Volunteering in Africa



– Tired of the white “savior” complex that goes to Africa to help itself, while using the continent, to make up for its capitalist “sins.

– Sick of paternalistic white voluntourism and cooperation.

– Tired of those who “use” Africa through their NGO, to do personal business and go through the checkout process, while in the country to which they belong they step on their fellow man so that he does not prosper.

– Tired of the false solidarity of removes and puts.

– Tired of people who have the firm idea of “helping” Africa without knowing it, or knowing it for fifteen days and on vacation.

What or who are you going to help, and how, if you don’t even know her? If you haven’t lived her slow cadence, if you haven’t felt her more than at a stumble, if you haven’t soaked yourself with her truth.

– Tired of the image of the black child with a swollen belly and flies around him who like to sell us so much to media that misinform and manipulate reality.

REALITY, because in Africa there are 54 countries and a few million realities. Most of them totally opposed to what’s on TV.

África Un Sueño Viajero

I have travelled in detail and alone through the Southern Cone of Africa, I continue to travel Africa non-stop, and I continue to see nowhere what the media and the big (and many small) NGOs that are pure business sell. There may be what they say, but it’s not the tonic or what dominates, I still don’t see it! I do business for those upstairs, because I know Africa, it comes rather little.

* Africa needs to be DIGNIFIED once and for all. No more alms and white paternalism, which impede their real growth. DIGNITY.

* You need people to tell you it’s an amazing tourist destination. (And not just the mega tourist Kenya and Tanzania).

* He needs people to support HIS own projects, wonderful and created by them and not by the whiteness that Africa uses to save itself.

* It needs to change the image that the media sell and it is so good for the pharmaceutical mafia and the rest of the powerful mafias (also that of “aid”) that use Africa as a testing ground, among many other things.

África Un Sueño Viajero

– I’ve met thousands of children in Africa, with no swollen bellies or flies around. Poor yes, but with an education, some values, and a knowledge of being that I would love to see in the rest of the world. Children don’t have tantrums, they don’t cry for attention, they’re not capricious, they play with anything, they respect like I’ve never seen before, they’re gentle, loving, generous, and smiling. They take care of each other and everyone. They share as a way of life. There is no such thing as bullying or discrimination. They look after their brothers, friends, family with loyalty and infinite love.

– And it was they, and they still are, who save me every time I go. Those who connect me with my inner child, with whom I play, have fun, learn and fascinate me with their wonderful education.

I’m not a white girl saving niggers. I’m a white girl saved by them.

Because Africa, among many other things, is the best teacher of values. The best university in life.

And win by a landslide to the parts of the world that believe they have it all: Win in values. Win in dignity. Win in hope. Win in generosity. And win in joy.

More knowledge, and less alms.

More dignified, less paternalistic.

I had to say it…

Descuento IATI

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