Third day in Edinburgh

Qué ver en Edimburgo en 3 días

You see it from all sides

So you’re staying one more day in Edinburgh? I think it’s fantastic news because there are some things that gave me a lot, a lot!! sorry to leave me out when I wrote the post for the First Day in Edinburgh and the Second Day in Edinburgh. I’m glad you can spend one more day discovering the beautiful capital of Scotland!

In this post I suggest some things that although they are not essential will make you have a deeper knowledge of Edinburgh and Scotland.

If you listen to me and visit what I explain below, you’ll become an expert in Edinburgh and start wondering if you should buy a kilt at one of the Royal Mile stores… or better yet, a kilt and a bagpipe!

Start the day by visiting Rosslyn Chapel

We start the third day taking bus number 37, which departs from Princes St, to go to a small village about 45 minutes from Edinburgh, called Rosslyn.

Fortunately, the city bus arrives without any problems, so you don’t have to worry about getting any extra tickets or anything.

In Rosslyn there is a very special chapel, the Rosslyn Chapel; one of the most important architectural beauties of Scotland and also a mystery. This chapel hides many Masonic secrets, to the point that it is suspected that the Holy Grail is buried here.

Qué ver en Edimburgo en 3 días

A mysterious place

It is a visit that I love so much that I wrote a series of monographic posts, in the purest mysterious and gloomy style of Iker Jiménez, investigating the “anomalies” that have happened in that place. You can see all the posts here and I recommend that you read them thoroughly before you go, to be sure that this visit is interesting for you and your fellow travellers.

Rosslyn Chapel was also featured in The Da Vinci Code (yes, Tom Hanks) but it is one of the few monuments in the world where reality surpasses fiction. Visiting it will probably take all morning, my recommendation is that you return to Edinburgh for lunch.

In the afternoon, North Berwick

For the afternoon, my recommendation is that you approach Waverley Station and buy a train ticket to North Berwick.

This is a beautiful fishing village about 35 minutes by train from Edinburgh and is well worth it, especially if it doesn’t rain.

Qué ver en Edimburgo en 3 días

A small fishing village very close to Edinburgh

In my opinion, devoting half a day to it is more than enough, but it is possible that after finding out more about this small town, you might want to spend a whole day taking it more relaxed.

A dinner overlooking the castle and a little bit of fear

And a bonus track of an interesting place to dine, especially if you’ve already explored some of the options we left on the First Day in Edinburgh is the Thai restaurant Chaopraya.

If you book in advance you can order a table overlooking the castle. The price of this restaurant is medium and the food is Thai and deliciously spicy.

For those who still have energy and want to do something once back in Edinburgh, we recommend one of the many “scary tours” offered by various companies in Edinburgh, where they will tell you the darkest side of the city!

Qué ver en Edimburgo en 3 días

The scary tours are very famous and very good.