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Hello Molaviajer@s! How many of you use the Google search engine? And how many give like to Facebook publications? Do you know that the headquarters of these and other companies, usually of a technological nature, is in Silicon Valley? Many people who make a route by the West Coast of the USA, cannot avoid to make an excursion until “The Valley of the Silicon”. We show you where Silicon Valley is and what stops should not be missing on your visit.

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Where’s Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is less than a 40-minute drive from downtown San Francisco to the San Jose area. However, there are two things to keep in mind before starting your geek route through Silicon Valley:

Travel time is extended in peak hours. So much gray matter needs to get to work, usually in cars. The luckiest, in Teslas, by the way. (Look, you’ll see a few!) Before going on a Silicon Valley route, keep in mind that to get from one company to another, you’ll need the car. These are close enough to be visited in one morning, but far enough away not to walk all of them.

Can you really “visit” Silicon Valley?

Before we continue, and to avoid false expectations, we tell you that it will not be as interactive a visit as many of us would like. Most buildings can only be seen from the outside, and only those lucky enough to be accompanied by a worker from these iconic companies will be able to visit them inside. Anyway, and even knowing this, a geek route through Silicon Valley, always cool.

First stop: Facebook Campus

How about you visualize a little hand with a thumb up on a blue background? A poster with this stamp will welcome you to the Facebook campus. This is located in East Palo Alto, more specifically in the area of Menlo Park.

Unfortunately, apart from being able to see the blue bicycles that the employees take to move around the campus, or to step on the street “Hacker way” (curious name in this area, no?) little more can be done around here as a tourist. To this day, there is neither a merchandising shop nor a “visitable” museum open to the public. You know, the best thing in this case is that you have a friend who works in Facebook and makes you a tour inside it.

Let’s all go study: Stanford University

After Facebook, you might be tempted to make a stop at the mythical American university of Stanford. It may sound familiar because here they have studied a good number of Nobles awards, and other personalities. Did you know that Steve Jobs began his career here (although he never finished it)? He is not the only illustrious character to pass through his installations. John F. Kennedy, athletes like Tiger Woods, actors and actresses we’ve all seen in the movies graduated here.

This university has been in existence since 1890 and has been the cradle of the creation of companies as present among us as Google, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Yahoo!, or Cisco.

It’s a huge campus. To visit it, you can do a guided tour or park your car (paying parking meter) and enjoy the atmosphere that lives there. Enter buildings that have free access to the public and visit Rodin’s open-air sculpture museum. Cool!

For merchandising lovers, a stop at the main campus store is a must. We say this because you will see at least two, one is smaller and is more focused on sportswear with the university logo. The other, much larger, has a cafeteria, stationery, specialized books and clothing of all types, sizes and colors, in honor of almost all the specialties studied at Stanford. Come on, if you can’t leave there without a geek souvenir, this is your store. In addition, on the way to this store you will find the typical brotherhood houses “alpha, beta, gamma” that we are accustomed to seeing in American college movies and that are so rare to see in Spain. By the way, it is not a national park but it also has a visitor centre. If you visit it, they’ll give you a map like this.

Silicon Valley Garages

If you don’t want to miss anything of this geek route through Silicon Valley, you might be interested to see from outside the doors of three garages. (What? A garage from outside? For what?) Well yes molaviajeros, to see a garage from the street may not represent anything a priori, but if these are the garages in which companies like Apple, Hewlet Packard or Google began to forge, it’s cool more, isn’t it? If you are a fan of this type of tourism, visit 367 Addison Avenue, 2066 Crist Drive and 232 Santa Margarita Ave. Birthplaces of HP, Apple and Google respectively! There’s little to do here: photos from the barrier and little more. As you can imagine, the inhabitants of these places are not going to invite you for coffee, but your photo is going to be very cool!

Do we Google?

Continuing with the campuses, we go to the next stop on our Silicon Valley route: Mountain View. This is where Google’s campus is located. Your GPS will also recognize it by putting Google Plex. We couldn’t resist going for a ride with one of their bikes! The facilities they have for the workers are really cool and that’s the thing about entering the restaurant and not having to pay anything for what you consume has to be the pear.

If you don’t have a Google plug, you can visit certain facilities. We highlight a couple, which are the souvenir shop and the garden with figures representing the different versions of the operating system that has been getting Android: from the typical green Android to a Donut, a Kit Kat or a giant Oreo … For that go to 1911 Landings Drive and then to the number 1981 to see the store.

Apple Silicon Valley Campus

If your heart is shaped like an apple bitten on the right side, you have to keep advancing on your route a little bit more. Go directly to Cupertino to see the Apple headquarters. If you go to 1, infinite loop, again, you are going to see a lot of white buildings, some of them even let you see some Windows computer from the window (Maybe it will be your department to investigate the competition…?)

Let’s go with the bad news. Again, these facilities can only be seen from the outside. Without a badge, you can’t get through. So the most you can do is visit the store they have on campus, which in addition to the typical, sell notebooks, T-shirts, and other merchandising of the brand that can only be found there. Yes, everything has Apple price, here they do not sell refurbished… t-shirt 40$, notebook 30$… You are warned 😉

If you want to be up to date in the version of your mobile and also in the technological visits, Apple decided a few years ago, a change of building to one as incredibly sustainable, as expensive. Although when we went to visit him, we could not access it, if in the gps you put that of one Apple park, it will take you to him. Seen from the sky it has the shape of a ring, from the street, it is simply a building to which you never see the façade 😉

Geek High Level: Museum of Computer History

The computer museum is located at 1401 N Shoreline Blvd in Mountain View. If you have an exorbitant desire to squeeze your visit to Silicon Valley and you are interested in this topic, we recommend your visit. If you don’t, it might get a little thick. As its name suggests, this visit is a walk through the history of computers, from their beginnings.

Another interesting stop next to the museum is a parking lot. Yes, we used to talk about garages and now about car parks. What’s so special about this car park? Your guests, since it’s a Teslas loading station. You will see several parkings of this type, more if it fits in Silicon Valley, but this one, concretely is located right next to the Museum. What do you want me to say, in California you see a lot of these cars, but the truth is that I am still impressed to see so many together!

So that you have geolocalized all the important points of this route, the best thing is that you see the following map. Choose which points to see or which to leave for another visit.

Well Molaviajer@s, we hope this will give you an idea of what Silicon Valley is, where it is and how to visit it. Our positive conclusion: It’s really cool to see him. Our not-so-positive conclusion: you’re left wanting more because the most you can visit are shops and some museums…

You know, any questions about your trip to the U.S. West Coast or any other destination, you can ask us through the contact form and we’ll give you a hand as soon as possible.

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