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Hello molaviajeros friends!!!! You know we’re not any athletes, but we always run after our dreams and sometimes even catch up with them. Today we are very happy to present our new project. Finally the Molaviajar Shop is here!

You’ve been telling us for a long time that we’ll see when we’re ready to release a product for sale, and the time has come. Molaviajar’s shop is here.

What products are you going to be able to find in the Molaviajar Shop?

Well, at first a little. At the moment we begin with two: a book from the west coast of the USA that serves as a guide to visit the area and a t-shirt with our favorite hastag, the one from #Somos molaviajeros.

tienda molaviajar productosMolaviajar Shop

On the book of the west coast, we have tried to transmit to you, through these pages, how was our last adventure in this part of the world. Here we will tell you, in addition to our travel experience, the tricks and secrets we would have liked to know before preparing our trip there. We have added a lot of exclusive maps, designed by us, of all the important points of each area to visit. To finish it off, all the chapters are complemented with a series of QR codes that, when scanned, take you to multimedia content: some to channel videos, others to blog posts. And the main course: others take you to exclusive content that only those with the book will be able to see. We hope you enjoy reading it and that if you are going to the west coast of the USA, it will help you to prepare it.

libro costa Oeste EEUU Molaviajarbook West Coast USA Molaviajar

The other great project of the store is the molaviajera t-shirt! We are very excited that you take us on a trip with you! Maybe we’re freaking out a little bit but… Please send us your photos with it on! And if in your travels you meet another Molaviajero who takes it, with more reason, we want a photo for our particular “Molaviajero Walk of Fame”.

camiseta molaviajarmolaviajar t-shirt

Will there be more products in the Molaviajar store?

We would like very much, little by little, to be adding more products that you want to have. What’s more, some of us already have it in mind, although it will still take a little while, but what do you think if you leave us in comments what products you would like to see in the Molaviajar Shop? We promise to give them a spin!

The most important project of Molaviajar

A hug to all and thank you very much for trusting us, also for this. Without you, none of this would be possible.

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