Los Angeles Tourist Cards: Comparison and Details

Hello Molaviajeros! Today we’re here to analyze Los Angeles tourist cards. You already know that one of our favorite plans, wherever we go, is to amortize these tourist cards, right? Well, we weren’t going to make an exception for L.A.! Are you interested in the subject?

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Types of tourist cards in Los Angeles

As in cities such as New York or London, Los Angeles also has several tourist cards available to visitors.

The advantage of this type of card is that it allows you to visit the main attractions offered by the city, without having to pay in full for your tickets. In other words, it’s like buying tickets for activities in advance and at a discount.

As in other cities, there are two types of tourist cards in Los Angeles:

Type 1: all-inclusive cards. In this type of card, you choose the number of days you want your pass to last. You pay a fixed amount for those days and during them, gives you the right to perform all the activities you want of those that are included in their catalog.

Type 2: “I only pay for the attractions I want to visit” cards. In this case, you choose which attractions you want to see and pay for them only.


All-inclusive” cards

There’s only one card in Los Angeles that offers an all-inclusive as of today. And this one’s called Go Los Angeles Card.

Go Los Angeles Card:

This was the one we used our last time in Los Angeles. As we have done in other cities, we wanted to do a scavenger hunt through the city, but this time with little ones. Here we leave you a route suitable for the whole family. You can see it in the video below:

Our route that day and its main locations were as follows:

Natural History Museum: Admission to the museum costs $14 on its website, without the card. It’s a free entrance.

Imax Cinema: Admission without a card costs $9. As you can see in the video, we arrived on time at the site but we ran out of tickets because there were many schools that had booked in advance. Our recommendation is that if you want to see the film, at least during school hours, you should take out the ticket first of all. If we’d gotten there at 9:00 to book it, we wouldn’t have had a problem.

OUE Skyspace: We told you about this tower in our post about Downtown Los Angeles. It’s the highest observatory in Los Angeles, and entering without a card costs $25 per adult. If you go by car, you have a visitor parking lot on this street. And the tower’s own website also recommends this other, although it is farther from the entrance.

The transparent slide you see in the video, not included with the Go LA Card, costs $8 per person and is paid for with the card right there.

Hollywood Wax Museum: Admission is $20 per adult, but is included with the pass. In addition to this museum, if we had gone without children, we might have had time to visit the Chinese theater, which costs $18.

If we had gone without our car, we would have used all day the tourist bus that we like so much. It costs $50 streetfoot and $40 online on your website. Although at the time we enjoyed it, they didn’t include anything more than the red line, today they include the Hollywood line and the beach line, so it’s great to do all the visits of the day, ending up on the beach, like us.

Santa Monica Pacific Park: An amusement park overlooking the Pacific, what more could you ask for? Having the card saved us the almost $35 that cost the adult entrance.

Conclusion to our route with the tourist card in Los Angeles Go Card:

Our card cost $92 for an adult and $72 for a child. Had we not carried out our plan completely, we would have spent $161 per adult… So yes! It was worth it!

The star dish of the all-inclusive Go Los Angeles card.

If you are going to visit Los Angeles for 3 or more days, and you buy the Go Los Angeles Card for 3 or more days, this tourist card includes the Universal Studios ticket. You know it’s one of the most visited amusement parks in Los Angeles. We leave you information about the park in this post about Universal Studios Los Angeles

Universal’s ticket is worth more than $100, so if you fit the 3-day card, it’s a hit!

More attractions included in the Go Los Angeles Card all inclusive

In addition to the attractions that we saw during our route through Los Angeles, with this tourist card can also be visited:

-Amusement parks such as Knott’s Berry Farm or Legoland

-Guided visit to Warner Bros studio and Sony Pictures studio

-Tour of famous people’s homes in Hollywood and also in Malibu

-Cruises for whale watching…

And so on up to more than 35 activities.

Where to buy the Go La Card?

There are two portals that we usually look at to see prices. One of them accepts payment in euros and the other only in dollars. Our advice is to compare the two. If you opt for payment in dollars, bear in mind that the purchase in non-euro currency is usually subject to bank charges with the cards we usually use. As this is a nuisance, we advise you to use the cards we use to go on a trip and not to charge us a commission. You can make the purchase of the GO La Card and by the way you already have them for when you are there.


The pages that we usually look at, we leave them to you next:

“I only pay for what I want to visit” cards.

If by time, budget or desire, you go beyond the “All Inclusive”, there are also tourist cards in Los Angeles that allow you to save a little, visiting what you like best. In this case, there are two cards that do that today

Go Los Angeles card “design your pass”.

You’ll also see it as “Build your Own Pass”.

In this case, there are more than 40 attractions to choose from. Simply, from their website, you select which of them you want to visit. You add them to your shopping cart and the total price is calculated automatically.


For there to be some savings, keep in mind that you have to add two or more attractions to the card, ok?

You can see all the attractions included in their website but we warned you that there is a lot in common with the card “all included”, including Universal Studios. Cool!

Sightseeing Pass Los Angeles

This card is well known to all who visit New York. In the big block, it has its big sister, Sightseeing Pass New York, Solo that there offers two modalities, the all-inclusive and the flex pass, in which you pay for attractions and not for days of use of the card. In the case of Los Angeles, this tourist card only has the flex mode.

The passes that can be bought on the web are 3, 4, 5 or 6 attractions. But unlike the GO La Card “design your own pass”, in this it is not necessary to say in advance what activities you want to do. You just have to decide how many.


Just as in New York we have used this card a lot, in Los Angeles we didn’t get to use it, but making a brief analysis of its attractions, our summary is:

If you like bus tours, such as the tourist bus, or excursions in general, this card has a lot. You lack the amusement parks, you only have transportation to them, which may be great, but then you have to pay the entrance fee to the parks. It does have museums like the wax museum, the dolby theater or the Chinese theater. Also included is the OUE skyspace.

Which Los Angeles tourist card is right for me?

With all that we have told you before, you already have material to throw a thought to which is the tourist card of Los Angeles that suits you best. but ultimately, it depends, friends molaviajeros. On what? Several things:

-How many days will you be in Los Angeles?

-What attractions do you want to visit there?

-What is your budget?

Once you have clear answers to these questions, I’m sure the post will help you decide.

And if you have any questions, you know, write us through the contact form and we’ll give you a hand as soon as possible.

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