ETA visa Canada for mexicans

ETA Visa Canada for mexicans

What is the eTA visa for Canada?

ETA Canada is an electronic permit or travel authorization to visit Canada for a specified period of time. Since December 2016, the eTA visa has been a mandatory immigration requirement for Mexicans wishing to travel to Canada by air.

The Canadian eTA determines the eligibility of persons wishing to enter the country for tourism, business or transit purposes. To visit Canada, foreigners must hold a Canadian visa or a valid eTA. Mexican citizens can apply for an eTA visa online in minutes. Obtaining eTA travel authorization for Canada is a simple and direct automated electronic process.

Advantages of Canadian eTA

The Canadian eTA visa for Mexicans is a necessary requirement for entering Canada. The Travel Authorization Process (eTA) is a simple process. This travel authorization for Canada can be obtained online by filling out a form.

Once the eTA for Canada is approved, you can travel to Canada by air. However, we make it clear that the exclusive approval of the Canadian eTA visa does not guarantee approval for the country. The traveller is inspected at the airport. An immigration officer decides whether the laws and requirements required for entry into Canada are met.

The Canadian eTA visa offers several advantages to Mexican citizens. These include:

  • Convenience of eTA Canada online editing. You do not need to travel to an authorized agency or consulate to apply for the Canadian eTA visa.
  • The questionnaire is explained in detail and does not take longer than 5 minutes.
  • In less than 72 hours, you will receive a response after you have processed your eTA visa for Canada.

How to get eTA Canada visa with a Mexican passport

If you want to travel to Canada with a Mexican passport, you must meet the requirements set by the Canadian government. In December 2016, it was determined that Mexicans could travel to Canada with an approved Canadian eTA visa and a valid passport.

When you apply online for eTA Canada, you meet one of the basic requirements to travel from Mexico to Canada and obtain the eTA travel authorization. It is very important that travelers comply with immigration regulations. Issuing a visa for Canada is not complicated, and the applicant simply needs to complete the form with their personal and passport details.

Requirements for applying for a Canadian eTA visa

eTA Canada is available to Mexican citizens who want to travel to Canada. In order to successfully process the travel authorization, it is necessary to apply for an eTA Canada visa with the following requirements:

  • Valid passport
  • E-mail address
  • Debit or credit card

These three requirements are essential in order to apply for a Canada Electronic Visa. It is very important that the passport is valid before starting the process. The passport is the most internationally accepted proof of citizenship, and without a valid passport you cannot apply for Electronic Travel Authorization.

Remember that obtaining eTA Canada is a mandatory immigration requirement for Mexican citizens who wish to visit the country and plan to enter Canada by air.

eTA Application Process

The ETA application for Canada is a process that has been simplified and automated to improve the traveler’s experience and have better immigration control.

These are the steps in the eTA application process that must be followed to obtain an eTA:

  • Prepare the passport with which the application will be made and the debit or credit card to pay the cost of eTA Canada.
  • Complete the eTA Canada form using passport details and your personal details.
  • Pay the Canadian eTA processing fee once all required fields have been completed.
  • Receive an email about your eTA application. Much of the applications are approved within minutes.

In some cases it may be necessary to send additional documents before your application is approved. If this is the case, you will receive the appropriate notification in your email along with the instructions to follow.

Please note that once you begin the eTA application process you must either complete it at that time or your information and data will not be saved. For this reason we recommend that when you begin your application you have all the details of your passport and travel handy.

ETA visa to travel to Canada


Who should apply for eTA Visa for Canada?

The travel permit is a requirement for visa-free foreigners wishing to travel to Canada by air.

Thanks to the good relations between Canada and Mexico, Mexicans can apply for an ETA from December 2016 without having to apply for a Canadian visa at the embassy or consulate.

As an electronic and automated system, eTA Canada will be electronically linked to the applicant’s passport upon approval. When the passport expires, the eTA expires. If the passport is no longer valid, the traveler must renew his/her travel document before applying for a new eTA for travel to Canada.

The Canadian eTA visa application process can only be completed by one person at a time. For example, a family of 4 people per person must complete and submit one application.

Expiry and Validity of the Canadian eTA Visa

The eTA visa for Canada is valid for 5 years or until expiration of the passport. Once approved, the Canadian visa is electronically linked to the applicant’s passport.

During the five-year period, the Canadian eTA holder may travel to Canada several times, always bearing in mind the residence granted by the Immigration Department upon entry and the validity of the eVisa.