Climb the London Eye, all you need to know

Subir al London Eye

It is recommended to take the ticket online

It appears in almost every picture of a trip to London. It appears on postcards and has become an almost inevitable visit. Climbing the London Eye has to be on your list of things to do in the city.

Every time I saw it from different corners of the city, its immense size never ceased to impress me. The London Eye is one of the largest waterwheels in the world.

The London Eye was originally created as a temporary attraction to celebrate the new Millennium. But this attraction has long outlived its 5 year lifespan, making it one of the UK’s most popular paid attractions.

Before we go into more detail let me tell you that if you want to go up to the London Eye is better to get the entry on the web because otherwise you may have to wait a long time or you may not find availability for the time you are looking for.

From its highest point, you’ll be able to see London in its entirety. Some of the monuments you can easily see are Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge.

How the London Eye works

It has a height of 135 meters above the river Thames. Each 30-minute rotation offers changing 360º views over the entire length and width of London.

The attraction has 32 closed capsules that move at a speed of 0.6 miles per hour.

Each capsule can hold up to 25 people, with enough space to walk around and see all possible landmarks. On the other hand, if you want a little more privacy, you can book a “Cupid Capsule”. This capsule is for two people and includes a bottle of Champagne.

Facts about London Eye

It measures 135 metresIt takes 30 minutes to go around You can see the city in 360ºIt has 32 capsules. 25 people can enter in each capsule. It opens at 10 am and closes at 8:30 pm in summerWinter opening hours are from 11 am to 6 pm.

How to get on the London Eye

Climbing the London Eye can sometimes be a real challenge, especially depending on the season. But here we’ll give you some tips that might help you.

Buy tickets online

When you arrive at the attraction you will find three lines. One is to buy the ticket, another for quick boarding and another for standard boarding.

If you buy tickets online you can skip the queue and save 10%, provided you book 24 hours in advance. But the problem with this option is that you will have to look for tickets the next day yes or yes.

However, you can choose to buy an “Any Time Flexi” ticket, so you can go at any time. This is an excellent idea, as London’s climate can be very unpredictable.

On the other hand, if you want to avoid long queues at all costs, you can buy a Fast Track ticket.

You can buy this ticket at the box office or online (of course with 10% discount if you buy it 24 hours in advance).

Peak hours are from 11 am to 3 pm, so it is recommended to take Fast Track entry.

It’s a little more expensive than the standard ticket, but you’ll be able to get up faster from a dedicated ticket.

Avoid peak hours

In these types of attractions, crowds and queues are almost inevitable. So you have two options to avoid going through this stress. You can choose to avoid peak hours or pay a little more, something you will really appreciate and the difference is not so great.

The London Eye’s peak hours are between 11am and 3pm, something that is most felt on school holidays in the UK.

In fact, the best times to go are between opening and closing times (which may vary from year to year).

It should also be borne in mind that not only in the summer months, but also on weekends and weekends crowds are formed. So it’s normal to expect you to wait up to an hour to climb the attraction.

Subir al London Eye

You can see the whole city from above

Normally during summer time, the attraction opens at 10:00 and closes at 20:30 pm. But you should never be confident, so when you buy your ticket online you should check the timetables.

It should also be noted that every year the London Eye closes for two weeks. This usually occurs in the month of January, with the aim of performing its annual maintenance.

Buy ticket online

Buying tickets online is ideal if you want to get on the London Eye without queuing. Depending on the ticket you buy you can even skip the long line to board the capsule.

Climbing this attraction is a unique experience as you will have a panoramic view of the whole of London from the glass cabins.

Here you can see places such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the River Thames and St Paul’s Cathedral.

On the London Eye website you can find the different types of tickets with their prices. After purchasing your ticket, it will only take you 15 minutes before boarding.

With this option, you can also enter the cinema of the attraction.

At the cinema, you will have a 4D experience for 4 minutes about the history of London. It’s a really shocking experience, with special effects like bubbles, smells and fog, something you can’t miss.

How do I get to the London Eye?

Getting to the attraction is very easy, as Waterloo station is the closest, in fact, only 5 minutes walk away.

Charing Cross and Embankment are also within walking distance, about 10 minutes away.

But you can also get there from Westminster Station. During your walk you will be able to enjoy a short walk near the river if you have some time and you will be able to take pictures.

Subir al London Eye

It’s very easy to get to her.

On this tour you can also see Westminster Abbey, Parliament Houses and Big Ben.

You can also take another direction through South Bank and enjoy its food trucks (Bleecker’s burgers are the best in London). You will also be able to see the skaters and know the used book stalls.

The exact address of the London Eye is Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7PB.

After climbing the attraction, you can return the same way and take a break in the canteen next to the Royal Festival Hall. Here you can enjoy a delicious classic cuisine in a very modern atmosphere, then enjoy the nightlife of London.