Thieu Tri, the modest imperial tomb surrounded by nature

The Thieu Tri tomb is located in the village of Chu Chanh by the river, in the commune of Thuy Bang, and is about 8 kilometers from Hué, and has the particularity that it is the only one of the royal tombs that is not walled and is surrounded by nature.

Thieu Tri’s grave

A little bit of history

Born in 1807, Emperor Thieu Tri did not expect his death at the early age of 40, after only 7 years on the throne. This is why he did not build his tomb during his lifetime (something we have already told you was common), but it is said that in his last breath he advised his son how to do so.

Shortly after coming to the throne, Tu Duc (Thieu Tri’s son) ordered the construction of his father’s tomb according to his taste in art and did so in only ten months. His father had told her that he wanted a simple and humble construction, as had been his reign.

La tumba de Thieu TriThieu Tri’s grave


The tomb of Thieu Tri is divided into two parts, only 100 m from each other: the tomb area and the temple area. In this area, most of the monuments are similar to those of Minh Mang’s tomb but without a wall around it. However, the surrounding mountains act as an improvised wall, perhaps even the king would have thought of it.

The monuments at Thieu Tri’s tomb are in close relationship with the natural environment and the water of the lakes is conducted through a network of underground tunnels.

Lagos en la tumbaLakes in the graveLagos en la tumbaLakes in the graveOtro de los lagosAnother of the lakesSituado en una zona verdeLocated in a green area

The bronze door leads to the great Binh Dai where two rows of stone statues on the left and right escort the place. These statues are typical of the sculptural art of the first half of the 19th century in the area. You can see the Bi Dinh Tower and Duc Hinh on a hill in the shape of a tortoise shell. There are three bridges: Chanh Trung, Dong Hoa and Tay Dinh that lead to Buu Thanh.

Figuras de animalesAnimal FiguresC

The temple area is about 100 meters from the Duc Hinh tower. When passing through the Bieu Duc Temple, visitors can access the Hong Trach Gate. In the middle of the Bieu Duc Temple there are tables of the King and Queen, which are worshipped by the locals.

No suele haber aglomeracionesThere are usually no crowds

The tomb of Thieu Tri has a unique architecture and a beautiful landscape. Moreover, in front of the tomb, green trees and rice fields surrounded the tomb that runs from the Huong River to Lim Bridge. It was recognized as a World Heritage Site in 1993.

Paseando por el recintoWalking around the premisesAnímate a visitar la tumbaDare to visit the grave

Practical information

Opening hours: Hours: 7 / 11.30 and 13.30 / 17.30 Entrance fee: 40,000 VNDDo not worry about what time you visit as there are no crowds of people To go you need a car, motorbike or bike. You will need a taxi or a boat, which will drop you off at the Ben Tanh pier, about 2 km away.