Traveling around Brazil

Travelling alone in Brazil Can you?

Travelling alone in Brazil

Are you crazy? What are you thinking? It’s very dangerous!

All that followed by a string of stories of friends of cousins of neighbors, which sometimes, I think, bordered on urban legend. And that they even chased me as soon as I reached my destination by the hand, nothing more and nothing less, than a Spaniard travelling around! No, nothing had happened to him! But nevertheless, he seems to rejoice telling stories not to sleep of robberies, deaths, rapes and an endless number of misfortunes that had not happened to him, and that he had not even seen, but that had been told to him by the friend, by the friend, by the neighbor of the cousin of the friend of the husband’s husband of the co-worker, who was once in Brazil. And it is already known that what they tell you, or what you get on TV, is sacred, real and not questioned… *Ironía Modo ON

Escadaría Selarón. Viajar sola por Brasil Un Sueño Viajero

Things happen in Brazil, they happen, of course they happen! They pass in Brazil and pass in the rest of the world, in Brazil in one way, and in the rest of the world in another.

That the rates of delinquency, homicides, robberies with violence, robberies, in Brazil are high, very high, because they will be, I do not say no!

Call me reckless, but after my experience, I don’t buy!

And when I speak of my experience, I speak of having traveled alone and to adventure to some of the most “dull” countries (they say, I don’t say) for a single woman and even for a man! Countries where the famous “statistics” of “very bad things that TV tells you about” are also high. Countries Honduras, El SalvadorGuatemala, Mexico, Morocco, Colombia, South Africa y all countries of the Southern Cone of Africafollowed by a long etcetera. Countries where I have travelled alone, on my own, for adventure and without any problem!

Understand that I don’t pay much attention to the statistics and what they say on TV. You would love to see the laughter attacks that I get when people look at me with a frightened face at my travel plans, the future and the past.

Brazil was the country where I received the most warnings of all kinds. And the Brazilians are the ones who warned me the most about everything that can and does happen in their country, especially in big cities like Rio de Janeiro, where I, of course, decided to spend many of my days.

Favela Santa Marta. Viajar Sola por Brasil.

Favela Santa Marta

But what happened to me?

Not a thing.

There’s nothing wrong.

Repeat: N-A-D-A.

What happened to me was that I fell in love with the country, and even promised myself, one day soon, to live a season in Rio de Janeiro, a vibrant and magical city where there are!

Did I feel fear?

Not a bit of anything! Never, on any occasion, and this after all the warnings received surprised me!

The truth is, I didn’t feel insecure about any of my days there. Do I live in the Yuppie worlds? It’s possible! But the objective reality is that, I repeat: I did not pass N-A-DA.

Shall I tell you something?

I also hitchhiked. Some days with someone else and some days by myself. And I got into a car with strangers. And I slept in the house of people (also men) who didn’t know anything through Couchsurfing and also through friends of friends, and even last minute invitations through my networks.


All fantastic experiences!

Copacabana. Viajar Sola por Brasil.


So you know what…?

– That nothing is such a big deal.

– That a woman can travel through Brazil and wherever she wants without anything bad happening to her.

– There’s more good news than bad, but bad news has better advertising agency!

– That fear paralyzes, nullifies, and prevents one’s own LIFE.

That it is indeed necessary to say ¡BASTA YA!

But you know what?

– To the fear campaign.

– From biased information.

– Of the bad news of the world, (obviating that there are billions of good ones at the same time)

Women of the world, don’t let yourselves be manipulated!

The world is a WONDERFUL place! Tell me about it!

* In Brazil things happen, many things happen, in the whole world things happen! It’s undeniable and objective. But what’s to prevent you from traveling alone over there? No emphatic!

But how do you begin to travel anywhere by yourself?

There’s a few tips: My 6 tips before your first solo trip

*This post is based on MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. What I lived and felt for me. It is a real objective fact, and undeniable that I am alive and happy, and nothing bad has happened to me, neither after traveling through Brazil alone, nor after traveling through some of the taitantos countries “chungos” that I have visited by myself.

That doesn’t take away, it doesn’t deny, and it doesn’t contradict the statistics. YES, things happen in Brazil, and in Brazil the rate of homicides, robberies with violence, etc. is high.

But one thing my “dear statistics” tend to overlook is that, of every macabre event, there is a million good news that is happening at the same time, in Brazil and around the world.

Any advice?

Let’s focus on what we want to meet and that’s what we’ll find!

No more, no less.

* If you want to read my opinion and my experience traveling alone through other countries “chungos”:



El Salvador

South Africa

And a few more that I haven’t written about yet, but I’ll write about!

And why do I insist on traveling alone?

For things like this:5 Reasons to Become Addicted to Travelling Alone

What about you? What were the “bad” countries that you visited without anything bad happening to you? I’ll wait for you in comments!

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