Lisboa Card tourist card, is it really worth it?

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Are you thinking of travelling to Lisbon and have heard of the Lisboa Card but don’t know if it’s worth buying? Is the Lisboa Card really worth it?

Well, in this post we examine the Lisboa Card so that you can see for yourself whether or not it is worth buying. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about it: how much it costs, where to buy it, how it works, what activities it includes, the most important discounts it offers, etc.


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What is the Lisboa Card and what does it include?

The Lisboa Card is the typical tourist card offered by most big cities and includes, among other things, unlimited public transport, tickets to some of the most important tourist attractions in the city and a lot of discounts on both activities and tickets to most points of interest.

Qué ver en Lisboa: Lisboa Card, ¿merece la pena?Qué ver en Lisboa: Lisboa Card, ¿merece la pena?Lisboa Card, is it worth it?

To give you an idea, we are going to list the most important tickets included in the Lisboa Card, classified according to whether they are free or only include a discount.

The most important FREE tickets included in the Lisboa Card

Unlimited public transport (metros, buses, trains, trams and lifts free of charge) during the validity of the card (24, 48 or 72 hours). Please note that with the Lisboa Card you can travel free of charge by train to Sintra and Cascais. The Fertagus train, which crosses the 25 de Abril Bridge to SetĂșbal, is also included.
Belem Tower.
Monastery of the JerĂłnimos.
National Tile Museum.
Elevator of Santa Justa.
Pillar 7 Bridge Experience.
Lisbon Story Centre.
National Pantheon.
National Palace of Ajuda.
Viewpoint of Arco da Rua Augusta.
A lot of other museums (seriously, a lot): Museo del Traje, MAAT, Museo do Chiado, Museo Nacional de EtnologĂ­a, Museo Nacional de Teatro y Danza, and a very long etcetera…
QuĂ© ver en Lisboa: elevador da Gloria - dĂłnde dormir en lisboa - lisboa cardQuĂ© ver en Lisboa: elevador da Gloria - dĂłnde dormir en lisboa - lisboa cardIs the Lisboa Card worth it? In our opinion… YES!

In this link you can see ALL that is included in the Lisboa Card. The card also includes a guide with information on opening hours, detailed maps, suggestions and how to get to all the attractions included in the card.

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Discounted tickets at the Lisboa Card

25% discount on the Aerobus, the bus that goes from the airport to the city centre.
20% discount at the Museu ArqueolĂłgico do Carmo.
40% discount on the visit to the José Alvalade Stadium of Sporting de Lisboa
30% discount at the Museu do Carris
25% discount on City Sightseeing Portugal tour buses
20% discount on the PadrĂŁo dos Descobrimentos
20% discount at Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra.
15% discount on the visit to the Benfica stadium.
20% discount at the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum
10% discount at the Parque das NaçÔes Cable Car.

Please note when planning your Lisbon Card itinerary that most museums and points of interest in the city are closed on Mondays.

QuĂ© ver en Lisboa: convento do Carmo - imprescindibles en Lisboa - lisboa cardQuĂ© ver en Lisboa: convento do Carmo - imprescindibles en Lisboa - lisboa cardIs the Lisboa Card worth it? In our opinion… YES!

How much is the Lisboa Card worth?

The price of the Lisboa Card depends on how long you want to use it during your stay in the city.

The cheapest one is the 24-hour one and it costs 20 euros. And the most expensive one, which is the 72-hour (or 3-day) one, costs 42 euros. Depending on which one you choose, you will pay more or less. Obvious, isn’t it?

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How does the Lisbon tourist card work?

After buying the Lisboa Card you will have to go and redeem the voucher that you will get at any of the Ask Me tourist stands in the city. You can do this at the airport itself as you arrive to start benefiting from free unlimited transport. There is also an office in the central Plaza del Comercio and in Plaza Rossio.

The card is activated with the first use and its validity starts from that very moment. In other words, if you have bought the 24-hour card and activate it today at 6:45 pm, you will be able to use it until tomorrow at 6:45 pm.

QuĂ© ver en Lisboa: iglesia de Graça - lisboa cardQuĂ© ver en Lisboa: iglesia de Graça - lisboa cardIs the Lisboa Card worth it? In our opinion… YES!

Please note that the card is personal and non-transferable and that attractions can only be visited once.

Is the Lisboa Card worth buying?

If you ask us if it’s worth it, as always the answer depends on your plans to visit the city, but for example, if you take the Lisbon Card to do the itinerary of the second day that we proposed in our guide to Lisbon, you will save at least 2.40 euros (only using it for unlimited transport + Belem Tower + JerĂłnimos Monastery).

If you also want to spend one of the days you spend in the city visiting Sintra, the train ride will be included and you will also have discounts on tickets to the points of interest once you are there.

QuĂ© ver en Lisboa: mirador de Santa Luzia - lisboa cardQuĂ© ver en Lisboa: mirador de Santa Luzia - lisboa cardIs the Lisboa Card worth it? In our opinion… YES!

In our opinion, for the price it is worth it if you are going to spend several days in the city and you want to squeeze the most out of it. But as we always say, the best thing to do is calculate and see if it pays off for you: think about the places you want to visit, calculate what it costs to visit them with and without Lisboa Card… and decide!

In addition, it is important that you bear in mind that sometimes thanks to this type of card we launch ourselves into activities or places we would not otherwise go to. And that’s always cool.

Where to buy the Lisboa Card?

If you buy the Lisboa Card from here you have the option of not only booking it in advance but also picking it up directly from the airport office as soon as you arrive, so that you can have it in your hands as soon as you arrive.


You can also buy it at the airport once you land in the city (there is a tourist stand right there) or at one of the tourist information booths that are located throughout the city.

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