A route through 12 wonders on the Mediterranean coast in Catalonia

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With this proposed route you will explore the entire coast of Catalonia by visiting 12 points that I consider essential destinations (although it is worth clarifying, this list is highly subjective and can be expanded and multiplied, I believe that each of these points stand out in terms of natural beauty, charm, or even history always on the Mediterranean coast).

Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes, part of the route

Distance and advice

if we did the full run it would be 460 total kilometers. (about seven hours of continuous driving). It is worth mentioning that there is no coastal route that is always close to the coast, but there are stretches of route that go somewhat further inland, or avoiding coastal urban areas, or even abrupt landscapes as in stretches of the Costa Brava. Similarly, the estimated time of seven hours is due both to the great distance and to the fact that they are almost always either secondary routes of more limited speed, or sections that may be in mountainous areas such as the environment of Cap de Creus (relatively easy but requiring lower speeds).

The map of the route along the coast of Catalonia

Reasons to visit each point of the route.

Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes

What better than to start (or finish depending on the direction of the route we use) this itinerary in a jewel of Romanesque architecture in Catalonia. It looks like a castle, but it is a monastery, a pilgrimage centre and a building with a thousand years of history located in an imposing landscape from which you can see the sea.

You can

Cap De Creus

This cape is the easternmost point of the Iberian Peninsula, a tongue of land and rocks that penetrates the Mediterranean Sea.

Ruins of Empuries

This point on the Costa Brava, more than a must is an archaeological treasure. It was

Sea Cough

City famous for its old fortified part surrounded by the typical landscape of the Costa Brava. At this point I would like to recommend you not only to visit

(*) All images belong to Matías Callone

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