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We have already talked a lot about New York in Comiviajeros 馃槈 The city of skyscrapers offers an endless number of entertaining and cultural activities to live a trip full of good memories. One of the most impressive and fun things you can do, and that takes place over the New York skies, is to take a helicopter ride to enjoy the best panoramic views of the city. What? Haven’t you considered a helicopter flight through New York?

Flying over New York is a unique experience highly recommended if you want to take an unforgettable (and different) memory of your trip through the Big Apple, although of course, if heights are not your thing maybe this activity is not for you 馃槈

Vuelo en helic贸ptero por Nueva York: Skyline de Nueva YorkVuelo en helic贸ptero por Nueva York: Skyline de Nueva YorkNew York Helicopter Flight: New York Skyline

Types of Flights and Helicopter Routes

There are several options when it comes to choosing a helicopter flight through New York and your choice will depend on the time and budget you are willing to invest in this air experience. Mainly we can distinguish between 3 different routes.

Route 12-15 minutes

After taking off from the Lower Manhattan helipad on the East River and flying over the area admiring the famous Wall Street and Battery Park, you’ll head south to Governors Island, a former U.S. Army base.

Continue to Liberty Island to personally greet the majestic Statue of Liberty, before flying over small Ellis Island and heading north along the Hudson River between Manhattan and the state of New Jersey.

You’ll walk over the Financial District to see Ground Zero and the September 11th Monument and reach Midtown where you’ll be able to taste from the heights the Empire State Bulding, the Chrysler Building, Madison Square Garden and the illuminated Times Square. The pilot will continue north so you can see the USS Interpid aircraft carrier built for World War II and you will reach the immense Central Park before heading back to the heliport.

Vuelo en helic贸ptero por Nueva York: Helico虂ptero sobrevolando la Estatua de la LibertadVuelo en helic贸ptero por Nueva York: Helico虂ptero sobrevolando la Estatua de la LibertadHelicopter flight over New York City: Helicopter flying over the Statue of Liberty

Route 18-20 minutes, one of the best options for your helicopter flight through New York.

The 18-20 minute helicopter ride includes the same route as the 12-15 minute one but, instead of turning around when you reach Central Park, continues upstream along the Hudson. You will pass by the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the prestigious Columbia University and the Tomb of General Grant, the undisputed protagonist of the American Civil War.

Next, you’ll enter the Harlem district, famous for its infinite jazz clubs and for being the birthplace of great stars like Al Pacino. You’ll continue to George Washington Bridge and there you’ll turn around.

Some helicopter rides fly over the famous Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, as long as a game is not being played inside.

Route 25-30 minutes

The 25-30-minute helicopter route through New York is the longest of all and comprises the 18-20-minute route plus exploration of the southern part of New York, flying over Upper New York Bay, between the Staten Island and Brooklyn districts.

After enjoying views of Manhattan’s three southern islands (Governors, Liberty and Ellis), the helicopter heads towards the Verrazano-Narrows suspension bridge and you can see Coney Island’s charming amusement park in the distance. You will then return to the Hudson River to continue the route north.

Other options for your helicopter flight through New York

There are other options when it comes to enjoying the Big Apple from the heights. If you want to discover the most illuminated and romantic side of the city there are also night flights available over Manhattan that will undoubtedly make you live an incomparable night adventure.

On the other hand, if you are interested in a more personalized treatment and the full attention of the pilot-guide, you can always choose to take a private helicopter tour. More personalized, but obviously also more expensive 馃槈

Vuelo en helic贸ptero por Nueva York: Imagen del ri虂o Hudson desde las alturasVuelo en helic贸ptero por Nueva York: Imagen del ri虂o Hudson desde las alturasHelicopter Flight Over New York City: Image of the Hudson River from the Heights

What is the duration of the flight?

Helicopter travel in New York is an activity that won’t waste you much time and that in principle should fit perfectly with your itinerary around the city, since the flights have a maximum duration of half an hour, being able to choose between 12-15 minutes, 18-20 minutes or 25-30 minutes. In fact, it may be a perfect choice after a visit to Lower Manhattan.

The part of this experience to which you will dedicate the most time is before boarding the helicopter, as in most cases passengers are required to arrive at the heliport at least 1 hour in advance.

Okay, but… how much does a helicopter flight through New York cost?

The price of the helicopter trip over New York is not exactly low, since for the shortest route (12-15 minutes) ranges between 190 euros and 213 euros. In the case of the 18-20 minute flight, this figure rises to 280 euros.

The price for a 25-30 minute helicopter ride is 320 euros. Although if you want you can enjoy this length of travel for a cheaper price by opting for a night flight of approximately 225 euros.

In some offers the heliport fees (40 USD) are not included and you will have to make the payment at the meeting point. So keep that in mind when you make your reservation.

Fotografi虂a de Nueva York tomada desde un Helico虂pteroFotografi虂a de Nueva York tomada desde un Helico虂pteroPhotograph of New York taken from a Helicopter

Tips for taking a helicopter flight through New York

Keep in mind that in each flight there are between 5 and 6 people and that you will not be able to choose a seat since it is assigned according to your weight. you can ONLY take your camera or mobile phone to the helicopter, or backpacks or shopping bags or anything else. try to get to the heliport in advance because normally before flying you will be given some safety instructions.As you can imagine, your helicopter ride will depend on the weather conditions, so if they are bad it is likely that your flight will not leave. The night option can be a great option because the views will be beautiful, but if you are one of those who enjoy taking a souvenir in photo, keep in mind that it will be much more difficult to get a good photo.Conociendo lugares emblema虂ticos de Nueva York desde las alturasConociendo lugares emblema虂ticos de Nueva York desde las alturasKnowing New York landmarks from the heights

Is it worth a helicopter ride?

As we always tell you, these kinds of decisions are VERY personal. It is normal that because it is an expensive activity you have doubts about whether or not it is worth spending that money. We recommend that if money is not a problem you embark on this adventure because it is one of the most exciting. So how many times do you visit New York in your life? 馃槈

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