A route by car from Barcelona to Besalú (through charming villages)

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This route from Barcelona to Besalú is ideal to do by car. This is an itinerary through charming towns and cities until you reach one of the most beautiful medieval villages you could ever see. A route that can give you as an end this view as well as the satisfaction of enjoying landscapes and special places throughout the tour:

The way is the turn to cross Vall d’en Bas, the municipality with several scattered villages that are small but beautiful and with a lot of history. For example, on the way to Santa Pau (next point) I make a stop and walk in El Mallol, another small but charming village with views of the valley.

8. Santa Pau (La Fageda d’en Jordà)

At this point of the route, it is almost impossible to decide which of the villages visited is the most beautiful. And you don’t even have to. They all have their singularities and charm. Santa Pau is a medieval village preserved in an amazing way. And it’s really beautiful to walk, and take a break (and lunch) in some of its restaurants.

All the detail of this town, photos and activities you can see in the

9. Besalú

Towards the afternoon, and in less than an hour we will arrive from Santa Pau to Besalú. There can be no better ending to this four-day route. Besalú, also in the comara of La Garrotxa, is a village that astonishes by the harmony of its medieval monumental ensemble. It is a small trip back in time where you can easily imagine the life and appearance of medieval villages.

Above all, to understand its history by visiting the attractions that it detailed in the

Here we arrive with the detail and summary in this guide of the route, with the itinerary, times between Barcelona and Besalú. Therefore, I recommend that you go deeper into each point of the road in the links that I leave you detailed. There are a lot of photos illustrating the places, suggestions of activities and proposals.

Overview of the trip. I keep my trip to Besalú in the memory associated with the beauty and diversity that can be explored beyond Barcelona, a plan to fall in love with the interior of Catalonia, its people, its gastronomy. And above all, catch us in its corners and small towns. And bearing in mind that even in Besalú, we are not talking about an end, but about a new starting point. There are more towns to see in the province of Girona, the Costa Brava, continue through the Pyrenees, or return through Lleida. Even though I have traveled on routes, I always have the feeling that each trip triggers more trips. And that this region is very much like an inexhaustible source of surprises.

(*) The route from Barcelona to Besalú was laid out as part of a trip through charming villages organised by the Catalan Tourist Board / All the images belong to Matías Callone and are under a Creative Commons licence.

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