1 year online Indian visa (eVisa) step by step. Updated

The 1 year multiple entry online Indian visa (eVisa) is a type of visa that the Indian authorities decided to take out some time ago and is intended for all those travellers who are going to spend a long time in India or who simply want to speed up the process.

Although you can manage it yourself and get the visa in less than 4 days, over time we have seen that many of our readers have had problems of different kinds (just see the comments we have in this article …) So below we leave you the necessary steps to get the Indian visa online quickly and easily.

Visado de India online (eVisa) de 30 días30-day Indian online visa (eVisa)

1 year online Indian visa

On your own or by agency?

As we have mentioned before, for months we have been receiving a multitude of comments with problems when managing this procedure from the government website (that if the website is in English, which is often blocked by overload, there are failures in the cards when paying … and a long etcetera that you can read in the more than 300 comments below).

That’s why we’re going to show you 2 options: the government website and the link to a very professional company that, for a cost of $35, will manage the whole process (in your language), will help you in case you need and will facilitate all this process so that you are only awaiting the preparations for your next trip to India.

The company is called iVisa, we have spoken to them personally, and we can say that they are totally trustworthy. In addition, if you need it, they can arrange a visa for you in up to 18 hours.

Differences between iVisa and the government website

A. iVisaB. Government India LanguageSpanishEnglish Visa price82$80$ + 2.5% (card payment) Management price35$X Customer service24h / 7 days a weekX Management time18h, 24h, 72h72h PaymentsAll cards, Paypal, Alipay … Some cards and depends on web traffic

Visa requirements and information

The first thing we need to consider in order to get the Indian visa online will be to meet the following requirements:

Passport with at least 6 months validityA digital photo (which will be uploaded to the website)Payment of fees: 80$ if you are Spanish (see fees from other countries) + 2.5% (fee for card payment)Entry ONLY for the following 24 airports: Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bagdogra, Bengaluru, Calicut, Chennai, Chandigarh, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Tiruchirapalli, Trivandrum and Varanasi. As reported in the official government website, entry must always be made through the airports and ports mentioned above, being the exit through any border of the country where there is an immigration office.

As important information it is necessary to bear in mind that:

This type of visa is 1 year and allows multiple entry, which means you can leave India and re-enter during that year as many times as you want. The maximum continuous stay will be 90 days; therefore you will have to leave and re-enter India every 3 months approx. This visa cannot be extended, i.e. it has a duration of 1 year and a point. The processing can take up to 4 days, so it has to be done one week before to avoid unpleasant surprises.

And now, let’s go to what interests us, the 2 ways to process the Indian visa online:

A. Online visa with iVisa (recommended)

Step 1. To start you just have to click on the iVisa button that we put below that will take you to the web:

Now put your nationality (remember that it comes out by default Spain), the country you travel to (in this case it comes out by default India), choose “Visa electronic Tourist” and click on “Apply now”.

Visado de India online sin complicacionesIndia visa online hassle-free

Step 2. In the next screen you must enter all your data. As it’s all in Spanish you won’t have any major problems. Remember to enter well the date of entry into India and the airport of arrival. At the end you can change the currency to put it in euros if you prefer. When you have finished click on “Next”.

Introduce todos tus datosEnter all your data

Step 3. In this step you will proceed to make the payment. Check all the information you have entered and modify it if you see a bug by clicking on “Modify”. If everything is correct you can either enter your card details or pay with Paypal, whichever one you choose. Then you hit “Send.”

Formulario de pago del eVisa IndiaeVisa India Payment Form

Step 4. If the payment has been successful you will reach a page that says “Status: Incomplete”. Don’t worry because everything went well, but you still need to fill out your application with more information. Just click on “Complete the application now”.

Pago realizadoPayment made. Now it’s time to complete the application with more information

You will also have received an email where iVisa explains that your pre-application has been satisfactory but that you must complete it. You can click on the link in the mail, but it will take you to the same place as the button in the previous step.

Mail de confirmaciónConfirmation email

Step 5. In this step you will need to log in to access your eVisa India application. Just enter your email and the password you want and click on “Login”. If you have already carried out any other procedure with iVisa before, you will have to enter your usual email address and password.

Iniciar sesión con iVisaLogin with iVisa

Step 6. It’s time to enter the rest of the data required by the Indian government, such as the names of your parents and your religion… In short, we already know how much they like the bureaucratic rollo. When you’re done, you hit “Save and continue.”

Formulario para rellenar con el resto de datosForm to fill in with the rest of the data

Step 7. It’s your turn to upload images. You must upload a passport photo with a white background and an image of your passport. For the latter, all you have to do is pick up your smartphone, choose a well-lit place and open your passport right where your photo and data are. You take a picture of it and you upload it too.

Foto de carnet y foto del pasaportePassport photo and passport photo

The result, in my case, would be the one I show you in the image below. When you have done the same click on “Save and continue”.

Mi foto y mi pasaporteMy photo and my passport

Step 8. And once you have entered all the information mentioned above you only have to “Send completed application”, so that the people of iVisa can get down to work.

Último pasoLast step: send completed application

Step 9. Now you’ve got it all! At least on your part. At this moment iVisa will process your request and in 72h you will have your eVisa for India in your contact email. You can always access your request to see what process it is in.

Panel de control de tu solicitudControl panel of your application

At the same time you will have received a confirmation email explaining the above. Remember that once you receive your visa you MUST PRINT it and take it with you to the airport you have chosen to enter India.

