N26 card for travel, opinion and experience

If you have been with us for a long time, you will know that we always use the N26 card to travel, and not recently, we started using it more than three years ago when almost nobody knew it.

Now there are practically no travellers left who do not use it or at least have heard of it.

After using it for so many years we can talk about it with knowledge of the facts, we tell you our most sincere opinion of N26, the good things and the things where it fails.

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N26 travel card, reviews


First of all we want to clarify that N26 is a bank, but unlike traditional banks everything is managed online, something super comfortable at least for us, and FREE with no commissions of any kind.

When we apply for the N26 card we have an associated account number that works just like the account we have at any other bank.

To transfer money to our N26 card we would only have to make a transfer from our usual bank to our N26 account number, normally in most banks they are free and are received in about 24 hours.

If we are only going to use the N26 card on the trips, what we do is make a transfer a little higher than what we have planned to spend on the trip, if on the return we have money left over, we make a free transfer in reverse, that is from our N26 account to our usual bank account.

This way, if we needed more money on the N26 card while travelling, we wouldn’t have to wait the 24 hours it usually takes for the transfer.

1. N26 fees and card types:

There are three types of N26 personal debit cards (there are also two types of business cards but we won’t talk about those): N26, N26 You and N26 Metal.

We always talk about the normal N26, which has no commitment or maintenance fees of any kind.

A few years ago we had the N26 You (previously called N26 Black), it has some advantages over the normal, for example withdrawing from the ATM in a currency other than the euro without fees, but it also has a monthly cost and we only had it for a year.

To help you quickly see a comparison of the three types of N26 cards and the fees for each, we have prepared a table.

Comparison of N26 card types and fees

Monthly card cost
Commission for payments in any currency
Fee for withdrawing from the ATM in euros
Free 5 times, then 2
Commission for withdrawing from the ATM in another currency
Travel and purchase insurance
Contract of permanence
12 months
12 months
Choice of card colours
1 color
5 colors
3 colors
Cost of sending the card


2. Advantages of the N26 card

We’re talking about the regular N26 card, the one we use on every trip.

We can withdraw from the ATM throughout the euro zone without any fees (up to 5 times a month), our regular bank, despite being in the euro zone, charges us a rather high fee.
Paying in a currency other than the euro with no fees, this is the main reason why, in our opinion, N26 is one of the best cards to travel with.
Advantages compared to other travel cards: Never fails us, Bnext or Revolut to get some from the ATM works well but at the time of payment we often reject them.
You can pay with chip, magnetic stripe, contactless, and also from your mobile with Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Transfers are free of charge.

3. Disadvantages of the N26 card:

There is a fee for withdrawing from the ATM in a currency other than the euro. It is a small amount 1.7%, much lower than our usual bank. But we prefer to take the Revolut or Bnext to get some from the ATM for free.
Returns. If you buy something and then return it, it takes forever for them to put you in.
Bails. Similar to refunds, if you leave money as a deposit, for example to rent a car in the USA, it takes a long time to unblock it.
At gas station pumps in the US and to buy the Metrocard in New York it is often rejected, but it is not an N26 problem, they reject all foreign cards, keep that in mind.

For these cases, except for the last one which is not an N26 problem, we use other cards.

4. Apply for N26 card to travel abroad:

To apply for the N26 card you must be a resident of the European Union and over 18 years old.

1. Enter the N26 website and choose the card you want, in this case N26.

2. Fill in your personal details.

3. You check your email.

4. You download the N26 App.

5. You verify your identity through a video conference from the App. You’ve asked us a lot about this point because you think it’s strange to have to make a video call from the app, but it’s the only way to verify your identity. After all, you’re opening an account number and you can’t do it in someone else’s name.

NOTE: Sometimes it is not necessary to do the video conference and everything is checked from the App, we have asked this to N26 and their answer is that it is done at random, although we think it may have something to do with our type of mobile.

6. You receive your N26 card at home and activate it from the App.


5. N26 travel card opinion:

After all this time traveling with the N26 card, our opinion is that it is the best travel card we have ever had.

It has some things that could be improved, like the ones we commented above, but in general it is the card that fails us the least when it comes to paying while travelling and without commissions for paying in a currency other than the Euro.

Alongside its main competitors, Revolut and Bnext, it is much more reliable and has never let us down.

You can read more about all the commission-free travel cards we have and take with us on every trip.

Opinion N26, travel cards

6. Card payments abroad, advice:

Take several cards with you, with or without commissions, in case anything happens while you are travelling, we can use others.
Try to always withdraw money from ATMs that are in a bank, if for any reason the ATM swallowed our card we would only have to say so in the bank, after an ATM swallowed our card in China we learned the lesson.
If the POS of a shop outside the euro zone asks us if we want to pay in euros or in the local currency, we always have to indicate the payment in the currency of the country where we are, otherwise the bank of the POS will give us a very bad exchange rate.
Sometimes some ATMs charge fees independently of our card, just for the service of giving us cash. Always try several banks, there are almost always some that don’t charge.
If your card is lost or stolen, quickly enter the App and block it.

So much for our opinion on the N26 travel card!

We hope you find our opinion of N26 helpful, and if you have any questions, just leave us a comment below.

If you want to order it, just go to their website and follow the steps, it’s very quick!

By the way, I didn’t say it but it’s a Mastercard, accepted in many countries.

Did you know the N26 card for travelling without commissions?

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