Sákale, exquisite Japanese-Mexican fusion in Madrid

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As you know, whenever we have a hole we love to discover new places in Madrid so we can recommend them later 😉 And this time we come to tell you about Sákale, a charming restaurant in the center of Madrid where you can enjoy the exquisite fusion of Japanese and Mexican cuisine.

In Sákale you will find typical Mexican food and typical Japanese food, but also a perfect mixture of both. And maybe that’s what makes this restaurant special, because despite the fusion, it doesn’t lose the essence of either kitchen. Two kitchens that also have a very strong personality and that we love.

Fran en SákaleFran en SákaleFran in Sákale

Its good food, its delicious cocktails and the great atmosphere in its room have catapulted it to sixth place in the ranking of best Tripadvisor restaurants in Madrid. And those ladies and gentlemen, those are big words. Without a doubt, a sixth place more than deserved.

Sákale’s proposal

Sákale’s menu is simple but it gathers the essence of the two cuisines he honours, with a wink or two to other countries, such as Venezuela and its tequeños and cachapas, or Peru with its ceviches.

The proposal is divided into dishes to share, which include nachos, tequeños, gyozas, cachapitas and tuna tataki, tacos and tostadas, sushi rolls and main dishes. Desserts deserve a special mention.

Tacos y tostadas en SákaleTacos y tostadas en SákaleTacos and tostadas in SákalePrincipales en SákalePrincipales en SákalePrincipal in SákaleSushi Rolls en SákaleSushi Rolls en SákaleSushi Rolls in Sákale

I wish we had been accompanied by friends, because that would have allowed us to try much more than we tried. Although the truth is that coming back is not going to cause us any problems 😉

We asked (all to share) a few gyozas, a glazed rib taco and a sakale taco, and to finish three rolls: ceviche roll, japomex and fuji. We ended dinner with a delicious dessert, which, although it was not the one we were going to order at the beginning (the white chocolate mousse had run out), was delicious: the Lemon Pie. In addition, we watered everything with two delicious cocktails: cosmpolitan for me and mojito for Fran.

Cosmopolitan en SákaleCosmopolitan en SákaleCosmopolitan in SákaleGyozas fritasGyozas fritasFried GyozasMojitoMojitoMojitoSushi Rolls en SákaleSushi Rolls en SákaleSushi Rolls in SákaleTaco de Costilla Glaseada y Sákale TacoTaco de Costilla Glaseada y Sákale TacoGlazed Rib Taco and Sákale Taco

What we liked most about Sákale

It opens at 18:00, so we think it’s a wonderful place for an afterwork.the decoration is beautifully cared for. It’s a tremendously cozy place, and that’s something that always fascinates us about a restaurant. Decoración SákaleDecoración SákaleSákale Decoration

It has a lot of types of cocktails, but they also have wines and beers to choose from. All the cocktails we tasted were delicious, the food is really spectacular, both Japanese and Mexican, as well as the mixture of both. In addition, Sákale allows you to mix the most classic recipes such as ceviche or tacos al pastor with others much more modern and updated as the rolls in which they bring together so many different flavors.

Roll Japomex en SákaleRoll Japomex en SákaleJapomex Roll at Sákale

The deal is spectacular. Really, they’re super attentive. It’s nice to spend some time there, even if you’re just going to have a few cocktails. without a doubt, Sákale is where we’ve eaten the best alternative sushi rolls in Madrid. They’re even better than Sushi Yakuza. Fuji especially is SPECTACULAR, they currently have a 30% discount on El Tenedor, but even without the discount, the prices, for the quality they offer are great. If we’d had dinner with water, we’d have paid 40 euros for dinner for two. It’s very difficult to find that quality for that price in Madrid. I’ll tell you. You can book online and that’s ALWAYS fine 😉Fuji RollFuji RollFuji Roll

The least we liked about Sákale

Well, nothing really, but if we had to put some glue on it (even if it’s very small) it would be the price of cocktails that might be something high (all around 8 euros). they didn’t have the white chocolate mousse, which is one of the most critical desserts they have, so we couldn’t try it 🙁 We were forced to go back! 😉 Instead we had to settle for the Lemon Pie, which undoubtedly lived up to it.Lemon Pie en SákaleLemon Pie en SákaleLemon Pie


We would recommend Sákale if you would like to enjoy the exquisite mix of Mexican and Japanese food in the center of Madrid. In addition, the atmosphere of the place is quite cool, so it’s the perfect prelude to a few drinks and a jarana night or even an informal afterwork. You can start the party with a few cocktails! 😉 Where can I find Sákale? The restaurant Sákale is located in the street Molino de Viento nº 4. You can also find them on their website and on TripAdvisor. How much does it cost? In Sákale you have a complete menu that perfectly admits to share all the dishes. We went as a couple and paid about 35 euros per person drinking a couple of cocktails each. All the dishes we ordered were to share. Please note that if you book with El Tenedor you get a 30% discount.



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