Otro mail de confirmaciónOther confirmation email

B. India online visa (eVisa) on your own

This step by step below is for those who wish to take out the eVisa of India on their own from the government website. We would like to point out that everything is in English and that the website makes mistakes when it comes to paying.


We are getting a lot of comments from people who want to charge 127€ for the eVisa from India. We’ve noticed that some of them have found an OFFICIAL website looking for google, have applied for a visa and then, when they don’t know what to do or something sounds weird to them, they come here to ask for help. We are beginning to get tired of trying to solve problems due to the bad management done in other websites that we don’t know or even recommend. Therefore we will stop answering comments of this type that only waste our time by not having followed our steps. You know that only iVisa (the previous step by step) is the only one we recommend as a company to manage the visa if you want everything to be easier.

Steps to get Indian visa online

The first thing you must do is to access the OFFICIAL WEBSITE from this link: Indian e-Tourist Visa to start the process. Once in it you will have to click on the first button of the menu, where it says “e-Tourist Visa Application”, which will take you to the main form.

Página principal de Indian e-Tourist VisaIndian e-Tourist Visa Home Page

In this first form we will have to put our basic personal data, which will be to choose “Ordinary passport” as accrediting document, our nationality, the airport by which we will enter India, date of birth, our email and the exact day that we will arrive to the country. Once filled in, we will continue.

Rellenar con nuestros datos personalesFill in with our personal data

In the following form we will put all our personal data in a more extended way, as well as the data of our passport. Once filled in, we give you “Save and continue”, so that you can save the data and continue.

Datos personales de forma extendidaExtended personal data

In the next step we must put our postal address, the name of our parents and nationality and data about our profession.

Datos postales y profesiónPostal details and profession

It is the turn to put the data of our sight to India as for the day of arrival, the places that we want to visit, the airport of departure, etc. It also asks us if we have been in India before, so we will have to use the old visa and put it, as well as the place where we stay (just pick up a hotel that we remember and put their data). If we have been in other countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc… we will have to add them to the form.

It will also be necessary to put the reference data in India, where you can put one of the hotels where you are going to be, as well as the reference data in your country.

At the end of this one we will have to upload a photo of card that is not greater than 300Kb. In the window that will open for it you will have more technical information on the matter. When we’re done, we hit “Save and continue.”

Datos sobre salida del país y estancias anteriores en IndiaData on departure from the country and previous stays in India

The next step will be to send our passport digitally, so we will have to scan it (or make a photo that looks good), pass it to PDF (with the photoshop you have that option) and upload it to the web. Remember that it does not have to weigh more than 300Kb, so if you save it with photoshop adjust the compression so that it lowers the weight of the file.

Formulario para subir el pasaportePassport upload form

The next step will be to check that everything is correct, so a page will be displayed with all the data entered previously. If everything is correct click on continue and we will reach the page that we show you below, the step prior to payment. We will have to click in the box of YES to confirm that everything is OK and we want to make the payment and give to PAY NOW.

Página de confirmación y de pagoConfirmation and payment page

We will arrive at a page that will ask us which bank we want to use for the electronic payment (I chose the second one) and we will leave the typical page of electronic commerce where we will have to introduce the data of our card and other. The payment platform will take us to the security section of your bank, you do what it asks, and if everything has gone well you will see the next page:

Pago del visado de India online realizado con éxitoSuccessful online Indian visa payment

At the same time we will have received an e-mail with the same information, and in it we will be able to see a NOTE that tells us that the time of management of the visa can take up to 72 hours.

Mail de confirmación del proceso de petición del visadoMail confirmation of the visa application process

Now it is time to wait for the final confirmation to tell us that our India online visa has been approved, and when it arrives it has this form:

Visado de India online APROBADO (Granted)India online visa APPROVED (Granted)

Now we can enter India from the day the visa arrives, in my case the next day, until 34 days later. That’s why you have to do 4 days before leaving, because they take into account the time it takes to make the arrangements and the 30 days they give you to be in India. Now they give you 120 days to enter India since you take off the eVisa, which means that you have enough time to use the 60 days that gives you that visa.

Print eVisa from India

So far we have our visa, but WE HAVE TO PRINT IT! To do this you just have to read the last mail they send us and the one that says:

You can check Visa Status or Print eTV by clicking ‘Visa Status’ on https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/tvoa.html

Just click on the link to go to the page they tell us, put our ID and our passport number and click on CHECK STATUS.

Página de entrada donde poner nuestros datosHome page where to put our data

We will see a page indicating that our Indian visa is accepted and everything is correct. You only need to give PRINT STATUS in order to print the official visa.

Estado de nuestro eVisaStatus of our eVisa

And the result will be as follows:

eVisa de India oficialOfficial Indian eVisa

What happens if I forget to do the visa application 4 days in advance?

If you have your head in another place you may forget to do all this management 4 days before, as happened to me, I realized on October 16 when my flight to India was 18. I only had 2 days to do the Indian visa online, and I had to put that I entered on the 20th because if I put the 18 the form did not let me advance. I was lucky and got my visa in less than 24 hours, so I was allowed to enter the country from the 17th (just the day they say your visa has been approved). With this I just want to put my personal experience, but nothing guarantees that you will have it in 24h safely.

NOTES: If what you need is an Indian visa for 6 months click on the link above where we explain how to obtain it from Spain.