Transportation in Istanbul: how to get around freely and on tour

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In this post I tell you all about transportation and how to get around in Istanbul. All based on my 30 days trip installed in this city in which I moved in all kinds of media, trying to tell you all the options, my advice and the best possible alternatives. By transport options I mean both free and organized tours if you don’t encourage this city on your own (which I tell you is safe and has a very functional, modern and organized public transport system).

El ferry es uno de los modos de transporte para moverse en EstambulEl ferry es uno de los modos de transporte para moverse en EstambulThe ferry, one of the ways to get around in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city where you have to move around a lot, and where there is a lot to see (as I tell you in this list of 60 sites that I recommend to see in Istanbul). And just as you can walk a lot without using transport, there will be a time when there will be nothing left but to use it to move around. But don’t worry that it’s very easy to use because it’s a city that’s well organized in terms of transportation, and because there are always visual references to guide you.

Let’s go point point starting with the first thing we need to know: how to start from the airport.


How to get from the airport to the city of Istanbul.

This I tell you in the post with the preparations for organizing a trip to Istanbul.

Opiones to move by tour.

There are tour options that I recommend especially if you are overwhelmed by the idea of not going for free the city. I encourage you to be redundant, because it is a friendly city, with friendly people willing to help, and with a very easy and simple transport system, especially if you move on line T1 (the tram that I explain below). I mention some options of organized tour:

Istanbul complete in 2 days. This is the exact name of the tour as it is offered for sale. From the link you can book in addition to see more info and all the details. Now, I am forced to say that Istanbul in full in two days’ is something of an impossibility, especially if you read my post with 60 proposals that I link to you from the second paragraph. This tour is ideal for those who travel a few days to Istanbul because it will make it much easier to move and optimize the time to make the most of it. It is a tour that includes the pick up at the hotel, transportation and the guide in Spanish covering many of the main attractions.

Guided tour of Istanbul (essential). This visit is for seven hours with a guide in Spanish.

The tourist bus.

This is the classic tourist bus with stops in the main points that it is possible to see in so many cities of the world. Can be contracted for 24, 48 or 72 hours