Visit the Edinburgh flea markets

Miriam recorriendo el Farmers Market - visitar los mercadillos de Edimburgo

It’s a quiet activity to do on a visit to Edinburgh

Spending a weekend in Edinburgh offers endless possibilities, and if you don’t believe me, all you have to do is read some of the post we prepare for travelers who dare to visit the city. However, we are aware that some people will prefer a more “local” plan, something that any city inhabitant does on any Edinburgh weekend, without giving it much thought.

One of the activities we do most during the weekend in Edinburgh, is to visit one of the markets that the city offers. Sometimes we buy organic and original fruits and vegetables to take home and cook; while other times we decide to buy something to eat in the same market, as there are many options.

Picturesque markets in Edinburgh

These are Edinburgh’s most interesting markets for all those who are visiting:

Farmers Market

Open on Saturdays

Castle Terrace Market, also known as Farmers Market.

Situated at the foot of Edinburgh Castle, this is one of the best markets you can visit, as the views of the city’s most important monument are incredible.

It has about 20 different positions, which are also rotated every weekend. This market stands out for the enormous quality of raw materials it offers: fruit, vegetables, sausage, cheese, meat, smoked fish and much more.

Mercadillo junto al castillo - visitar los mercadillos de Edimburgo

Usually there are few tourists so you will mix with locals

Buy traditional Scottish pastries, including delicious shortbread and some feet, as well as incredibly rich homemade jams. You’ll also find some ready-to-eat food stalls, such as hamburgers, empanadas and various coffee and candy stalls.

Miriam comprando setas - visitar los mercadillos de Edimburgo

If you have where to cook I recommend you buy something because they are very fresh products and the region.

Stockbridge Market

Open on Saturdays

The Stockbridge Market I have baptized as the youngest and most vibrant.

Located in the Stockbridge neighbourhood of the same name, this market offers plenty of ready-to-eat cooked food stalls. Some that stand out are the famous gyozas (Japanese empanadas), the oriental street food stand, the arepas with different fillings including options of desire as well as the archiconocido and grandísimamente popular stand of the Spanish paella.

Comerciante - visitar los mercadillos de Edimburgo

If you want to peck something these markets are a good option

There are also some craft vendors, especially jewellery, worth a look at if you want to bring a very special Edinburgh souvenir.

Finally, there is also a small supply of traditional alcoholic beverages, such as gin made in Edinburgh and also homemade pomace.

Grass Market, or market for tourists

Open every day

Located in the area known as Grass Market, this market is designed for tourists visiting Edinburgh.

In addition to finding takeaway food in its most traditional form, such as the famous Scotch Eggs or some prepared with haggis; you can also find souvenirs from Edinburgh and Scotland, such as hand-painted plates, tartan items, and a few other interesting things.

Personas comprando en un puesto

You can buy souvenirs of your trip at some stalls

One stall that is worthwhile in this market is that of homemade macarons. They’re delicious, even if they’re not Scottish.

Leith’s market, or the most hipster.

Open on Sundays

This market stands out for specializing in a lot of vegetarian and vegan products.

It’s well worth the effort to try some of the incredible things that these merchants are able to prepare without using animal ingredients, such as the Hervibore Kitchen brownies.