√įakirkja, black church
Cliffs Ger√įuberg
Borgarnes (sleep)

If you still have a day off on your trip to Iceland, you can dedicate it to the peninsula of Snæfellsnes.

We recommend you to take Borgarnes as a base to visit the peninsula because it has plenty of accommodation.

Don’t forget to climb up to Mount Helgafell, legend has it that if you go up for the first time without speaking and without looking back you will be granted a wish! The views from the top are very cool.

Visit the Sn√¶fellsj√∂kull volcano, which Jules Verne used as a gateway to the centre of the earth in his novel. The cliffs Ger√įuberg and some other wonders that hides this peninsula.

Mount Helgafell in Iceland

Another place you can visit if you have more days:

Visit the only inhabited island of the 15 islands of Vestman, Heimaey famous for its puffins and spectacular volcanic landscapes.

Although it has airport, we can take a ferry from Landeyjahöfn that will leave us in Vestmannaeyjar the port of this tiny island of volcanic origin.

The island can be explored on foot or by bicycle, we did not do so for lack of time. You can see the timetables and prices of the ferries on their website.

Car rental or caravan to travel to Iceland in 7 days:

If you visit Iceland in winter we recommend you rent a 4×4, in the post of tips for renting a car in Iceland we give you all the reasons along with other recommendations that you can come from pearls.

We book it through Auto Europe, the more insurance you take, the less money you will have to leave. To take the insurance that you believe convenient but the insurance of gravel we would recommend you to take it yes or yes! There’s a lot of gravel on the road and it’s very easy to jump stones.

If you prefer you can also do the route through Iceland in 7 days in a caravan, we are seriously considering going back and doing it this way because it also has to be incredible.

The rental is a little more expensive than the car, you can see on this website prices for your dates, but you will save the accommodation. However, it is forbidden to spend the night in the open air all over Iceland and this must be done in campsites and authorized areas.

Car rental for 7 days in Iceland

Travel insurance for Iceland:

We recommend you not to leave home without travel insurance, for a trip to Iceland the travel insurance is very affordable, in addition you have a 5% discount from our link.

It is also not superfluous to carry the European health insurance card, although if we carry the travel insurance is not so necessary.

If they lose our suitcase, we have some health problem, we have to come back early for some serious cause… and many other things, we will have everything covered.

Currency exchanges in Iceland:

The Icelandic currency is the Icelandic crown, almost anywhere we can pay by card and to refuel at many gas stations this is the only method of payment they accept.

It’s the country we’ve seen the easiest way to pay by credit card.

We have three free cards with no currency exchange fees that we always take with us on each trip.

The one that works best for us to pay is the N26 card, it never fails us and it is the one we use the most.

We also have the Revolut and Bnext cards, these two are less reliable when paying but have the advantage of being able to withdraw money from the cashier without commissions. So with the three of us left over, they’re all free!

Map of 7 days route in Iceland:

And so much for the Icelandic post in 7 days!

We hope that our planning for Iceland will help you in 7 days, if you have any doubt just leave us a comment below!

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