A route through 7 white villages just a stone’s throw from the Costa del Sol

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This proposed route will take you through 7 villages with old white towns that are all within walking distance of the Costa del Sol. First clarification, this is not the thematic route known as “of the white villages” (this route can be found in detail in this post). In this case the selection of villages are all very close to the beach, while on the link route, they are all more inland villages.

Image Matías Callone

This means that it is an ideal route to alternate beach and villages with charm and history without ever being too far from the sea.

For whom this route idea is ideal: special for those who don’t want to do many kilometres if they are based in one of the cities of the Costa del Sol (by the way, you can see the guide to organize a trip to the Costa del Sol based on my experience and advice). This route proposes to visit villages that are always a few kilometres from the beach, generally on the mountain slopes that look directly at the sea on the Costa del Sol.

How easy is it to travel this route?…it is very easy in terms of logistics, on the Costa del Sol there is a coastal route (motorway) that runs parallel to the beach, and another motorway that runs parallel to the coast a few kilometres further inland. The distances between town and village are not great, and it is very easy to get from one to another with a little attention to the indications, or better, with the help of a GPS.

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What is the distance to travel between these seven villages? The two extreme villages on the route are Frigiliana to the east and Casares to the west. The total distance is 230 kilometers, and the time in continuous driving is 4 hours, especially slowed by the detours to enter the villages by mountain roads (they are for driving slow, but not difficult, nor cornice roads).

The route from village to village is as follows:

(Si empezamos por el oeste) 1. Casares > 2. Benahavís > 3. Ojén > 4. Mijas Pueblo > 5. Comares > 6. Torrox > 7. Frigiliana

And in detail, this is the map to make the tour:

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By the way, if you want to see details and photos in my post of some of these villages: Mijas Pueblo is one of the most beautiful on the Costa del Sol, although famous for its donkeys as a means of transport, I prefer to highlight it for the charm of its whitewashed streets (one of the streets of Mijas village is one of the most photographed in Spain). In beauty, on a par with Mijas villages you could well be Frigiliana, with its well-preserved Mudejar style old town, or Casares. Among those suggested, Ojén (near Marbella) is a quieter town or somewhat less invaded by tourists than the previous ones. Other suggested, besides beautiful, have some curious facts: Torrox for example, is the town with the best climate and average temperature of the Costa del Sol.

In short, this route will take you through some of the most charming and authentic spots on the Costa del Sol, well-preserved villages ideal to visit at any time of year, or in the hot season, at sunset, not to miss the incredible sunsets from the top of the mountains.

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