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In Comiviajeros we have already talked about other cards really recommendable to travel such as Bnext, Revolut or N26, but all of them have in common that they are debit or prepaid cards. That’s why this time we’re going to talk about a credit card that you can use in your travels: The WiZink Gold Card.

And there are many occasions on trips when it may be necessary to have a credit card, for example, when renting a car.

What is WiZink?

WiZink is a Spanish online bank created after the purchase of the electronic part of Banco Popular by an American investment fund. WiZink has different products, including the WiZink Gold credit card, the Savings Account and the WiZink Deposit.

How does the WiZink Gold Card work?

As mentioned above, WiZink is an online bank, and as such has no branches. To contract a WiZink card you must do so from its website.

The hiring is very simple, complete a small form and from WiZink will call you to finish the process (you can also do it via web if you prefer).

You have to bear in mind that it is a credit card, so you will pay for purchases either at the end of the month (without commissions or interest) or with deferred payments (with interest APR 26.82%, or in other words, a burrada).

Tarjeta Oro WiZinkTarjeta Oro WiZinkWiZink Gold Card

What are the advantages of the WiZink Gold Card?

The WiZink Gold Card has multiple advantages, but we will focus on the most important ones for travelers:

Commission-free payment

Paying with the WiZink Gold Card abroad has no commission, even when you pay with foreign currency, so it’s a good card to pay anywhere in the world.

However, always do it with the payment method at the end of the month, because if you postpone the purchases you will be charged very high interest.

Travel insurance included

The WiZink Gold Card has travel insurance that covers, among other things, the following:

Up to 300,000 euros per accident, provided that the vehicle in which it happens has been paid with the card, up to 45,000 for medical expenses, up to 300 euros for baggage delay or up to 600 euros for loss, up to 600 euros for transport delay. Specifically, 100 euros for every 4 hours delay in returning invoices (that is, if you don’t spend anything in that time, they won’t give you anything), up to 100 euros for loss of documentation or keys, up to 600 euros for theft at a cashpoint machine, up to 1,000 euros for theft or breakage of purchases made with the card.

Of course, from Comiviajeros we strongly recommend that you read carefully the terms and conditions of this insurance if it is one of the reasons why you are interested in the WiZink Gold Card.

It’s a credit card.

The fact that it is a credit card, unlike others such as Revolut, Bnext or N26, has a great advantage when travelling and is that you will be able to use it to make deposits. This means that you can use the WiZink Gold Card to rent a car or for hotels that require a deposit when you check in.

And although we repeat, always remember to have it in the form of payment at the end of the month so that you do not charge any commission.

No opening or maintenance costs

The WiZink Gold Card does not have any opening or maintenance costs, although, bear in mind that if you activate the payment of your purchases in instalments, there is an activation cost of 15 euros.

Tarjeta Oro WiZinkTarjeta Oro WiZinkWiZink Gold Card

What are the disadvantages of the WiZink Gold Card?

Of course not everything are advantages with the WiZink card, as all also have their negative points. From Comiviajeros we recommend that you take them into account before hiring her.

Commission at ATMs

Unlike other cards such as Bnext, the WiZink Gold card does charge fees at ATMs, as it is a credit card.

The commission charged by WiZink is 4.5% of the money withdrawn, with a minimum of 4 euros. So if you take 20 euros for example, you will be charged 4 euros commission, and if you take 200 euros you will be charged a commission of 9 euros.

Very high interest on deferred payments

If for any reason you have to postpone a purchase made with the WiZink Gold Card you will be charged interest APR 26.82%, much more than in usual banks. The recommendation is that you do not use this card for this purpose.

How to apply for the WiZink Gold Card?

As we mentioned at the beginning, applying for the WiZink Gold Card is simple, all you have to do is access their website and fill in a small form with your personal details. Once you have filled in these details, you will be able to follow the process both by telephone and on the web.

Tarjeta Oro WiZinkTarjeta Oro WiZinkWiZink Gold Card

Once the process is finished, WiZink will check whether your card is approved or not. If approved, you will receive it at your home in about 4 days.

Together with the card you will be shown how to activate it, which is very simple.


We hope that all this information about the WiZink Gold Card and its usefulness for travel you have liked, and if you have already used any of these cards or know any other that we have left in the inkwell, we would love to tell us your experience with them.

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