Seven great destinations for a perfect summer

With the arrival of June, the long-awaited summer holidays are closed. A nearby destination, an exotic paradise, a cultural getaway, a rural retreat… In case you’re still not sure where you’re going to travel to disconnect from routine and renew yourself inside and out, here are seven great destinations for a perfect summer.


The Way of Wales, three unique itineraries in the UK

The Wales Way is the result of the union of three routes that cross the country’s most breathtaking landscapes: the Coastal Way, which runs 290 km along the west coast around Cardigan Bay; the Cambrian Way, which crosses the backbone of Wales between Llandudno and Cardiff, and the North Wales Way, 120 km of route by which it is considered the centre of outdoor activities in the United Kingdom. An example? Zip World where you can jump into the fastest zip line in the world. Sea and mountains, national parks and large green spaces, imposing castles declared World Heritage, museums, coastal villages, Victorian spas, the beautiful island of Anglesey… A varied catalogue of proposals on Welsh soil for nature lovers in which every kilometre counts. More information: Visit Wales.

Isla de Anglesey, Gales. Siete destinos para un verano perfecto

The Loire Valley, after the legacy of Leonardo da Vinci

The Central Loire Valley region – birthplace of the Renaissance in France – is always a good choice for a summer getaway. And all the more so since it is the main venue for the commemorations of the 5th centenary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death. Following in the footsteps of the genius of Tuscany in his later years will lead you to discover some of the most beautiful castles of the so-called Valley of the Kings. Like the castle of Amboise, where his remains rest and which hosts an exhibition on his death, or Clos Lucé, the place chosen by Francis I so that he could dream, think and work surrounded by splendid landscapes. Chenonceau, the majestic Chambord, Blois Castle and the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire, where the International Garden Festival has been held since 1992, are other must-see events on the Loire castles circuit. It would also be a mistake to overlook Chartres and its splendid cathedral, one of the most harmonious in Europe. This jewel of French Gothic, along with some twenty other monuments, features Chartres en Lumières, a nocturnal spectacle of light and sound that is projected throughout the city. More information: Loire Valley and Viva Leonardo da Vinci 2019.

Clos Luce, un verano ideal en el Valle del Loira

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Alto Tatra, a great destination for a perfect summer in Slovakia

This “mythical landscape of twisted peaks and waterfalls where trees paint the ground white and fearsome beasts patrol the forests” is one of the destinations on Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe 2019 list. Experts recommend it because it is Slovakia’s most spectacular national park and because its territory – the highest in the Carpathians – is one of the best places on the continent to see grizzly bears. This almost virginal landscape is also a perfect scenery to practice all kinds of sports. Climb some of its high peaks, sail the Štrbské glacier, enter spectacular caves such as Belianska jaskyňa and, of course, make countless excursions that end in remote mountain refuges. One of the most famous is the Tatranská Magistrala, a 45 km trek that runs at the foot of the highest peaks of the mountain range and is completed in three days. Is it or is it not a great destination for an ideal summer?

Alto Tatra, Eslovaquia. Un gran destino para el mejor de los veranos

Scotland, an unforgettable trip for these holidays

A route through the scenarios in which the popular series Outlander was filmed, to Lake Ness and the fascinating landscapes of the Highlands, the island of Skye, the magic of Lake Katrine, follow the footsteps of characters such as William Wallace or Rob Roy MacGregor, wander around Glasgow, walk on the battlefield where Robert the Bruce gained independence from Scotland, Hadrian’s Wall, the enigmatic Rosslyn Chapel, the charm of coastal towns such as Saint Andrews and, of course, Edinburgh, the centre of all eyes, the pretty girl of Scotland. If you want to make an unforgettable road trip, practice adventure sports, listen to good music and enjoy the hospitality of its people surrounded by nature and art, Scotland is your destination for the summer holidays.

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Saint Andrews, Escocia. Destinos para un verano perfecto

Flanders: a summer of festivals and a painter to discover

Flanders is the perfect destination to enjoy music in summer. More than 280 festivals, the most awaited artists, the most original stages… Everything and for everyone. Some examples? Tomorrowland, the Jazz Festival and Ghent parties, the Paradise City electronic dance, the MAfestival and Cactus Festival of the charming Bruges, the Reggae Geel, the WECANDANCE of Zeebrugge, the Couleur Café de Bruxelles urban festival… Add its popular beer parties, such as the Bier-en Hoppefeesten or the Belgisch Bierweekend, and you will live the holidays of your life. Moreover, if you are interested in art, you should know that this year Flanders commemorates the 450th anniversary of the death of Pieter Bruegel with a series of exhibitions and events that bring us closer to the legacy of this flamenco artist.

Tomorrowland (c) VISITFLANDERS

St. Petersburg, a summer getaway in Russia

On the banks of the Gulf of Finland, in the basin of the Neva River, the least Russian city of all awaits you: Saint Petersburg, the precious whim designed by Peter I in the image and likeness of the most beautiful European capitals. Its drawbridges, the Hermitage Museum, the Church of Spilled Blood, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Nevsky Avenue, Mariinsky Theatre and Catherine’s Palace are just a few of its must-see attractions. But there’s more. And the city is experiencing a fourth revolution with culture as a banner that materializes in new creative spaces such as Port Sevkabel. In addition, travelling in summer has its prize: you will be able to see what its famous white nights are like and the great leisure offer that takes place in this time in which the sun resists disappearing.

INTEREST YOU → If you want to know the most current face of what is one of his day was “Russia’s window to the western world”, I invite you to read the latest article I have published in National Geographic Trips.

Palacio de Catalina, San Petersburgo. Destinos para un verano perfecto

Indonesia, another spectacular scenery for your summer leisure

Speaking of National Geographic Travel, this magazine has also selected its star destinations for this summer. Among them is Indonesia, “the ideal place to reconcile again with nature”. An archipelago formed by more than 17,000 islands that could well star in the letter to the wise men of any traveler, Why? Because it has everything to make your leisure time a great adventure: orangutans in Sumatra, lizards in Komodo, archaeology in Yogyakarta, volcanoes, lakes, ancient temples, rice fields, surfing in Bali, diving in Bunaken, beaches where you would stay to live …

Indonesia. Destinos para un verano perfecto

Now that you know the best destinations for a perfect summer, which one do you stay with?