New York Travel Sweepstakes

How is it cool to start a post saying: Do you want to participate in the draw for a trip to New York? Well, yeah, here we are again messing it up. Today it’s you who complete our New York video guide!

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What’s included in this New York trip raffle?

Includes flights, hotel, travel insurance for a maximum of 7 days and amusement cards, this for a total value of about 2000 eurazos!

How long will the trip be?

So whatever the winner wants, we put that money cap, so if the winner wants to stick there the whole summer, or stay in the best hotel in Manhattan, with putting the difference, enough! Important to be met within this 2019

What does it take to win this raffle for a trip to New York?

Only two things, they’re next:

Fill in this form

2. Possess a BNext card in your name, obtained through the Molaviajar link and that is active. If you don’t have it yet, you can get it from the next button:

Get the BNext card with 10 euros as a gift

And it wouldn’t hurt if luck were on your side on the day of the draw! On Monday 22 April, in our Instagram, at 20.00 CET

landing sorteo viaje Nueva York

What’s this “BNext” thing?

Well, we explain it better in this post about BNext, the Spanish card for travelling abroad, but I’ll tell you in advance: besides being a card that does not charge you commissions for paying in foreign currency, in that stretch of life between each trip and when you are at home with your normal life, pays you 10% of your expenses in Glovo, Spotify, Netflix, UBER, PlayStation and many others … Not bad, isn’t it?

And if I participate and I don’t win the draw, can I take something?

Yes!!!! This is the best! If you take out the BNext from our link and fill it with 25 eurites, you get 10 more eurazos for the face as soon as you activate it! Cool, isn’t it?

Molaviajeros… Good luck!!!!! And don’t take long to sign up! If there are many of us, there will be surprises! Watch the video below 😉

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