Travelling to New Zealand in a caravan: we answer the MOST frequently asked questions

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Ayyy Comiviajero/a! We can’t wait to start with New Zealand’s super guide. But before we started, we wanted to answer a few questions related to traveling to New Zealand that you asked us through Instagram while we were traveling the country in camper.

Because as in all big trips, we always commit ourselves to record this kind of videos during the trip, and even to upload them, but it’s true that this time we haven’t had the time or Internet to do it on the fly.

But here we are! Here we answer the most frequent questions related to traveling to New Zealand.

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These are the most frequent questions about travelling to New Zealand

Is it very expensive to travel to New Zealand and travel in a van, eat, tickets…?

Well, we can’t lie to you, it’s not cheap. In fact, this is the most expensive trip we’ve ever made. Still, we think travelling to New Zealand is infinitely worthwhile.

What’s Hobbiton like? Recommended?

Hobbiton is really impressive. We thought it would be a bit of a circus and something artificial, but nothing could be further from the truth. Really, it’s like getting into the movies and all the details are mega cared for… Even smoke from the chimneys! The best recommendation we can give you is to take the tour first thing in the morning so you can enjoy it with a little less people.

How do you get internet on your mobile in New Zealand?

As always in the last few trips, we carried Holafly SIM cards from Spain. And we couldn’t have done better. We are going to write a super detailed post on how to have internet in New Zealand, but until then, if you want, you can enjoy a 5% discount on Holafly’s SIMs for reading Comiviajeros.

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Do you drive on the left?

Yes, you drive on the left and believe us, with the camper, it’s been quite a challenge. In his day we wrote a post with tips when driving on the left, but calm, because we will publish a specific one on driving in New Zealand 😉

Did you take the drone when you traveled to New Zealand?

Yes, whenever we can we like to take Coco to have another point of view of the places we visit, but it is true that in New Zealand in most important places it is forbidden to fly it. So we’ve recorded things with him, but much less than we would have liked, really.

Is it cheaper to do the route by caravan than by car and accommodation? Or did you do it because you felt like it?

To tell you the truth, when we considered traveling to New Zealand at no time we thought about the option of car + accommodation because we had super clear that this was a trip to do in camper/caravan. And it is true, that there is a false belief that doing it in a caravan is cheaper, but the reality is not so. Because it’s true that traveling in a camper helps you save on some budget items, but the cost per night of the caravan or gasoline is quite high.

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